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Aug 17,22 Charente countryside Angoulême France Oct 4,22 Short 18 Days Cats Acers59106
Aug 17,22 truckee California United States Aug 31,22 Short 7 Days Dogs, Fish albanydogmom
Aug 17,22 Tomb of the Kings Paphos Cyprus Sep 9,22 Short 15 Days Cats Cyprus44
Aug 17,22 Williamstown Melbourne VIC Australia Dec 22,22 Short 12 Days , Cat Hetti2022
Aug 17,22 countryside Lucca Italy Aug 23,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Cats, cat LuccaHousesit
Aug 17,22 Small Historic Town Hillsborough North Carolina United States Sep 22,22 Short 12 Days Cats, Fish, Chickens RevMir
Aug 16,22 Gateway to the San Juan Islands Anacortes Washington United States Sep 26,22 ShortMedium 32 Days Dogs ainsle
Aug 12,22 Gulf Coast Pass Christian Mississippi United States Oct 1,22 Short 18 Days Dogs waveland2
Aug 16,22 Vienna Gerasdorf Austria Nov 1,22 MediumLong 68 Days Chaussettes
Aug 16,22 North Brisbane QLD Australia Sep 26,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs Tamara5
Aug 16,22 North East Victoria Wodonga VIC Australia Sep 17,22 Short 7 Days Dogs, dog Traveldreamer1
Aug 16,22 Boyalnd Canungra QLD Australia Sep 19,22 Micro 5 Days Dogs Rynoquinn
Aug 16,22 toscana siena Italy Sep 14,22 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies dagotappo
Aug 15,22 Oakland California United States Sep 22,22 Short 18 Days Dogs Oaklandhousesit
Aug 15,22 Western Slope Cedaredge Colorado United States Sep 12,22 Medium 45 Days Cats, Fish Tomatolady
Aug 15,22 Wondunna Hervey Bay QLD Australia Jan 8,23 Short 7 Days Dogs, Cats dani16
Aug 15,22 Bellevue Crowsnest Pass Alberta Canada Nov 25,22 ShortMedium 28 Days lalapunk22
Aug 15,22 Langeberg winelands Ashton Western Cape South Africa Apr 17,23 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs Lat_Am
Aug 15,22 coastal Florence Oregon United States Dec 24,22 Short 8 Days Cats Oregoncoast9
Aug 15,22 Gordons Beach Sooke/Victoria British Columbia Canada Dec 10,22 MediumLong 81 Days Cats, Farm Animals, 1 cat /4 llamas /12 chickens gb_hc_travel
Aug 14,22 Chattanooga, TN 15 min drive Lookout Mountain Georgia United States Aug 29,22 Micro 6 Days Cats judyfood
Aug 14,22 Shipka Grand Bend Ontario Canada Dec 8,22 ShortMedium 39 Days Dogs Bikers2
Aug 14,22 Moo9 Thepkassatri Thalang Thailand Nov 25,22 Medium 43 Days Dogs, Cats PhuketParadise
Aug 13,22 mountains Skyforest California United States Sep 5,22 Short 10 Days Dogs rockingchair
Aug 12,22 suburb North Delta British Columbia Canada Oct 29,22 Long 157 Days Dogs Fancy1949
Aug 12,22 Torfean Cwmbran Five Locks Monmouthshire and Brecon canal Wales Mar 6,23 Short 19 Days Dogs, Cats, Cat MomofMax
Aug 12,22 Seavington St Michael Ilminster England Sep 22,22 Short 19 Days Cats Gingerspouse
Aug 12,22 Cooranbong NSW Australia Aug 29,22 Short 9 Days Dogs ourmolly1
Aug 11,22 north valley Albuquerque New Mexico United States Oct 15,22 ShortMedium 23 Days Dogs milobilo
Aug 11,22 Blue Ridge Parkway Floyd Virginia United States Sep 2,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Dogs, Cats Bobbo66
Aug 10,22 EPPING Sydney NSW Australia Sep 16,22 Short 17 Days Dogs RauLuu
Aug 10,22 Stratford Sale VIC Australia Sep 8,22 Micro 5 Days Dogs zatra09
Aug 9,22 West of City Centre Strasbourg France Apr 1,23 Short 10 Days Cats StrasFr67
