What is a Housesit Job or Assignment?

The standard housesit is generally considered to be rent free accomodation in exchange for caring for home, pets and garden.

A housesit can be considered a house sitting job, as the reward is free rental accomodation. We prefer to see housesits called housesitting assignements, rather than house sitting jobs.

Housesitting Job in Turkey

Housesitter / pet sitter wanted for four weeks in Bodrum, Turkey. One of thousands of housesits posted on Housecarers each year

However in special circumstances house sitting fees can be negotiated for the house sit. If there are special time consuming tasks to be performed or the house sit is for a short period a fee could be justified.

This type of house sit borders on property caretaking. Caretaking normally comes with a salary. Click here to register as a caretaker.

You will also be competing against house sitters who are prepared to accept rent free accommodation as their only reward. Included in this category are retired people who just want to experience different parts of the country. They are prepared to housesit without receiving remuneration.

Please check on the housesitting jobs available by clicking on the search link at the top of this page. However please do not have the expectation that the homeowners will be prepared to pay a housesitting fee.

We are a place for housesitters to advertise and match up with homeowners. Many housesitters will housesit for no charge - just rent free accommodation. They include travellers, retirees and people looking to save a deposit for a home. This is a great benefit especially for long term housesits.

However some house sitters charge for their services: especially if there are a lot of extra duties. This is negotiated between the sitter and homeowner.

Some homeowners will only consider the rent free arrangement. Others will consider professional sitters who charge a fee. Sitters who charge for their services is more of a custom or expectation in some areas than others. To check going rates you may want to get an idea of what some pet sitting businesses charge at Pet Sitters Biz

It is a free market and we don't impose rules or regulations - on this. The homeowner has a free choice.

Travel expenses are normally covered by the sitter as the homeowner can always choose a local.

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