House Sitting Housecarers Checklist
Getting ready for your sitter. Important tips to make sure everything is taken care of.

Preparing your home for your house sitter

Creating a welcoming environment for your sitters is essential. This is their home while they are taking care of yours. Make sure they feel comfortable and at ease.

Here are things to do to ensure your home is ready for your house sitter: and to make sure it goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Before arrival of your House Sitter

How to get to your place.

Be sure to give clear instructions or even provide a map for them to print ahead of time.

You must swap personal email and phone contact information. Details should include other ways of keeping in touch, such as Skype or Messenger. Don't assume your sitters use Facetime. They may not be Apple users

Establish what time they should arrive. Please bear in mind there may be traffic or flight delays. Confirm your handover time with your sitters.

Make Sure The House Is Comfortable, Clean, and Safe

This is mainly common sense and courtesy. If you leave things clean and tidy, the house sitters will return the home in the same or better state as they found it.


This is the perfect opportunity to throw away everything that is out-of-date! Leave clean cloths and tea towels, and clear some room in the fridge/ freezer compartment and pantry for your house sitter.

Leave some starter provisions, e.g.bread, and milk

List the items your sitter is welcome to consume and what you would expect them to replace.

Make it clear what is off-limits = e.g., the sitter is not free to consume from your wine celler.


Give your bathroom a good clean, removing mould and soap scum. Leave a clean set of towels.


Dust, vacuum, and put on clean sheets above all else. Reserve some space in your wardrobe for your Housesitter.

Clean and declutter living areas.

Vacuum and dispose of any surplus rubbish.


Dirty laundry should be in your laundry basket and nowhere else. Don't leave dirty clothes in the washing machine or your clothes lying around.

Household Appliances

Ensure all of your appliances are in good working order and there are no potential safety hazards in the home.

House Hold products

Check you have ample supplies of

  • toilet rolls
  • washing up liquid
  • dishwasher tablets
  • cleaning cloths
  • cleaning sprays
  • bin bags
  • Kitchen tidy liners

Valuables and Breakables

Take out any valuables or items of sentimental value you don't want your house sitter to access.

Consider locking one room and storing

  • Valuables like jewellery.
  • Expensive breakables in case of any accidents.

Prepare welcome pack

Provide some literature on the local area on things to do.

Make your sitters feel at home by adding fresh flowers or a small box of chocolate.

Prepare a list of care instructions and task list.

Prepare a list of clear instructions for your house sitter handover (see next section). The instructions should include things like how to care for plants or pets, any appliances that need special attention, and the location of the fuse box and water shut-off valve.

  • Where the fire extinguisher is located
  • Instructions on using any home security features.
  • Mowing the lawn. Operating the mower and trimmer
  • Take out the rubbish.

    Where to put the bin, and which day to take out the rubbish.

  • Pet Routines.
  • Write down your pet's feeding schedule.

    What do you like to feed the pets, including treats?
    e.g., You could have particular timing each day for them to have raw sheep or goat bones to help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy.

    Write instructions on where you store your pet food and what to do if you run out. Pet food is the homeowner's expense.

  • Pet exercise/walking

List your home's security features

Get the manual is you have one. You will demonstrate the system during the handover

You will show them where to put the bin during handover., Write down the day/s to take out the rubbish, recycling

List any appliances that need special attention.

You will show them the location of the fuse box and water shut-off valve during handover

Copy / Print a copy of your Travel Itinerary

It is helpful to provide an itinerary, including transport details, hotel, and other accommodation details.

Emergency contacts

Leave a list of emergency contacts for your house sitter, including police, fire department, plumber, electrician, and vet numbers. This includes numbers for emergency services, vet, and your homeowner's association (if applicable), as well as your contact information in case they need to reach you.

If you are flying out of the country, we recommend that you supply the contact details of a local nominated person who can be relied upon in your absence. This could be a family member, a friend, or a colleague that can be contacted if they cannot get through to you.

Confirm your return details

Write down your estimated return time. This will help them plan their departure. If you know you will be delayed, or late, please let them know as soon as possible. If you are leaving the country, please provide your flight details.

Handover - After arrival

Introduce Your House Sitter To Your Pets

When you invite someone into your home, you also ask them into your pet's home. When pets meet new people, they could be scared or thrilled. It is helpful to take the time to introduce your sitter to the pets so that they feel at ease with new visitors. Your sitter will feel more at ease caring for them as well.

Pets can suffer from behavioral problems and anxiety just like humans.

Read more on behavioral problems with Pets

  • Show the sitter where you store your pet food and what to do if you run out. This is the homeowner's expense.
  • Take your pet's sitter on a walk along their favorite walking route.
  • If your pet enjoys a specific toy or likes to be groomed daily, guide the sitter to where they can find it. This will ensure that your pet receives the best attention while you're gone.

Handover and go through the Daily and Weekly Routines you have prepared earlier

  • Handover any instructions on your home's security features sitter and show them how to use them.
  • Give your house sitter your emergency and contact details

Give your house sitter a tour of your home

Point out any areas that need special attention.

introduce your house sitter to your neighbors

Give your house sitter a copy of your house key and any other keys they might need, such as for the garage or shed.

By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands while you're away.