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Posted Location From Term Pets More / Apply
Jul 26,21 Eymoutiers Limoges Limousin france Aug 17,21 Short 14 Days Dogs, Farm Animals arthurjack
Jul 20,21 Rural A Coruña Galicia Spain Aug 7,21 Short 11 Days Cats PinFamily
Jul 12,21 fiesole toscana Italy Jul 30,21 ShortMedium 33 Days Cats, Horses or Ponies bridabianca
Jul 11,21 Ruislip England Jul 28,21 Short 18 Days Cats KatieCalvin
Jul 5,21 Copenhagen NV Copenhagen Denmark Oct 8,21 Short 8 Days Cats Scandisit
Jul 4,21 Bellas Vistas Madrid Spain Aug 12,21 Short 15 Days Cats catsitmadrid
Jun 28,21 Pera Oreinis Nicosia Cyprus Aug 25,21 Short 18 Days Dogs, Cats sarazanna78
Jun 24,21 East Roscommon Rooskey Ireland Sep 1,21 MediumLong 61 Days Dogs, Livestock, Hens MorkyMindy
Jun 15,21 Boca do Rio Budens Algarve Portugal Aug 16,21 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs E208004z
May 29,21 Perivale London England Aug 21,21 Micro 2 days Rabbits HeraLofn
May 14,21 Cittaducale Rieti Lazio Italy Aug 21,21 Short 10 -14days Dogs, Cats, Livestock, Livestock, chickens checkdogs
May 13,21 Village Scansano (GR) Toscana Italy Aug 1,21 Medium 1 month Cats luckymorgana69
May 10,21 City Paris France Jul 30,21 Short 21 Cats sannebcn
May 10,21 Eastcote Greater London England Jul 31,21 Short 2 weeks Dogs, Cats, Rats Thewatkins6
May 4,21 Village Castex Occitanie France Aug 2,21 Long exact dates tbc depending on availability of H S Dogs, Cats SWFranceSitting
Apr 28,21 Am Bock Albrechts Thüringen Germany Apr 1,23 Long 1 Year and 6 Month Dogs, Farm Animals, Goat, Chickens JimmyundSnow2017
Apr 24,21 Bordeaux Reignac Aquitaine France Sep 2,21 Short 1-2 weeks Cats, Horses or Ponies, MUST have experience with horses. Cat needs medication orally twice a day Bordeaux33
Mar 9,21 Chatellerault Thuré Poitou France Nov 1,21 Medium 3 months Dogs VienneChateau
Nov 20,20 Inner City Edinburgh Scotland Aug 3,21 Micro One month Dogs, None Doglover42
Oct 1,20 Forest Vinosady Bratislavsky Slovakia May 1,22 Long 3 - 12 months Dogs, Cats kotegajsi