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Profile: LisaLondon

Pet sitter needed for one quiet cat...

I am looking for a house sitter for 7 nights from Mon 29th July to Mon 5th August I have one old easy cat that needs feeding and affection. We currently live in a very nice house and she has a cat flap  More...

Mortlake London England From Jul 29,2024 By LisaLondon  Posted: Jul 10, 2024 To Aug 5,2024
Profile: Valdurn27

Housesit available in beautiful Bristol...

We live in a beautiful Victorian four bedroom home in Bristol in the West Country of England . It is a semi-detached (with a small garden and parking) on a quiet street in the Clifton area of Bristol, close  More...

Clifton Bristol Southwest England England From Aug 31,2024 By Valdurn27  Posted: Jul 8, 2024 To Sep 10,2024