Animal Loving Author and Wife Looking for solitude, peace & quiet to write screenplay and Love on your pets.

Username MrPetLover  

56 - 64 years
May 21,2024
Retired FDNY
7 - 21 Days, 3 - 6 Weeks, 6 - 8 Weeks, 2 - 3 Months, 3 + Months

Did I say how much we Love Cats and Dogs.

We believe family pets are the single most important personality a home could have. They complete the love of us humans beyond measure and make our lives a Blessing and they know it..

  I am retired and trusted New York City firefighter and author who seeks  a quiet residence to continue writing , one book already published 3rd edition, I'm a  first responder NYC Firefighter and  survivor on Sept. 11, 2001,  a volunteer museum docent at ground zero,  Non smoker. Looking to care and love your family's treasured pets as well as  oversee your estate while providing care and security for your property. Currently working on a 4th edition to my book as well as an upcoming screeplay. 

Judy my partner for over 33 yrs. is retired after a steller career with the American Red Cross in NYC.  A loving mother and grandmother and a wonderful home keeper and trusted wife.

As over the years, we have had many family dogs and cats in our home, now we enjoy caring for other pet family members.

We are both Christians and don't drink or party or have either of us ever been arrested or have had any leagal trouble.

Taking care of animals & plants is our Joy.

Hard work is part of my daily workout; I have one excellent refurral  Looking for another very soon as we are pet siting as we speak [ From December 12 - Januarry 15, Rusty, a Cocker Spanial & Fin a huge gray /white/ yellow Tabby who have bonded with us from the get go.

Your Family Pets will be our Family and their memory will remain in our hearts forever.

Please consider us for your selection, your pets will love us and miss us when wer'e gone.

Thanks & God Bless,

Ron & Judy

p.s.  We are both vaccinated from Cov 19

Homeowner Feedback / endorsements (16)

“ Fantastic! Wonderful! Purr-fect! ”

Sit Dates Apr-10-24 - Apr-19-24 Homeowner KittyMomma, Member Since Nov-27-21

Location Beaufort North Carolina United States

Ron and Judy are incredible. First of all, they did all the necessary things we asked them to do for the cat and the plants. No problem. Then they went WAY beyond...washed windows, cut grass, cleaned everything inside and out, left food, sent pictures. The house and garden were immaculate when we returned, and the cat was totally chill. I almost feel guilty. 

I don't want to in any way to diminish all their hard work. But what I would want anyone to know who might consider Ron and Judy for a sit is that they are genuine and generous people. It was an honor for us to spend a little time with them before we left. I knew things would go well after spending about 5 minutes with them. I just hope I can get them to come back next April!

“ Just what you want for Housesitters ”

Sit Dates Nov-21-23 - Dec-11-23 Homeowner Encelia_SD, Member Since Jun-24-18

Location San Diego California United States

We've used Housecarers about 6 times now, with varied results. We can highly recommend Ron and Judy among the best! They were very responsible and we feel they took excellent
care of our pets, home and garden. These are the house sitters that you want!

“ Ron and Judy were the perfect couple to care for my dogs and home. ”

Sit Dates Oct-1-23 - Oct-13-23 Homeowner NatureRiverHouse, Member Since Sep-19-23

Location Fort Lauderdale Florida United States

Both Ron and Judy are extremely kind, friendly people. They not only love other people they also LOVE dogs. Which my two dogs picked up on immediatly and greatly approved of! My dogs, Rosie and Oliver, really loved them both a LOT. Ron texted me updates and pictures or with any questions. I also met their wonderful, young grandson, who is also excellent with dogs. They are already booked to return over Christmas. Both Ron and Judy are very easy going, happy & friendly people who are great to spend time with. 

“ Best Housesitters ”

Sit Dates Jul-27-23 - Aug-11-23 Homeowner techshark, Member Since Feb-13-08

Location San Diego California United States

Ron and Judy were probably our best housesitters ever.  Not only are they great people but they are amazingly competent.  They calmly prepared our house for a hurricane and were unfazed by its arrival and exit.  They kept us informed about the house and the dogs.  When we arrived home, the dogs had clearly been much loved and walked very regularly (more than we do actually).  They dealt with two with eye infections which were cured when we arrived home.  The house was cleaner than when we left despite us having a fantastic cleaning person.  We look forward to having Ron and Judy come back next summer.  

