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Profile: CosmicLoka

Kitten Lovers Cottage...

House has a full modern kitchen, shower/bath, w/d, 1 bedroom with queen bed, 2 large desks and desk chairs and fast Wi-fi in main room + TV with Netflix. There is a very kitten proof old couch also in main room.  More...

mountains Crestone Colorado United States From Oct 22,2020 By CosmicLoka  Posted: Sep 30, 2020 a few months..
Profile: Ryugarai

Dog sitter and walker needed....

Need someone to look after my dog Winter, including 2-3 walks a day, for three days as I travel for work.


I live in an historic neighborhood of Harlem, with parks  nearby, a superm More...

Harlem New York United States From Oct 1,2020 By Ryugarai  Posted: Sep 26, 2020 Look after and walk my dog as I tr..