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Homeowner: paraisopermacultura
Sitter: JMBryce

Recommended housesitters!

Location Jama Manabi Ecuador

Sit Dates Jul-23-23 - Aug-28-23

Jean and Elaine looked after our permaculture farm in Ecuador for five weeks while we went away. On our return we found the dogs happy and healthy, the nursery watered as requested, and the house spick and span. Previous to and during the trip Jean and Elaine were easily contactable, communicative, friendly, and helpful.

Homeowner: Donnakay
Sitter: Wish4750

Extremely caring housesitters

Location Brisbane QLD Australia

Sit Dates Aug-20-23 - Sep-27-23

We can highly recommend Denise and Ian as very caring and reliable housesitters.

Ian and Denise looked after our almost 16 year old dog, Pebbles, whilst we travelled overseas.    We had never left a pet for this length of time and were very torn as to whether we could go on holiday as Pebbles is in her senior years.  Pebbles is on a special diet together with medications and supplements and so we needed someone  who would understand.   Otherwise we would not have travelled.

Ian and Denise were the perfect match for our little Pebbles and made her their priority whilst they enjoyed time in our wonderful location.   

Ian and Denise went over and above where the garden, the house and of course, Pebbles was concerned.

Can highly recommend.

Homeowner: Beau1952
Sitter: joey5030

Wonderful, trustworthy couple

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Sep-5-23 - Sep-26-23

This was our first time using a house sitter. So, we were a bit nervous about leaving our home and dogs in the hands of strangers. When you turn over your keys for 3 weeks, and leave the country...

But we got very lucky. Ron and JoAnn are teriffic people

They were the the best caretakers we could hope for. They arrived the day before our flight left, so we could show them around. We knew immediately they could be trusted.

We can't say enough about Ron & JoAnn. They even hand made treats for our pups!

Five stars. No question.

Sitter: InnocentAbroad
Homeowner: DachsieLover23

Lovely housesit in MA with Tilly and Gustave the funny Dachshunds

Location Norton Massachusetts United States

Sit Dates Sep-11-23 - Sep-26-23

Kristine is an excellent and welcoming homeowner and communicator.  After our 8 plus hours drive to her home she welcomed us with a delicious homecooked meal while young and enthusiastic Gustav and more mature, laid back Tilly checked us out as well as my pup, Fin; Kristine did not at all mind my bringing him with us. 

During our two-week stay we took advantage of Kristine's suggestions of places to walk the pooches and interesting places to explore in and around MA.  Wheaton college was a favorite place to walk as well as two nearby parks/nature reserves.  

Kristine's large, comfortable home is a book lover's dream and her lush and abundant garden an oasis. I particularly enjoyed the Dhalias in bloom which I was able to cut and bring indoors to grace the table.  Her small vegetable garden as well as raspberry bushes also provided us with some treats to add to our meals.  

My travel partner and I highly recommend Kristine.  Just be aware that Tilly, the senior Doxy lady, is smart and beguiling and will try her best to get you to give her extra treats as well as snuggle into bed with you (which we didn't allow but she sleeps just as well in her basket or on the sofa).  Gustav, the younger likes lots of playtime and needs a strong hold on the leash to keep him from chasing chipmunks and squirrels; both love to ride in the car with the window open.  

We had a great time and think you would too.

Sitter: joey5030
Homeowner: Beau1952

Fantastic First Experience

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Sep-5-23 - Sep-26-23

Totally enjoyed meeting home owners. They were friendly and most hospitable. Keeping their home and fur babies was easy peezy. Both dogs were friends and shared all things. Very flexible and fun. Able to take them with us to explore Tucson. Would entertain sitting for them again. Joey5030

Homeowner: Saraspunda
Sitter: NomadPad

Great sitter!

Location San Luis Obispo California United States

Sit Dates Sep-18-23 - Sep-26-23

NomadPad/Danielle cared for my house, garden and cat for 8 days recently and I couldn't be happier with the care she showed for all. The house was spotless, the garden was watered and plants were thriving, and the cat was happy to see me. I couldn't ask for more!

Homeowner: ACC123
Sitter: 2goodsitters

Mike & Lynne were outstanding with our pets

Location Durham North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Sep-1-23 - Sep-17-23

We are so thankfull for the way Mike & Lynne took care of our house and pets. they cleaned everything and were so nice. They took care of our dogs (Daisy & Pug) and cat (Zelda) in an exceptional way. We give them the highest recommendation for any housesitting needs. 

