Retired Canadian Traveler and Animal Lover

Username RapWarrior68  

65 + years
Sep 30,2020
Single male
2 - 3 Months, 3 + Months

I am a retired Canadian who is blessed to be a fit, healthy, young senior. I do not smoke and usually limit alcohol consumption to a celebratory type of drink, or maybe a cold beer on a hot day.

I am normally looking for sits that are greater than a couple of months (exceptions noted). Longer is better if only to offset travel expenses. I am quite flexible as to the type of housesitting and animals that may need my care. Please read on for further details.

Why they want to house sit

House and pet sitting allow me the opportunity to travel affordably while experiencing different cultures and continuing my new career as a fiction and travel writer.

I love cats and dogs and most animals and am delighted and comforted by having them in my life even if only on an irregular basis. Animals tend to add to my life and are often welcome companions. Even watching a busy anthill in action can fascinate me. I think we could learn a few things from them.

And I get it when a pet owner attempts, almost as if in desperation, to describe how important it is to them to find the right kind of loving, caring person for their special friend. All pets are a gift.

My duty as a pet-sitter is to do my best to carry those feelings forward as if there is no transition; the pet is never without love, and always feels secure and cared for.

I like to keep things clean and tidy (just ask my sisters - but maybe not my mother). I take pride in maintaining or improving where I live especially if it's someone else's pride of home. Respect - I give it and I expect it in return.

Their experience

My experience with pet sitting especially with dogs and cats is quite good maybe even very good. It's worth keeping in mind that it is far more challenging to walk into an environment cold, where the animal doesn't know you, than it is to raise an animal from birth or early on. The former takes patience, love, and, sometimes, a bit of courage. The latter depends on who's running the show.

Two sits that come immediately to mind occurred in Edmonton, Canada, not long before I retired. In the first case, there were two Whippets, one a purebred, the other a Doberman mix that I looked after for three weeks. Fascinating dogs and could go like your butt was on fire. One time I was walking both of them together, as usual, when the one that had a bit of Doberman in it - muscular legs and blazing fast - saw a grey squirrel go scampering by and went absolutely berserk. He wanted more than anything to give chase and to that end was frantically twisting about, churning his head every which way trying to free himself from his collar. Of course, this set off the other guy as well. So, for a few moments, I must have looked like this giant puppeteer with my arms stretched out fully to my sides with these two madly dancing marionettes whirling about at the end of their leashes. This was in no way a serious effort on my part to control them, it was just interesting to observe their natures in action.

The other sit was for my good friend and Doctor who also had two dogs. One was a young spaniel, the other an old beagle who was on his last legs, but had so much heart. I loved them both dearly. We used to have these evening howling sessions together. It kind of confused the spaniel a bit at first, but the old guy loved it right away and w

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