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Mar 27,23 Bellmere Caboolture QLD Australia Apr 24,23 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Birds, Dog platinumschool149
Mar 26,23 Dungog NSW Australia Jul 21,23 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Livestock, Livestock, Chickens aptreefarm
Mar 24,23 Esquimalt Victoria British Columbia Canada May 19,23 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Birds FreedomYYJ
Mar 16,23 Gilston QLD Australia May 11,23 Micro 5 Days Dogs vickiado
Mar 14,23 playa de oliva oliva valencia Spain Mar 29,23 Micro 5 Days Dogs domilo
Mar 13,23 lucca toscana Italy Mar 30,23 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, chickens LuccaSit
Feb 13,23 Lake Merritt Oakland California United States May 25,23 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Cats VelvetG
Mar 9,23 San Francisco Belmont California United States Apr 9,23 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Livestock, Livestock, 3 chickens Sharka
Mar 6,23 Vasles Parthenay Deux-Sevrès France Jun 4,23 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Livestock, Chickens Birdhouse27
Jan 20,23 South East Brisbane Cornubia QLD Australia Apr 7,23 Micro 4 Days Dogs, Fish, chickens julez056