Thanks again,

Allen & Claire-Juliette

Sitter: 2goodsitters
Homeowner: ACC123

Lovely home, great location, very nice people and pets!

Location Durham North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Sep-1-23 - Sep-17-23

Our hosts made us feel very welcome and provided a relaxing and comfortable home in a serene lakefront location.  Very comfortable bed and bedroom for us!  Their orientation was thorough and much appreciated and as a result we had no surprises during our stay.  We enjoyed walks around the neighborhood and lake with their sweet dog.  Their cat was super easy to care for.  We enjoyed the friendly pets, the welcoming neighbors, the beautiful community swimming pool and the excellent restaurants and attractions in the area nearby.  Living on the beautiful lake was like being at a resort! 

Homeowner: ByRVorTrain
Sitter: James6ft3

Above and Beyond- Amazing

Location Washington, DC District of Columbia United States

Sit Dates Sep-7-23 - Sep-23-23

James went above and beyond expectations in taking care of our cat, Domino, and our condo and plants while we were away for two weeks. James was communicative, friendly, and treated our cat like a king. We were able to disconnect from our normal lives and not worry about our cat while we were overseas because we knew Domino was in good hands. Our cat hardly lets anyone pick him up, but he let James do that. James is generous, warm, and wants to do good work, which he does. We would absolutely ask him to take care of Domino, our place, and our plants again! Thanks, James!

Sitter: James6ft3
Homeowner: ByRVorTrain

Superb Domicile, Prime Setting, and Delightful Homeowners

Location Washington, DC District of Columbia United States

Sit Dates Sep-7-23 - Sep-23-23

Katie and Mike are incredibly warm and gracious hosts. They truly excel in making guests feel welcome. Their residence is situated in a splendid high-rise building, providing a private and luxurious ambiance. The rooftop pool and BBQ area add to the charm, offering a relaxing oasis in the heart of Washington, D.C. The location is exceptional, as it's centrally located amid museums, restaurants, and all of Washington's iconic attractions, all within easy walking distance. And, let's not forget Domino, their wonderful kitty, who is the best furry companion you could ever hope for. He'll keep you entertained and shower you with love. I would jump at the chance to sit for Mike and Katie anytime.

Homeowner: OsakaOreo
Sitter: reisekroeten

Theresa and Chris took GREAT care of our garden, home, and cats

Location Toyooka Kansai Japan

Sit Dates Aug-18-23 - Sep-20-23

We could relax on our vacation knowing Theresa and Chris were taking care of things back home. They are very skilled gardeners and turned our overgrown yard into a lovely space with healthy trees and plants. Even though our cats are very nervous around new people they warmed up to Chris and Theresa thanks to their patient and gentle nature. I would highly reccomend them as house and pet sitters!

Sitter: reisekroeten
Homeowner: OsakaOreo

We had such a good time in Toyooka!

Location Toyooka Kansai Japan

Sit Dates Aug-18-23 - Sep-20-23

Karissa & Alberto are outstanding hosts! They picked us up at the train station and we spent more than one week together to get to know each other, the Japanese culture as well as the beautiful natural surrounding.

Kiki & Tanu, the two cute tabby cats, are quite shy and got used to us after some time. They are easy going and love to be brushed and to play, especially in the late evening. We already miss them!

They live in a traditional and spacious Japanese house with all amenities you could wish for. We were happy to use their e-bikes for cycling around the area, which is a great activity by the way to explore Toyooka.

We really fell in love with rural Japan and the Japanese lifestyle whilst our stay. So all in all, we would return any time and do definitely recommend this house sit!

Thank you, Karissa & Alberto!

Homeowner: Shosford1
Sitter: LGPhilip

Lindy &Ben did a great job of caring for our home, plants and 2 cats, especially!

Location San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Sit Dates Aug-27-23 - Sep-20-23

We really appreciated Lindy & Ben's care of our home and 2 cats.  I think our cats were sorry to see them go!

L & B kept all of our newly planted trees, bushes, ground cover alive through hot days. They kept the house very clean and took extra effort to make our homecoming comfortable.  We missed our cats but I don't think they missed us:)

We highly recommend this lovely couple as house/pet sitters.

