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Profile: Cookie716

Experience the beautiful Okanagan...

We require a house & pet sitter in the beautiful Okanagan for our house and our cat from March 8 to April 12, 2024. Our cat is 4-years old. He is very loving and enjoys it most when we ar More...

Lower Mission Area Kelowna British Columbia Canada From Mar 10,2024 By Cookie716  Posted: Jan 29, 2024 To Apr 17,2024
Profile: murphy

Watch our home and love our cats....

We are looking for a house sitter who is comfortable and likes cats. During COVID we found a small colony of cats living on our property. We captured spayed and neutered 3 cats. This family continues to live on o More...

Small mountain town Midway Utah United States From Feb 23,2024 By murphy  Posted: Nov 14, 2023 To Mar 16,2024