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Sitter: Vic2022
Homeowner: Srebb722

Beautiful clean house in a lovely area

Location London South East England

Sit Dates May-31-22 - Jun-5-22

2 easy and friendly pretty cats.

The owner Sarah is a wonderful human being.  I met her through my first host on this site and advised her to register. I cat-sitted for her. It was great. Unlimited WiFi, TV, etc. 

Much thanks 

Sitter: Footloose16
Homeowner: VintageVallejo

Sweet, sweet dogs and good memories!

Location Vallejo California United States

Sit Dates Jun-21-22 - Jul-20-22

Modest, older but cozy home; great garden; Oliver and Tucker well trained, super company and oh so sweet; one mean squirrel who made it his life's mission to taunt and torment the dogs; wonderful neighbors - loved the weekly Happy Hour! I was honored to be the first sitter from Housecarers for Rebekah and Dan and it was exceptional!

Homeowner: VintageVallejo
Sitter: Footloose16

Jean's the best!

Location Vallejo California United States

Sit Dates Jun-22-22 - Jul-20-22

This was our first experience with a HouseCarers housesitter. Jean was excellent, taking care of our home, garden, and two big dogs for a month. She communicated proactively from the get-go and sent us cheerful updates during her stay. She is flexible, conscientious, thoughtful, friendly, easy going, thorough. Not only did she take good care of our garden and indoor plants and lavish love and activity on our dogs, she befriended our neighbors, left our home clean and tidy, and even stocked our fridge with groceries for breakfast. We had a great experience with Jean!

Homeowner: douglasfur
Sitter: Dizzycat

Excellent Care

Location Portland Oregon United States

Sit Dates Jul-10-22 - Jul-20-22

Cindy took excellent care of my dog, watered all my plants and left the house way neater and cleaner than I left it. Just did a great job; it was a great pleasure to have her here.

Sitter: nowourtime
Homeowner: pharmatheatre

Looking forward to returning !

Location Brisbane QLD Australia

Sit Dates Jul-1-22 - Jul-17-22

We recently completed a 2-week house-sit for Phil and Phil, Shadow (Belgian Shepherd), Tana and Socks (cats), and associated fish and orchids. The house at up-market Reedy Creek, on the Gold Coast, is comfortable, modern and well-maintained, with the customary inclusions essential to modern life (excellent Wifi, several TVs (including a really nice HD large screen in the media room), modern washing machine, etc). 

Shadow is a very intelligent, energetic, large dog, who loves to interact with humans, and enjoys extended daily exercise periods (weather permitting). He's excellent with his walking and toilet habits, having been very well trained, while any minders must be ready to go out with him for dawn and dusk toilet walks, as well as a midday exercise run at either the local off-leash beach, or the dog-park 5 minutes' walk away. 

The cats are also low maintenance—but will let you know if you're late with their breakfast or dinner! There is a fine external cat run available for them at the rear of the house, to ensure they aren't out hunting the local wildlife at night, and they spent most of their time either outside or snoozing.

Reedy Creek is a hilly, modern suburb, with all conveniences (shops, beach, golf courses (The Glades is 10 minutes' away), railway station, M1 highway) nearby. While we didn't explore bus options, we noted nearby stops—and that a short car ride was all that was needed for any excursion. Shadow was excellent in the car, with no sickness or barking, and enjoyed his outings.

Overall, we'll happily return to Phil and Phil's at Reedy Creek, whenever required and available, and get back together with Shadow, Tana and Socks, the fish, the orchids, and so on.     

Homeowner: Bearfoot
Sitter: House2Pets2Plants

Wonderful care for my dog!

Location Blind Bay British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jul-16-22 - Jul-20-22

Colleen was able to help me out on very short notice and took care of my Sheltie Lexie as if she were her own.  I can always tell how things went when I come home, and Lexie was totally not stressed -- even though there had been a thunderstorm one night.  Colleen sent me pictures and kept me updated the whole time I was gone.  Lexie obviously had a grand time.  I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone looking for a caring and reliable sitter.  Can't thank her enough!

Homeowner: biamac
Sitter: caribeso

Tomas went beyond expectations

Location El Sobrante California United States

Sit Dates Jun-25-22 - Jul-17-22

We so much appreciated Tomas' care for our pets and our house. He sought out adventure (hikes) with our dog and enjoyed his time in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was flexible and helpful with last minute car trouble, and asked supportive and clarifying questions about his responsibilities. He was knowledgable about house, garden, and pet care. We highly recommend Tomas for your needs.

