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Profile: jenny82

Needs pets sister...

I have a small house with two puppies. just enough for one person. I have to return to my hometown to visit my family. and two adorable puppies I need a loving sister by my side. Please contact me if you feel com More...

City Lowell Massachusetts United States From May 14,2024 By jenny82  Posted: Feb 27, 2024 To Jun 12,2024
Profile: monibasu

In search of a loving housesitter...

I a looking for someone to stay at my house for a few weeks this summer (June 15-July 20). My dogs will be with me but I need someone to water all my plants, make sure all is well with the house and bring in my m More...

Morningside ATLANTA Georgia United States From Jun 15,2024 By monibasu  Posted: Feb 13, 2024 To Jul 20,2024