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Profile: violoncelloA

House sitter Bellingham WA...

House sitter needed in university town of about 100, 000. Beautiful Pacific Northwest in the town of Bellingham. Our house is located in the Broadway Park historic district.  More...

Pacific Northwest Bellingham Washington United States From Mar 1,2024 By violoncelloA  Posted: Feb 4, 2024 To Apr 30,2024
Profile: Valley521

Boulder Colorado Housesitting...

Our home is located in Boulder, Colorado, close to the mountain backdrop and situated between the Mapleton and Newlands neighborhoods. It is a beautiful neighborhood for walking. One can e More...

Boulder Colorado United States From May 5,2024 By Valley521  Posted: Feb 3, 2024 To May 31,2024
Profile: salsbeas

In house pet sitter needed for Eid...

My partner and I live in a 3-bedroom home conveniently located in the Kerobokan area, Bali. This is a great neighborhood that is quiet and allows quick access to the beach or access to the main arteries of Bali t More...

Suburb-ish Kuta Utara Indonesia From Apr 9,2024 By salsbeas  Posted: Dec 10, 2023 To Apr 13,2024