“ Ron and Judy MIGHT be the best out there :) ”

Sit Dates Apr-19-23 - May-1-23 Homeowner kingcasa, Member Since Mar-15-23

Location Arlington Virginia United States

Ron and Judy are wonderful people, and they cover all the bases. They showed up on time, and stayed thru til the end. House was clean, tidy, and as we left it. Pets were happy and in good shape upon our return. Received communication and pictures while we were away. They are welcome back to the house for future sits. Thank you very much to them both!

“ Ron and Judy help us get through winter emergency ”

Sit Dates Feb-5-23 - Mar-5-23 Homeowner rockingchair, Member Since Jan-1-09

Location Skyforest California United States

Ron and Judy Parker helped us survive through the worst winter storms we have ever had after we had to cancel our trip.  This changed from a house sit to a visit when a medical emergency caused our trip to be canceled the day before they arrived.  We invited them to be our guests at our home with us since we could not go on our trip.  This proved fortunate because we had a series of the most severe rain and snow storms in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern CA that ended up with all four of us being snowed in at our home for 12 days.  Ron and Judy pitched right in and helped us clear massive amounts of snow on our decks, take care of our 2 dogs, and do what ever needed to be done during the month they stayed with us under very difficult conditions.  We were lucky to have the Parkers help us get through this disaster and we give them our highest recommendation as responsible house sitters and guests in our house for the month they stayed with us.  We were lucky to have their help during a period that we probably could not have handled on our own.   Rockingchair, Skyforest CA

“ Ron and Judy are terrific! ”

Sit Dates Mar-27-23 - Apr-12-23 Homeowner lovemydog2, Member Since Jul-11-16

Location Highland Mills New York United States

Sometimes it's just business; other times, you make new friends. Ron and Judy are the latter. Warm and friendly the moment you meet them, they treat your pets and your home with love and respect, quickly learning the details of your pet's routine and the oddities of the various systems and amenities of the home. 

We rescued Jake, a Golden/St. Bernard mix when he was a year and a half old. He had been transported from a kill shelter in North Carolina. Evidently, his owner had died. By the time we met Jake, he was traumatized by losing his owner and the trip north. We agreed then that we would never kennel him. Instead, we would find pet sitters who agreed to stay with him while we are gone. Jake is now nearly 14 years old, and we have had many pet sitters, generally satisfactory but not great.

Ron and Judy were different. They took Jake for walks and fed him vegetables and dog food per our instructions. Usually, when we go away for more than a week, Jake ignores us when we return, noticeably angry that we had left him to be cared for by amateurs. But Ron and Judy are real pros, keeping Jake exercised and properly fed, so Jake was happy to see us when we got home, anxious to introduce us to his new friends. Now, he seems to be wondering where they have gone.

We spent a day with Ron and Judy before we left, had a wonderful meal together and left at 5 AM, feeling confident that Jake would be well cared for. When we returned, Ron and Judy had made friends with our neighbours, who now, too, are wondering how soon they will return. 

For some people, pet sitting is a business; for Ron and Judy, it's a passion. They love pets, and they love people. You won't find a better combination anywhere. I highly recommend them.


Highland Mills, NY

“ Ron and Judy were lovely! ”

Sit Dates Mar-11-23 - Mar-25-23 Homeowner forrest123, Member Since Oct-8-15

Location Anmore British Columbia Canada

Ron and Judy were great! Communication from the get go was amazing! They stayed for two weeks in our home and took perfect care of our house and Dog Bubba. They took him exploring all over our city and I can tell that Bubba was very happy and felt safe with them. We didn't get to say goodbye but our home was left as we left it if not cleaner! Which is a major plus in my books! We hope to have them back one day and I'm sure Bubba does too!

“ Wonderful Pet Sitters ”

Sit Dates Jan-1-23 - Jan-16-23 Homeowner 567891, Member Since Aug-29-22

Location Evergreen Colorado United States

Judy & Ron took wonderful care of our little rescue dog Murphy. He loved them the first day he met them. They played and walked him a lot, and I think he was very happy with them.

Unexpectedly they also cleaned my oven, the refrigerator and our car. My neighbors are asking about Ron and commenting on how good he was with Murphy and now they want to use

We would definitely use them again and recommend them, and others do likewise. Marilyn

“ Ideal couple to care for home & pets ”

Sit Dates Sep-15-22 - Nov-10-22 Homeowner aengusOg, Member Since Jun-2-22

Location Reno Nevada United States

Ron and Judy were so loving with our cats that even now that they've gone and we are back at home, the cats seem to be wandering about looking for their favorite housecarers. I should also mention that they left the house cleaner than they found it, and took it upon themselves to do some yard work that I had left unfinished.

