Seniors Have Myriad of Travel Options Available to Them Through House Sitting

The perception of seniors and their lifestyles has changed in the last twenty years. Seniors are no longer thought of as individuals who sit on their front porch all day watching the world go by. It is now recognized that seniors have become the movers and shakers in society. Upon retirement, you can find many seniors actively involved in sports, recreation and travel.

The seniors of today are also dispelling the myth that you have to have a large retirement fund to see the world. Retirees have found a way to travel and experience different cultures, even if they have a modest retirement account. Seniors that register as house sitters have found the experience to be gratifying, exciting and easy. Seniors are able to see and do things which would otherwise be out of the question for them--such as living at a beach front villa, working ranch, or strolling through a private, English country garden. But most important, seniors are able to see the world without having to pay for lodging--simply by providing a much needed service to a home owner who is away. 

Reports tell us that senior house sitters are becoming the choice of many home owners when the need for a sitter arises. Home owners are comfortable with senior house sitters because these individuals (or couples) are mature, responsible and confident. Seniors also bring a host of skills with them simply because of their life experience. Home owners feel confident in leaving their home, property and pets with a senior. They know if a problem arises, a senior is competent to handle it. If a tree falls in the yard, or if a pet needs to be taken to a vet, home owners trust a senior's judgment in handling the little things that may arise.

Home owners around the world are turning to when they have to be away from their home for an extended period of time. Home owners have found HouseCarers the perfect place to make a connection with a reliable, enthusiastic senior house sitter. Seniors register their availability to house sit and matches are made which are pleasing to both the home owner and the senior sitter. Senior house sitters and home owners only disclose their personal information when they are comfortable that a suitable match has been made. Seniors and home owners tout HouseCarers as a safe and productive registry which is meeting both their needs.

Any senior who would like to travel is encouraged to enroll in a house sitting registry. Whether you are looking to travel only a few weeks per year, or if you would like to travel for months on end, house sitting is the way to go. Seniors are assured they will find nice, unique and safe accommodations awaiting them, along with a chance to experience a new area from an insider's perspective--rather than from a tourist stance. House sitting is a win-win situation for seniors and home owners alike.

Registration is free for homeowners (and they'll never have to rely on cousin Eddie again.)

House sitters may register for a limited guest membership then pay the reasonable annual fee of Us$50.00 for full use of the matching facilities.

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