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9 Found for your Selection: Oceania

Profile: Sumasunshine

Cat Lover required...

Cat Lover required to care for Oriental,  7 nights in beautiful Buderim Village apartment. Prefer someone who is able to spend time at home with my spoilt feline. Non smokers only.



Sunshine Coast Buderim QLD Australia From Jul 11,2021 By Sumasunshine  Posted: May 10, 2021 7 nights..
Profile: deborahbonney

House and Pet sitter needed...

We have a lovely home down on the water at Hurstville Grove, which is 10 mins walk to Oatley station and shops. 25 minutes from Sydney CBD. Fish from the jetty or your bedroom window, so close to the waters'  More...

Hurstville Grove Sydney NSW Australia From Sep 7,2021 By deborahbonney  Posted: Mar 20, 2021 10 days finishing 17th September 2..