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Profile: Salagou

House sitter - no pets, just lawn/garden & pool...

We are looking for a house sitter to look after our home on the Redcliffe Peninsula. We have a lawn to mow (takes 20 min), a pool to look after and a small backyard with mainly palm trees, no pets: due  More...

North Brisbane Newport QLD Australia From Dec 16,2022 By Salagou  Posted: Dec 2, 2022 To Jan 28,2023
Profile: thenordics

House sitter...

We are looking for a retired couple who would like to spend a minimum of one year in our guesthouse 70 km south-west of Toulouse. It’s situated 3 km from our small village  More...

60 km south/west Toulouse L&aposIsle en Dodon France From Mar 1,2023 By thenordics  Posted: Nov 30, 2022 To Mar 1,2024