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Profile: kay_dee

Sitter(s) needed February 16-22, 2022...

We are looking for a housesitter(s) to care for 3 cats and water plants.

Our home is in a lovely, quiet Arden neighborhood with nearby parks and the river is close by with a paved bike trail,  More...

Arden Sacramento California United States From Feb 16,2022 By kay_dee  Posted: Jan 25, 2022 ..
Profile: mfharr44

Set in the beautiful Smokie Mountains in Tennessee, our home, two dogs and two outside cats require a couple to housesit...


We are Mike and Fiona, and we live in Cosby, Tennessee, in the beautiful Smokie Mountains. We live on 16 acres, backing onto the Foothills Parkway and National Forest, with lots of trees, meadows and More...

Rural Community on the Smokie Mountains Cosby Tennessee United States From Apr 1,2022 By mfharr44  Posted: Jan 23, 2022 We would prefer a couple..
Profile: Beeswing53

Two Cats in Asheville...

I will be traveling this year and will need a housesitter(s) to care for Archie and Lilly. Neither take any medications. My non-smoking home was recently renovated and has one bedroom (full size mattress), o More...

Haw Creek Asheville North Carolina United States From Mar 15,2022 By Beeswing53  Posted: Jan 22, 2022 All dates in upcoming months to be..