Shannon & Jean Paul

Sitter: PlantForward
Homeowner: Mariellec

Garden Paradise in PNW

Location Olympia Washington United States

Sit Dates May-15-23 - Sep-1-23

We had such an amazing stay in Olympia with Olive at Mary's house. Such an idyllic setting in a cul-de-sac with a peaceful garden and waterfall pool. Spent hours on the deck during the summer in quiet solitude. Olive is the sweetest old lady cat. She has a cat door and comes and goes at her leisure. One of the lowest maintenance pets we've ever cared for. Mary was gone for long periods of times but was in constant communication with us and we were happy to see her when she stopped by. Such a perfect stay, we are really considering settling down in Olympia when the time is right. Thanks Mary!

Sitter: Aikmanfan58501
Homeowner: janetschn

Great stay

Location Abita Springs Louisiana United States

Sit Dates Jun-6-23 - Jul-12-23

Watched two dogs and a cat. Loved staying at the home. Loved the animals. Loved the area. Great host. Would definitely return again. Janet provided all kinds of information and stayed in contact with me. All of her pets were very friendly and easy to care for. It was a great area to explore. I hope she'd consider having me back.

Sitter: CommsNomad2022
Homeowner: lifeisgood100093

Amazing Home With Wonderful Pets In Santa Fe

Location Punta Gorda Florida United States

Sit Dates Mar-2-23 - Mar-12-23

Grace and Brian's residence in Santa Fe truly captured our attention from the outset. While our usual preference leans towards month-long house sits, the pictures of their property convinced us to book a shorter, 2-week stay. And we were very happier about that decision. The architecture and panoramic views from all angles of the house were genuinely commendable, reminiscent of a premium AirBnB listing.

Situated in a gated community, the house provides the perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility. Despite its remote surroundings, it's just a short drive to downtown Santa Fe.

Our stay was further enhanced by the delightful pets we had the pleasure of caring for. Spencer, the standard poodle, is a sheer joy, always eager to play fetch and be a comforting presence. The feline duo added their own unique charm – Pandora, the affectionate Ragdoll, who'd just melt into your arms, and Percy, the quirky Maine Coon with his endearing antics and love for cuddles.

One of the unique experiences of the house's location, especially for someone from the East Coast like myself, was hearing the coyote packs in the evenings. Although it made nighttime walks with Spencer a tad more adventurous, it was truly an experience to remember.

Last, but certainly not least, working with Grace and Brian was smooth and straightforward. Their clear instructions made our stay hassle-free, and they were always available for any questions. We would gladly house sit for them again and recommend their home to fellow sitters.

Homeowner: SunGolfSea
Sitter: wulfdr

Wulf did a great job looking after our cat, Syd.

Location Casares Malaga Spain

Sit Dates Jul-31-23 - Sep-7-23

Wulf stayed at our apartment in Spain to look after our elderly cat, Syd.  He communicated well with us before he came to stay and while he was cat sitting.  He was very caring towards Syd who is quite timid and he looked after the apartment well.  He was happy to ask questions and let us know what was going on while we were away.   We had some unexpected work done at the apartment and he was flexible about people arriving and working in the apartment.

We would recommend Wulf as a reliable and kind pet sitter.

Sylvia & Bob

Homeowner: techshark
Sitter: MrPetLover

Best Housesitters

Location San Diego California United States

Sit Dates Jul-27-23 - Aug-11-23

Ron and Judy were probably our best housesitters ever.  Not only are they great people but they are amazingly competent.  They calmly prepared our house for a hurricane and were unfazed by its arrival and exit.  They kept us informed about the house and the dogs.  When we arrived home, the dogs had clearly been much loved and walked very regularly (more than we do actually).  They dealt with two with eye infections which were cured when we arrived home.  The house was cleaner than when we left despite us having a fantastic cleaning person.  We look forward to having Ron and Judy come back next summer.  

Homeowner: techshark
Sitter: buskabond

Excellent Housesitter

Location San Diego California United States

Sit Dates Jul-3-23 - Jul-29-23

Francis was an excellent housesitter.  He took great care of the dogs and the house even the VERY old forever foster we had at the time.  He kept us informed and sent us photos regularly.  The dogs had clearly been well taken care of when we came home.   The house was immaculate.  I would definately recommend Francis and would again invite him to housesit for us.

Sitter: TravelingWriter
Homeowner: Alaska13

Wonderful Pets, Wonderful Location, Wonderful Family

Location Basel Switzerland

Sit Dates Mar-1-23 - Jun-9-23

I really enjoyed my time staying with Alaska, Raven, and Ash. 