While we were away two months in England they kept us informed with photographs of the cats enjoyiing their company. Regular kitty updates were much appreciated!

We are hopeful that our travel dates and their availability will align again at some future date. We highly recommend Ron and Judy to take care of your home and critters and make your travels worry-free.

“ Great house and pet sitter! ”

Sit Dates Jun-4-22 - Jun-20-22 Homeowner shakamaisiepc, Member Since Mar-9-22

Location Heber City Utah United States

Ron and Judy were super fast to respond to our advertisement and communicated very well with us during the process. This was our first time having a house/pet sitter, so we really didn't know what to expect. They took great care of our home, pets, and car while we were gone. We received wonderful photo updates of their stay. They organized my linen closet for me! They also rescued a little bunny that had fallen in our basement window well. Ron and Judy were lovely to work with and I'd have them back to our home anytime. 

“ Reliable and caring house/pet-sitters ”

Sit Dates Jun-21-22 - Aug-5-22 Homeowner Aneta23, Member Since Mar-26-17

Location Seattle Washington United States

Ron and Judy were amazing house sitters and pet sitters. Our dogs had so much fun, they took them everywhere. Ton and Judy took a very good care of our house and when we came back after our long trip the dogs were happy and our house was tidy and organized. They communicated with us throughout our trip and sent pictures of our dogs having fun. When our return home was delayed by three days they were gracious to extend their stay to help us out. We felt like both the house and dogs were in good hands. They also used our car and took great care of it and gave it back in even better condition. 
I would highly recommend them. 

Aneta from Seattle 

“ Caring and friendly House and Pet Sitters ”

Sit Dates Mar-31-22 - May-18-22 Homeowner mfharr44, Member Since Feb-3-14

Location Cosby Tennessee United States

Ron and Judy were excellent house and pet sitters who obviously love dogs and cats.

Our Anatolian Shepard is very opinionaled about what he will do, when, and it seems that he bonded with Ron and Judy and was happy to be with them. The rest of our pack, a West highlend Terrier and two cats also were happy with them. They were well looked after and groomed and excercised regularly.

I must add that our home has never been so clean, excellent care was also taken there. 

“ Ron & Judy were terrific ”

Sit Dates Mar-12-22 - Mar-20-22 Homeowner babacomari, Member Since Sep-13-08

Location Sonoita Arizona United States

They spoiled my elderly monstrous BullMastiff, Gustavo, who requires more attention than typical (he suffers siezures) and took him on good walks.  They also took beautiful care of my home, Judy was compelled to do Spring Cleaning, and left it "spit polish" shined! They also replaced difficult light bulbs in my overhead stovetop/oven exhaust fan/light unit. They made all kinds of friends in the community!  I highly recommend Ron and Judy.  

“ So pleased that Ron and Judy were able to come at the last minute to replace a sitter that left early. ”

Sit Dates Jan-23-22 - Mar-1-22 Homeowner Molokai1, Member Since Jul-2-11

Location Kaunakakai Hawaii United States

We really enjoyed having Ron and Judy stay in our Condo.  They took immaculate care of it and left it in much better condition than when they got there.  Probably the best it has been for years.  They fit right in with the community and enjoyed all that Molokai has to offer.  So much so that they intend to come back next year for another month.  My husband and I look forward to their return.  We highly recommend them as housesitters.     

“ Ron was a superb housecarer and my pets LOVE him! ”

Sit Dates Dec-13-21 - Jan-21-22 Homeowner Srathbone, Member Since Jun-12-13

Location Port saint lucie Florida United States

Ron agreed to stay with my pets with very short notice. He met with me prior to my departure to ensure he knew all of the particulars about the house and my Cocker Spainel, Rusty and cat, Finn. 

While I was abroad Ron made contact with me everyday to send photos and reassure me that all was well. I knew that I could rely on him and asked him to do a couple of additional things while I was away.

Due to Covid my return was delayed and Ron changed his personal plans to stay longer. 

Upon my return the house was emaculate! He even organized my storage shed. My animals without a doubt enjoyed his stay.

I will ask Ron to stay again, if my plans take me away and highly recommend him. I trust Ron with my home and my beloved pets. 

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