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Profile: Projects

House Sit in Nature in Calgary...

Do you want to live in Calgary, in a quiet central area near bike paths. We have room in the house or possibly you have a Motorhome or trailer you would like to live in. We need help on our acreage. We like to co More...

Springbank Calgary, T3C 3B2 Alberta Canada From May 1,2023 By Projects  Posted: Mar 26, 2023 To Aug 31,2023
Profile: claudimom

eventual long-term sit in 2023 TBD...

My apartment: A very charming and well-equipped early-modernist nest of 40 square meters (430 square feet) with loads of sunlight and air. Bathtub, washing machine, sewing machine, eat-in kitchen,  More...

Charenton-le-Pont Paris ile de France France From Jun 17,2023 By claudimom  Posted: Jan 24, 2023 To Dec 24,2023