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Profile: Dede36

Fancy the summer on the Costa del Sol ?...

  • The area we live in is a coastal village 30 minutes east of Malaga in Andalucia. We can walk to the beach and bus stop in under 10 minutes yet are almost in the countr More...

    Costa del Sol Benajarafe Andalucia Spain From Jul 17,2024 By Dede36  Posted: May 23, 2024 To Sep 2,2024
Profile: Indi_pup

Dog sitter in Northern Ireland...

We are looking for someone to look after our wonderful dog Indi and our house while we are travelling. We have some various dates coming up. Indi, a rescue dog, is now living her best li More...

North Coast Coleraine North Coast Northern Ireland From Jun 13,2024 By Indi_pup  Posted: May 12, 2024 To Jun 23,2024
Profile: jenhos

City center flat with cuddly pit bull....

Hi, snugly, sensative but slightly reactive Pittie needs someone to walk him, feed him and cuddle him for a week at the end of July 2024. The house/apartment is basic but cute and comfy. In the Spanish Quart More...

Quartieri Spagnoli Naples Campania Italy From Jul 24,2024 By jenhos  Posted: Mar 29, 2024 To Aug 1,2024