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Profile: Sallyandme


I am looking for a house and pet sitter. I live on the Central Coast of NSW, on the coast with beaches only 5 minutes drive away. It is a beautiful part of the world to live in. I am only a 2 mi More...

Killarney Vale near The Entrance NSW Australia From Aug 23,2022 By Sallyandme  Posted: May 11, 2022 To Sep 28,2022
Profile: mishar

house sitter fo r6 weeks...

We have6 chooks and1 weiro and 1 cat and some gold fish We have a gazebo and BBQ area and back and front lawn and easy care gardens. York has all the amenities such as library medical ce More...

northam york WA Australia From Aug 26,2022 By mishar  Posted: May 6, 2022 To Oct 5,2022