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Profile: Doggie

Pet / House sitter needed....

Stunning mountain and valley views from our modern home that sits on 160 acres of high desert sage. Property borders BLM land to the east and north. Super quiet and starry nights. If watching the heavens  More...

Out in the countryside. Cedarville CA California United States From Aug 21,2024 By Doggie  Posted: Apr 21, 2024 To Sep 4,2024
Profile: Drsoftride

Looking for a house/dog sitter...

Looking for someone to watch our dog Tessa and our lovely craftsman 2 br bungalow in Alameda. Quiet safe neighborhood in the East Bay Area. Half hour from San Francisco.  More...

East End Alameda California United States From Jul 23,2024 By Drsoftride  Posted: Apr 18, 2024 To Aug 1,2024