Not all housesits involve pet sitting. Many home owners just want their home to look occupied when they go away. A lived-in house is more secure and deters burglars. A live-in Housesitter can avoid the tell-tale build up of junk mail, and overgrown lawns.

Homeowners also have peace of mind in case of rare events. This could be a burst pipe or an extreme weather event. The house sitter can then keep the homeowner posted and take instructions to avert further problems.

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Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit JustMeandB
Profile: JustMeandB

House, dog & Garden sitter needed...

I live on a lovely block in Vallejo. All of my neighbors are friendly and helpful. We meet once a week for "Happy Hour" and have been since the pandemic began. 

This is my first home, pur More...

Morningside District Vallejo California United States From Apr 21,2023 By JustMeandB  Posted: Mar 25, 2023 ..