The apartment is directly on the Rhine River and about a ten-minute walk from the Old Town. If the weather is warm, you can go swimming in the Rhine right out the door. It makes walks with Alaska extra nice and so many walking by know her. There's a dog park about 20 minutes away and, if the weather is nice and you want to walk further, there's a forest she can run in and a smaller river she can go swim in. She LOVES her bones.

She's very well trained and is such a good girl. The best part...she's trained not to lick so, in the morning, when you come out of the bedroom, she's very excited to see you and, in order to keep her tongue in her mouth, she gives you a big smile, teeth and all. I miss my morning smiles now. 

Raven and Ash are lovely, indoor/outdoor cats. Raven took a bit of time to get comfortable with a sitter and liked to stay out into the night, at first. There is an automatic cat door that opens at a certain time. Both cats chips are programmed to it so it's easier to know when they come and go. And they're automatic cat feed only needs to be refilled every four days. And the diaper genie-type kitty litter disposal is the best.

The apartment isn't large but is quite comfortable. And the owners cook so they have all the supplies. Big thanks to Steph, AJ, and Ayleah (as well as the furry threesome for the opportunity to spend time in Basel. I'd 100% be happy to return.

Sitter: wulfdr
Homeowner: SunGolfSea

House- and Catsitting like being on vacation

Location Casares Malaga Spain

Sit Dates Aug-1-23 - Sep-7-23

Yes, it was like being on vacation. A very well-maintained apartment complex with a swimming pool. Sylvia and Bob's apartment is on the ground floor and has a small garden. It is very clean and well equipped. Sylvia picked me up from the bus terminal by car on the first day (Bob was out of town, so unfortunately I didn't know him). She then drove me twice to Lidl and Mercadona to go shopping for the following weeks. So I had a supply first, because the complex is a bit inland and has no grocery stores nearby.
The little cat Syd is a bit shy and took a few days to gain a little confidence, but later she let me pet and brush her. Otherwise she is very inconspicuous and also very well-behaved, she doesn't do anything "stupid things" at all, I don't had much work to do with her.
I really enjoyed my time in Casares, even though it was very hot in the first few weeks. I was in contact with Sylvia via WhatsApp the entire time and was able to clarify various things with her immediately. Everything went really smoothly, I would do it again.

Wulf-Dietrich Reimer

Sitter: LibraLiterati
Homeowner: PhiladelphiaHouseSit

A Wonderful 3-Week Sit for an Affectionate Cat

Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States

Sit Dates Jul-31-23 - Aug-20-23

Great, generous hosts who answer any questions, everything being reasonably accessible, and a very loving pet to care for add up to a great house sit! Center City Philly is a great area for housesitting since CVS and small grocery stores (as well as well-known museums and historical sites) are within walking distance.  

Care directions were straightforward, and the apartment (with a guest room) is a nice, cozy space.   Highly recommended.   

Homeowner: Frisco27
Sitter: ThisIsUs

Great Housesitters and cat lovers

Location Pawleys Island South Carolina United States

Sit Dates Aug-1-23 - Sep-6-23

John & Lynda were excellent house and pet sitters.  Frisco, our cat showed me that when we came home and Frisco went straight to Lynda when she woke up. They were excellent communicators and sent us photos regularly. They graciously picked us up at 9 pm at night and had food prepared for us when we got home. Our home was neat and cleaned when we returned.  We've already asked them to return next year.  I would highly recommend them.

Janice & Bill

Sitter: ThisIsUs
Homeowner: Frisco27

Great Housesit!

Location Pawleys Island South Carolina United States

Sit Dates Jul-31-23 - Sep-7-23

We had a great time Housesitting for Janice and Bill.  They are both very genuine and caring people.  We arrived a day early and they not only showed us everything we needed to know around the house, but took us on a tour of the town and gave us a lot of insider information to make the most of our stay.  Additionally, they put together a comprehensive welcome guide with all the information a sitter would need.  Their home is very comfortable with every  convenience and the neighborhood is very walkable.  Also, it is a very short drive to many great restaurants and beautiful beaches.  However, the best part of the trip was caring for sweet Frisco!  She is a delight, very intelligent, playful, yet laid-back.  We miss her already and hope to have an opportunity to sit with her again.

Homeowner: Alaska13
Sitter: sujoval

Housesit in Basel from 01 June to 23 Aug 2023

Location Basel Switzerland

Sit Dates Jun-1-23 - Aug-23-23

Susan & Bill are well travelled, kind, caring and highly reliable house sitters with many years of experience, and we can highly recommend their services.

