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Guide and FAQ's

Benefit from 23 years of feedback (Launched Oct 2000) from thousands of members and matches.

Guidelines and FAQs

Privacy & confidentiality

Your Privacy is our top Priority. You are only identified by a Chosen Username (Nickname) and contact is through our secure message system. If you list your telephone number it can only be viewed by logged in homeowners. Your references are secured in your reference library and you control who views them

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House Sitting benefits with Housecarers include

  • Free accommodation while your travel and explore
  • Independence of having your own home base
  • Travellers take a break from the road
  • Potentially, Save thousands of dollars in rent by providing home security and pet care
  • The money you save would compound into a tremendous down payment towards your own home
  • Short term accommodations are attractive if you`re renovating your home, recently transferred and new to the area, or wish to become familiar with an area before deciding to move there permanently.
  • Housesit Opportunities are available Across United States AND Around the World.
  • Retirees can economically travel and explore the world.
  • Advanced Search, Matching and Privacy based on Housecarers 12 years of leading and pioneering House Sitting World Wide


Limited Non-Paid Membership Benefits

  • You will receive email notification of House Sitting assignments as they are added in your nominated areas;
    and messages sent by homeowners. Nominate multiple areas to increase your chance of selection.
  • Once registered your profile will be emailed to all homeowners who have requested Email Notification of new house sitters in their area.
  • To respond to messages from homeowners or to apply for Housesits Payment is required. Full members is only US$50.00 for 12 months listing, including unlimited free updates, and unlimited applications to Housesit
  • Select to be available in multiple states/provinces. This means your details reach more homeowners, giving you more offers to choose.
  • Nominate additional countries for email notification of posted housesits.
  • You receive a personal profile page which you can promote in your email signatures and at forums.
  • Following registration, you will gain access to our online report “Maximising your chances of finding a housesit”. This report draws on years of experience matching homeowners and housesitters
  • Advanced Search, Matching and Privacy based on Housecarers 12 years of leading and pioneering House Sitting World Wide

Full Paid Membership Benefits (Limited Benefits +)

  • Full members is only US$50.00 for 12 months listing, including unlimited free updates, and unlimited applications to Housesit
  • Respond immediately to messages from Homeowners and/or apply for any listed Housesit you are interested in
  • Profile contact phone numbers will display to Logged on Homeowners. Some Homeowners prefer to contact directly. This means there are more ways for homeowners to contact you. Contact phone numbers are not displayed to the public, or search engines for your privacy.
  • You will Appear as a featured house sitter, in rotation with other house sitters available for the web visitors city. We detect the city of each visitor and display the paid-up house sitters in that city, on our home page.
  • You may choose to load up to 14 pictures to your personal photo gallery. Each picture can include up to 150 words of caption and description text. This effectively gives you a 15 page website. Profiles with photos get browsed up to 8 times more often.
  • You will appear above unpaid limited members in search results, increasing your chances of selection. Half of search results are in join date order - the other half are in random order
  • Post to the Housesitters Private Facebook Group (Discussion Forum)
  • If you have your own web site or blog, you may include a link on your profile.
  • Upload up to 14 references, in a wide range of formats, to your own private Reference Library and then opt to link this to your profile for viewing by selected homeowners. With the proliferation of spam, emails with attachments are now viewed with suspicion. So the reference library allows homeowners to easily view your references. They are kept as secure encrypted documents and for privacy reasons will not be indexed by search engines
  • Block out future, and past housesits on your Housesitter Calendar. You can add narrative to each housesit so it can be used as a record of sitting experiences.
  • Review your Host / Housesit, and receive postitive Reviews in return, for display on your profile.
  • Refer a Friend and have 6 Months added to your paid membership, and your Friend also receives a bonus 6 months.
  • Securely upload Photo ID and receive verification Points.
  • Embed YouTube videos into your profile.
  • Add private notes for potential Housesits, or completed Housesits