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Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit Goabroad
Profile: Goabroad

Albury House Sit...

We have a 3 bedroom house with a pool in a quiet street. There is reverse cycle A/C in the kitchen/family room and overhead fans in some rooms. We have wireless Internet installed and our tele can be used for  More...

Riverina Albury NSW Australia From May 4,2021 By Goabroad  Posted: Mar 8, 2021 30 days..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit LAHousesit
Profile: LAHousesit

House sitter Needed...

I need a good and trustworthy man or woman to take care of my house for me . I'm currently on business trip and wont be back till 2-3 months . contact me if yoU are available for us to make arrangement on the More...

los angeles California United States From Mar 8,2021 By LAHousesit  Posted: Mar 6, 2021 2-3 months ..