Aug 9,22 Dudley Park Mandurah WA Australia May 8,23 Short 11 Days Cats, Fish jugnjoy
Aug 9,22 Iron Springs/Williamson prescott Arizona United States Oct 28,22 Short 19 Days Dogs, Cats Prescott_AZ
Aug 9,22 Countryside Cressat Limousin France Nov 10,22 Micro 4 Days Cats, Birds, Our birds are chickens Siptea
Aug 8,22 Ivy Charlottesville Virginia United States Sep 21,22 Short 20 Days Dogs, Cats IvyHousesit
Aug 8,22 Reedy Creek Brisbane QLD Australia Oct 20,22 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish pharmatheatre
Aug 8,22 south of Abq. Los Lunas New Mexico United States Sep 12,22 Short 9 Days Loslunas
Aug 7,22 Country but close in Damascus Oregon United States Aug 20,22 Long 104 Days Dogs, Farm Animals Artesia
Aug 7,22 UNC University Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Nov 19,22 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats ModernFurMama
Aug 7,22 Mountains Sabalito guanacaste Costa Rica Aug 24,22 Short 12 Days Dogs, Three horses but not responsible for them goingonvaca
Aug 6,22 MAUREPAS Louisiana United States Sep 15,22 Long 92 Days Dogs SouthLA
Aug 6,22 Freienwill Flensburg North Germany Sep 3,22 Short 14 Days Cats MalinPelle
Aug 6,22 Southside Savannah Georgia United States Sep 15,22 Short 11 Days Dogs, Cats hisamwilson
Aug 6,22 outside city limits New Braunfels Texas United States Sep 7,22 Short 14 Days Dogs, Cats hillcountrytx
Aug 3,22 Boston Area North Chelmsford Massachusetts United States Sep 9,22 Micro 4 Days Cats SoulHealer111
Aug 5,22 Sauteurs Saint patricks Northern Grenada Aug 29,22 Long 95 Days Dogs spiceisland1
Aug 5,22 Darling Heights Toowoomba QLD Australia Sep 2,22 Short 8 Days Dogs paulandbernadette
Aug 4,22 Upper love Fredriksted St. Croix United States Virgin Islands Apr 4,23 Medium 45 Days Dogs, Birds, Chickens, love birds Grove62
Aug 4,22 rural cranbrook British Columbia Canada Sep 12,22 ShortMedium 30 Days kbrrbr
Jun 27,22 Southern Suburbs Santa Fe New Mexico United States Sep 26,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs Dorfdepp
Aug 3,22 Epanomi Greece Sep 12,22 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Cats Greece_CZ_BE
Aug 3,22 beachside Galveston Texas United States Nov 3,22 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Cats gtown1
Aug 2,22 mountain village Granada Spain Aug 31,22 Short 17 Days Cats rubitehouse
Aug 2,22 Maudsland 4210 Gold Coast QLD Australia Sep 3,22 Short 16 Days Cats chocolatelive15
Aug 1,22 San Rafael Mendoza Argentina Oct 15,22 ShortMedium 32 Days Dogs, Cats DilmayChula
Aug 1,22 Burien Seattle Washington United States Oct 28,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Cats azile8
Aug 1,22 60 km south/west Toulouse L&aposIsle en Dodon France Oct 10,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Cats thenordics
Jul 31,22 La Caleta La Oliva Spain Oct 1,22  approximate Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals Miskita
Jul 31,22 Fort Collins Colorado United States Nov 21,22 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Cats, 1 cat & 1 dog ScootsieBoots
Jul 30,22 Candler Asheville North Carolina United States Aug 18,22 Short 15 Days Cats redhedzrule
Jul 30,22 Winkel Dorf Winkel Zurich Switzerland Jan 9,23 MediumLong 82 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish ciberax
