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Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit djd2018
Profile: djd2018

Waterfront home on two acres....

We want to escape winter but for an individual or couple who wants to delve into an Ontario winter this is a beautiful spot to do so. We have a 1400square foot home on 600 feet of waterfront facing Adolphus Reach More...

Across Glenora ferry from PEC Picton Ontario Canada From Feb 6,2019 By djd2018  Posted: Nov 27, 2018 2 months..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit Goldcoast24
Profile: Goldcoast24

Pet sitter for 2 cats...

We need a house pet sitter over the Christmas period  from Friday 21st Dec till Wed 26th Dec.

Three bedroom house with pool  2 cats who are indoor but have access to an area outside, 3 chooks  More...

Ashmore Gold Coast QLD Australia From Dec 21,2018 By Goldcoast24  Posted: Oct 26, 2018 5..