Susan was a prompt communicator from the moment she reached out to apply for our housesit in Basel, Switzerland. Susan & Bill arrived a day earlier so that our daughter could introduce them to our dog, Alaska, and our 2 cats, Ash and Raven, as well as showing them different spots to walk Alaska and to demonstrate the feeding routines and the apartment appliances.

While we were away for nearly 3 months, Susan and I communicated frequently via WhatsApp. I checked in with her occasionally, and she shared photos of our pets and reached out early if she had any issues (e.g. dry dog food running out sooner than expected). She also sent photos of our postal mail to make sure nothing required action.

Alaska was spoiled by them while were away, swimming in the river and coming home absolutely exhausted. Susan & Bill even took Alaska to Germany upon my request to avoid the Swiss National Day fireworks happening right outside our apartment. When one of our cats mysteriously disappeared for 12 days, Susan & Bill did everything they could, putting up missing cat posters, knocking on neighbors' doors, roaming the streets and next door gardens trying to lure him out with food. He eventually returned by himself and we were all so relieved!

Our apartment and plants were also well taken care of during our absence and Susan & Bill left everything in working order and clean.

Susan & Bill stayed a day longer so that we could see each other before their departure to tell us stories of their experiences while we were away.

We would definitely love to have them back if they ever want to visit Basel again!

Sitter: sujoval
Homeowner: Alaska13

Great sit…100% recommend

Location Basel Switzerland

Sit Dates Jun-1-23 - Aug-23-23

An unforgettable experience!  First, Alaska, the dog, is a well trained, smart, energetic, fun and easy dog to look after. She became our pal. The cats, Ash and Raven, are beautiful and warm. They love to be brushed and have a great set up.

The location couldn't be better. You can walk the town, walk to public transport, and bike to Germany and France. Apartment is on the Rhine and always bustling. We could go on and on.

The owners are gracious, warm and friendly. We didn't have much time with them but would definitely do this sit again.

Homeowner: ColoradoMountainJoy
Sitter: FitBrit66

Awesome Housesitter

Location Albuquerque New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Jul-7-23 - Jul-23-23

Sheila was such a great house sitter. Our pets loved her and her dog Minty. I felt so relieved not to have to worry about things while gone.

We came back to a clean house & yard, and relaxed & happy pets.

 We highly recommend Sheila!

Sitter: FitBrit66
Homeowner: mtnprosp36

Best sit ever!

Location Albuquerque New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Jun-8-23 - Jul-7-23

Judy has a lovely home with miles of hiking trails right out the front door. Her house is so well appointed and has really good energy. The hot tub was certainly appreciated after long mountain walks. I felt like I should be paying to stay there!

Romeo is a very cool big dog with a playful attitude and sense of humor. He and my dog quickly became best friends...We miss him.

It was a delightful sit/house/pet/hostess. 100% recommended!


Sitter: FitBrit66
Homeowner: ColoradoMountainJoy

Most enjoyable sit!

Location Albuquerque New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Jul-7-23 - Jul-23-23

A lovely home and garden ( I enjoyed the hot tub ) in a great location, only a few minutes walk to the hiking trails of the Sandia foothills. Also a neighborhood park right around the corner.

Calypso is an affectionate, well behaved dog. Always ready to play or go for walks. Well socialized and friendly towards other dogs. I had my dog along and they were best buddies in no time. Merlin, the black cat, is a cool cat. Just make sure the back patio door is tightly closed as he somehow knows how to get it open. It's a heavy door and he has little paws but he has a ton of perseverance. 

Finally, the mattress I slept on was probably the most comfortable I've ever used. 


Homeowner: DewDropInn
Sitter: RetiredHippies

Rural Housesit

Location Bedford Virginia United States

Sit Dates Aug-22-23 - Sep-5-23

We live in rural Virginia on 22 acres and were fortunate to be able to have the RetiredHippies housesit for us on a recent trip.  The communication was great even with an original large time difference. They took good care of our property and our neglected flowers looked better on our return than when we left! They were even able to fix a couple of electrical issues we had.  We also have a challenging rescue dog that was not supposed to be a part of the original housesit but they opened their arms to our little misfit even after she snuck in a hurtful nip at their legs! Their little Fifl was perfect with our “grumpy old lady of a dog” playing with her when she wanted and respecting her boundaries when she didn’t.

Unfortunately, our trip had to be cut in half due to covid and they were gracious and understanding when we had to cancel our vacation and return home early.  We hope to use them again for future trips and highly recommend them.