Jul 29,22 Rural Vejer de la Frontera Andalucia Spain Nov 1,22 MediumLong 90 Days Cats MoochAround4
Jul 29,22 5 miles north of corvallis, oregon corvallis Oregon United States Oct 23,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Cats, chickens, ducks, geese -- see ad joa1313
Jul 28,22 Ocean front Halfmoon bay British Columbia Canada Jan 30,23 ShortMedium 32 Days pambomac
Jul 14,22 The Beach Toronto Ontario Canada Sep 15,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs littlefoot
Jul 28,22 Caselle Tortorella Campania Italy Sep 9,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs, 2 cats PippoFridaLisa
Jul 25,22 Kimberley British Columbia Canada Sep 11,22 ShortMedium 26 Days rockymountaingetaway
Jul 25,22 Rocky Mountain Syracuse Utah United States Nov 21,22 Short 8 Days Dogs kk6329
Jul 24,22 Wellington Point Brisbane QLD Australia Aug 17,22 Short 13 Days Cats, Birds, Fish Masonry_Missay
Jul 24,22 Boston Amesbury Massachusetts United States Sep 8,22 Short 12 Days Dogs frenchiedog11
Jul 15,22 Irish cove Sydney Nova Scotia Canada Oct 1,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs catmoose
Jul 21,22 Near Seattle Lynnwood Washington United States Nov 23,22 Short 7 Days Dogs NorthSeattleCavapoo
Jul 17,22 Inner city Minneapolis Minnesota United States Jan 10,23 Medium 51 Days pofelia
Jul 19,22 Gers Lupiac Midi Pyrenees France Nov 1,22 Short 9 Days Cats happinessinfrance
Jul 19,22 Jamaica Plain Boston Massachusetts United States Oct 12,22 Short 7 Days Dogs, Cats elizgin
Jul 19,22 Glebe - near city centre Ottawa Ontario Canada Dec 6,22 Long 118 Days Winter_in_Ottawa
Jul 18,22 Northern Arizona Flagstaff Arizona United States Sep 17,22 ShortMedium 27 Days Dogs, Farm Animals, goats Doglovinggoatpacker
Jul 14,22 Central Austin Austin Texas United States Oct 21,22 Micro 6 Days Cats, cat AustinWriter
Jul 17,22 Izvorovo Stara Zagora Bulgaria Aug 30,22 Short 9 Days Dogs, Rabbits, Cats, Farm Animals, Livestock, Livestock, 5 small goats, chickens MintyW
Jul 17,22 Masterton, Wairarapa Masterton Wairarapa New Zealand Oct 18,22 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals Masterton
Jul 11,22 Pelican Waters Caloundra QLD Australia Sep 30,22 Short 19 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish zeecla
Jul 16,22 washington dc mclean Virginia United States Oct 6,22 Short 19 Days Cats LoisLef
Jul 15,22 Semi-rural Montana Livingston Montana United States Jan 14,23 MediumLong 70 Days Cats TravelWide
Jul 15,22 THAMES VALLEY/CHILTERNS henley on thames/marlow THAMES VALLEY/CHILTERNS England Dec 22,22 Short 16 Days Cats, Farm Animals Sittershenley
Jul 13,22 Razes Mirepoix Occitanie France Jan 30,23 Long 231 Days Armadillo23
Jul 12,22 Baja Piedmont Oakland California United States Sep 12,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Cats CKBM23
Jul 11,22 Bayswater Perth WA Australia Sep 25,22 Short 12 Days Cats cheddarandcleo
May 10,22 Castel Focognano Toscany Italy Oct 19,22 Long 108 Days Cats tutuccia321
Jul 10,22 Charlestown Newcastle NSW Australia Sep 21,22 ShortMedium 25 Days L1000D
Jul 8,22 Langham Oakham Rutland England Sep 8,22 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats tandelane1
Jul 7,22 Mount Sheridan Cairns QLD Australia Sep 18,22 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs Stan_n_Kali
Jul 7,22 ASHEVILLE North Carolina United States Sep 18,22 Short 12 Days Cats chevyscarborough
