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Profile: gtown1

Pet/house sitter needed May 24-May 27...

Looking for pet/house sitter for May 24- May 27. We live a couple of blocks from the Seawall/Gulf of Mexico. We have 2 dogs and 3 indoor/outdoor cats. You can stay in garage apartment and hav More...

beachside Galveston Texas United States From May 24,2024 By gtown1  Posted: May 17, 2024 To May 27,2024
Profile: sisal_CA

House and cat sitter needed near San Francisco...

We are seeking a house sitter who can care for our very sociable cat, help out in the garden (we have a gardener), water container plants, and generally keep the house and garden tidy and well maintained.  More...

PIedmont San Francisco California United States From Jun 23,2024 By sisal_CA  Posted: May 4, 2024 To Sep 21,2024