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Posted Location From Term Pets More / Apply
Apr 15,24 75018 Paris France May 25,24 Short Cats VictorineParis22
Jan 29,23 Chaville Paris IDF France May 5,23 MediumLong Birds Deld99
Jul 3,22 city Paris France Jul 24,22 Short Cats Paris_16
May 10,21 City Paris France Jul 30,21 Short Cats sannebcn
Jun 15,20 17eme Arrondissement Paris Ile de France France Jun 26,20 Medium Judithhurk
Jan 8,20 western Paris Paris France Apr 4,20 Short Dogs texasinparis
Oct 17,19 16th Paris France Dec 24,19 Short Dogs Schnauzerfam87
Sep 5,19 16th arr Paris ile de france France Oct 17,19 Short Dogs, Feed Hamster OurDogHunter
Aug 17,19 City centre Paris France Dec 13,19 ShortMedium Cats HKSummer
Apr 26,19 Central Paris Paris Ile de France France May 22,19 Short Cats Caity18
Sep 27,18 Vaucresson Paris France Oct 18,18 Short Dogs Bernerbears11
Sep 28,11 Paris Bastille Paris France Oct 6,11 Short Cats ParisKittie
Mar 7,18 Parisot Tarn France Jul 18,18 Short Dogs, Cats leighferreira
Nov 12,17 PARIS paris INNER CITY France Jan 28,18 ShortMedium baleine06
Jul 12,16 3rd arrondissement Paris France Aug 1,16 ShortMedium Cats sbtrip
Sep 5,15 Latin Quarter - 5th arrondissement Paris France Sep 29,15 ShortMedium Cats jacques_loup
Jun 12,15 maisons laffitte Paris yvelines France Aug 8,15 Micro Dogs Newlifestyle
Dec 22,14 Inner City Paris France Dec 23,14 Short Cats EmilieH
Sep 29,12 central Paris Ile de France France Nov 17,12 Short Cats phoebeboo
Jul 9,12 Montmartre Paris Ile de France France Aug 18,12 Short Cats montmartre
Jul 1,12 Carrieres-sur-Seine Paris Ile-de-France France Jul 30,12 Short Cats alissaX
Dec 12,11 Suresnes Paris haut-de-seine France Jan 5,12 MediumLong Saskia
Sep 22,11 North Paris (suburb : Goussainville) Ile de France France Oct 3,11 ShortMedium Cats valou95
Jun 28,11 15eme paris Île-de-France France Jul 4,11 Medium Ferrets lorence
Jan 31,11 Paris 11 Paris Ile de france France Feb 16,11 Micro Dogs Parisianpooch
Jan 7,11 15e Paris Ile de france France Feb 12,11 Short Cats PrincessaK
May 1,10 Villejuif Paris Ile-de-France France Jul 27,10 JacksFriends
Aug 30,09 16th arrondissement Paris Ile-de-France France Sep 18,09 jacksonparis