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8 Found for your Selection: England

Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit PortAfrica
Profile: PortAfrica

Rural South Shropshire + 3 cats...

House sitter(s) needed for 3 weeks in February 2017. Must have own car, as there is no public transport. We have a modern, detached house in a small village an hour's drive from Birmingham, but off the beaten More...

South Shropshire Bridgnorth West Midlands England From Feb 7,2017 By PortAfrica  Posted: Nov 21, 2016 3 weeks..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit rags2rugs
Profile: rags2rugs

Christmas in central London with our cat...

Do you fancy Christmas in London? We need a housesitter over Christmas to look after our elderly cat, Tim.  He is 19 years old, very affectionate and in good health.  We also need our house si More...

Kennington Oval London England From Dec 22,2016 By rags2rugs  Posted: Nov 8, 2016 8 days..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit pantalaimon
Profile: pantalaimon

Cat lover needed for two friendly cats...

Aragorn and Arwen Would love someone to come to stay with them in Middle Eartth or they will have to spend the time in the kennels !!! Cat lover wanted for two neutered cats one male one female. We live in a coun More...

castle carrock carlisle lake district England From Dec 22,2016 By pantalaimon  Posted: Oct 31, 2016 7 days..