Jul 7,22 Killarney Vale near The Entrance NSW Australia Aug 22,22 ShortMedium 38 Days Dogs, None Sallyandme
Jul 6,22 KYALAMI ESTATES GAUTENG South Africa Dec 15,22 Short 19 Days Dogs JohannesburgSit
Jul 6,22 Lower Mission Area Kelowna British Columbia Canada Oct 18,22 MediumLong 64 Days Cats Cookie716
Jul 3,22 rural Arcata California United States Nov 22,22 Short 7 Days Cats, 2 adorable cats Ukelele
Jul 2,22 Hanwell Banbury England Aug 24,22 Short 11 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish Vanbums
Feb 16,22 20 minutes from the Plaza with spectacular views Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 21,22 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, 2 donkeys horseylady
Jun 30,22 Southwest Bend Oregon United States Aug 19,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs BizzyLizzy
Jun 30,22 7kms north of Maun Maun Ngamiland Botswana Oct 26,22 Short 16 Days Cats Okavango
Jun 30,22 30 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Aug 28,22 ShortMedium 34 Days Dogs DashChase
Jun 29,22 Riverbend Edmonton Alberta Canada Aug 25,22 Short 17 Days Dogs troutman
Jun 29,22 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 23,22 Short 16 Days LouCyn8_8
Jun 28,22 Salisbury Brisbane QLD Australia Aug 19,22 Medium 45 Days Dogs dan_and_bel
Jun 27,22 TOOWOON BAY NSW Australia Aug 22,22 ShortMedium 38 Days Dogs Jeniliz13F
Jun 24,22 Inner city Orange NSW Australia Aug 17,22 Short 9 Days Dogs Frankie1709
Jun 23,22 Surf Beach NSW Australia Aug 22,22 ShortMedium 33 Days Cats, Livestock, Livestock, chickens-12 padge48
Jun 23,22 Greater Napanee Napanee Ontario Canada Dec 20,22 Short 17 Days Tuckerville1
Jun 20,22 Lakeside Sligo Connacht Ireland Sep 3,22 Long 92 Days Dogs westofireland
Jun 10,22 Friendship Heights Washington District of Columbia United States Oct 6,22 Short 16 Days Dogs 4453res
Jun 8,22 Mount Annan Sydney NSW Australia Sep 7,22 ShortMedium 32 Days Dogs, Cats, Mice ecavey
May 26,22 Ranchlands Medicine Hat Alberta Canada Feb 13,23 Short 11 Days Dogs, Cats medhatters
May 21,22 Lake Placid Cairns QLD Australia Nov 15,22 Long 100 Days Cats joonpoon
May 17,22 Broad Town Swindon South West England Aug 29,22 Short 9 Days Dogs Brittanyhome
May 17,22 Skircoat Green Halifax England Aug 31,22 Short 8 Days Monkeyloulou
May 7,22 Bemposta Odemira Alentejo Portugal Aug 30,22 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Cats, Birds Mouse81
May 2,22 Near Holbox Island Solferino Yucatan Mexico Sep 1,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Dogs, Cats, Opossum giuliartemisia
Apr 27,22 west bundaberg bundaberg QLD Australia Mar 13,23 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats bukittimah
Apr 26,22 castle carrock carlisle lake district England Aug 22,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Cats pantalaimon
Apr 22,22 South Ostuni countryside Ostuni Italy Italy Nov 29,22 ShortMedium 39 Days Exploreitaly67
Apr 16,22 1 hour SE of Dallas Mabank Texas United States Nov 17,22 ShortMedium 27 Days Cats texasgs
Mar 21,22 Buttonwood Park New Bedford Massachusetts United States Sep 12,22 MediumLong 60 Days Dogs, Cats NewBedfordSit
Apr 28,21 Am Bock Albrechts Thüringen Germany Apr 1,23 Short 1 Year and 6 Month Dogs, Farm Animals, Goat, Chickens JimmyundSnow2017