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Feb 27,24 Orange County Yorba Linda California United States Jul 28,24 Short 18 Days Dogs msg699
Feb 26,24 Cultural District Portland Oregon United States Mar 13,24 Short 15 Days Cats LikesTraveling
Feb 26,24 Wicker Park Area Chicago Illinois United States Aug 1,24 Short 18 Days Dogs, Cats summerlondon
Feb 26,24 Downtown/ Historic District Taos New Mexico United States Apr 16,24 Short 10 Days Dogs AwayForAwhile
Feb 26,24 Western NC Mountains Franklin North Carolina United States Jun 26,24 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats, Livestock, Livestock, Ducks, chickens WNCMountainHome
Feb 26,24 Southeastern MA Norton Massachusetts United States Apr 1,24 Short 18 Days Dogs DachsieLover23
Feb 26,24 Small City Eugene Oregon United States Apr 5,24 Short 18 Days Dogs monioz
Feb 26,24 Mid CO mts Salida Colorado United States Jul 19,24 Short 8 Days Dogs Kabuki12
Feb 26,24 Magnolia Seattle Washington United States Mar 15,24 Short 9 Days Cats, 1 cat powwow75
Feb 26,24 15 miles east of Santa Fe Santa Fe New Mexico United States Mar 5,24 Micro 6 Days Dogs McGhee_21
Feb 20,24 Willamette Valley Eugene Oregon United States Apr 28,24 Short 17 Days Mak73pace
Feb 20,24 Southwest Bend Oregon United States Mar 17,24 Short 18 Days Dogs BizzyLizzy
Feb 20,24 beachside Galveston Texas United States Apr 24,24 Short 14 Days Dogs, Cats gtown1
Feb 19,24 Western Foothills Tucson Arizona United States Apr 15,24 Short 9 Days Dogs Artyhouse
Feb 19,24 East Mount Airy Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Apr 6,24 Short 7 Days Cats cleomio
Feb 19,24 Williams Creek Indianapolis Indiana United States Mar 31,24 Short 8 Days Cats ColeDome
Feb 18,24 Walking distance to Plaza and Railyard Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 1,24 Short 15 Days Dogs Simbashouse
Feb 9,24 Southwestern Denver Suburbs Lakewood Colorado United States Mar 16,24 Short 8 Days Dogs, Cats jayeone
Feb 15,24 Hudson Valley Brewster New York United States May 11,24 Short 17 Days Cats ElAdHaMaJo
Feb 14,24 Morton Grove Illinois United States Mar 23,24 Short 7 Days Dogs barbasdad13
Feb 14,24 Close to Seal Beach, CA Long Beach California United States May 26,24 Short 9 Days Dogs JPRTLR
Feb 14,24 San Francisco Belmont California United States Apr 20,24 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Livestock, Livestock, 3 chickens Sharka
Feb 14,24 Hillsdale Portland Oregon United States Jul 23,24 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats UrbanGardenHome
Feb 13,24 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States May 6,24 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats Murphybrown
Feb 11,24 Boise Idaho United States Mar 6,24 Micro 5 Days Dogs, Cats Weiser
Feb 11,24 Denver metro Boulder Colorado United States Apr 6,24 Short 10 Days Cats annqueue
Feb 10,24 North Arlington Arlington Virginia United States Mar 1,24 Short 9 Days Dogs Sittersought
Feb 10,24 South San Luis Obispo California United States Apr 3,24 Short 9 Days Cats Saraspunda
Feb 9,24 Cary Area Raleigh North Carolina United States Mar 19,24 Short 8 Days Dogs Travel2024
Feb 9,24 Sacramento Gold Country El Dorado Hills California United States Apr 5,24 Short 10 Days Cats gordandsuz
Jan 30,24 South of town, rural property Santa Fe New Mexico United States Apr 7,24 Short 9 Days Dogs, Lizards Sighthound3
Feb 5,24 Southwest Portland (Hayhurst neighborhood) Portland Oregon United States Mar 24,24 Short 8 Days Cats songerk
Feb 4,24 The Coolest Small Town in America! Beaufort North Carolina United States Jun 20,24 Short 13 Days Dogs, Cats, We feed the birds! the1tabby
Feb 4,24 Roanoke, Virginia Boones Mill Virginia United States Jun 7,24 Short 10 Days Dogs hokiemidwife
Feb 1,24 San Francisco California United States Apr 8,24 Short 11 Days Dogs mousemeyer
Jan 27,24 Suburb Doylestown Pennsylvania United States Aug 3,24 Short 9 Days Dogs, Turtles DoylestownSit
Jan 22,24 Santa cruz California United States Aug 28,24 Micro 6 Days Cats, None nalaluna
Jan 18,24 Phinney Ridge Seattle Washington United States Mar 15,24 Short 11 Days Cats, Two cats RARLaw
Dec 13,23 Italian Market/Bella Vista Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Mar 5,24 Short 7 Days Cats GoCatGo
Nov 29,23 Central orlando Orlando Florida United States May 3,24 Short 11 Days Dogs Burtonsbulldogs