Sitter: ASLadventurers2
Homeowner: Gypsymaman

House Pet Care in Langkawi, Malaysia

Location Langkawi Langkawi Malaysia

Sit Dates May-28-22 - Jul-16-22

The house is a unique living space situated right on the ocean for lovely morning and evening walks with the two dogs. There is daily work that needs to be done to keep the yard clear of debris due to rain and wind. There is a house pool that provdes relief from the heat and humidity. Like Hawaii it can rain and then the sun comes out. The owners communicate well during their absence. The dogs are fun to walk. Good excerise for for the dogs and us! Located very close to town and 20 minutes from Kuah, the largest city on the Island.

Homeowner: pharmatheatre
Sitter: nowourtime

Highly recommended as perfect housekeepers and pet carers

Location Brisbane QLD Australia

Sit Dates Jul-1-22 - Jul-17-22

Not only do I recommend Tina and Mike, but I would definitely jump at the chance of having them house-sit again for us. From the first contact, we got a warm, genuine feeling from Tina and Mike, that we were immediately happy to have them look after our house, complete with two cats and a dog. Their communication in the months leading up to the house-sit was positive and offered all reassurances of their commitment.

Although I’d put together a thorough set of instructions, their additional questions conveyed a thoughtfulness in how they approached the house sit. While we were away, we received plenty of photos to demonstrate how well the animals were being looked after and any issues / questions were promptly raised.

When we returned, the house was spotless, as we expected it would be, but additionally, other little jobs had been completed like an oven clean, pressure cleaning of the garden tiles and even dinner had been cooked so we didn’t have to worry about that when dealing with bad jet-lag. Thanks for being great sitters.

Sitter: Tahoe_Trails
Homeowner: mountainarea

A lovely Story

Location Story Wyoming United States

Sit Dates Sep-25-21 - May-16-22

If you like life very quiet and slow, then consider Mel's place in Story, WY. His is a large and lovely place in the tall trees of the Big Horn Mountains. There was almost zero care required for the yard during my stay and shoveling snow was the only significant task required outside the house. During my nearly 8 month stay, Mel required that I pay for all utilities except for propane which he paid most of. We signed an agreement of expectations when I arrived, then I mostly didn't hear from him until he returned (unless I had a question). While there I completed some woodworking projects in his very spacious but unheated garage. I recommend this house sit for the right person.

Sitter: Tahoe_Trails
Homeowner: Kabuki12

Salida, Judy, and Kabuki were all perfect

Location Salida Colorado United States

Sit Dates May-28-22 - Jul-9-22

Judy was a delight to work with. She was understanding, accommodating, and very kind. She communicated often and clearly. Her primary concern was the care of her 2.5 year old, large, very energetic dog, Kabuki. Kabuki hiked, biked, swam, and chased countless balls and sticks during our six weeks together. Although he doesn't mind well, he wants to stay close to you and he is kind to other people and dogs. Figure on at least a couple hours a day exercising Kabuki.

Judy's house is well cared for and comfortable. Her yard is full of native wildflowers and summertime watering is done by hand. The neighborhood is quiet but downtown is about a mile away. There are lots of festivals and events happening in Salida and many dining and drinking opportunities. 

Trails are immediately adjacent to the city and easily accessed from the house by bike. Then there's the high country around Monarch Pass with countless hiking, biking and camping opportunities. 

Sitter: caribeso
Homeowner: biamac

Nice big house in East Bay, nice pets, friendly owners

Location El Sobrante California United States

Sit Dates Jun-26-22 - Jul-17-22

I totally enjoyed my stay at Mary and Joel's home in the East Bay. It is in a remote suburb, so a car is necessary to get to public transportation, but they were kind enough to lend me a car. I got there early, so it was fun to meet the family and acquaint myself with the house and animals. Guido is a lovable, quirky, energetic dog, and we went on a major hike most days, either up in the Regional Parks of East Bay, or a few times into Marin County. And the cats, once they warm up to you, are very affectionate. Of course, I don't need to say how wonderful the whole San Francisco Bay area is, with so much to see and do. If you end up doing a sit for them, I am sure you will like the family and pets, and have a great time.

Homeowner: Kabuki12
Sitter: Tahoe_Trails

I’m so very thankful for Scott! He took care of my house, garden, indoor plants and most important, my 80# dog, Buki!

Location Salida Colorado United States

Sit Dates May-27-22 - Jul-9-22

I was looking for someone who was mature, flexible and who wasn't afraid of a challenge. It's always difficult to get ready for a long trip, making sure you've got everything in order and ready to go on the home front as well as the travel plans. Scott came a day early and was willing to help with my last minute packing, learn the house secrets as well as where Buki takes his morning walks. 

Scott has dog training experience and Buki now "heels" by my side and no longer sleeps with me!  I can actually get a good nights sleep! I was concerned about leaving for such a long period of time if Buki would have anxiety whenever I left home. Scott took him on hikes, bike rides and for swims in our local lake. I know Buki enjoyed his time with Scott by the way he would wag his tail and nuzzle him. It has been a good experience for Buki he seems to appreciate me more and also has another human friend whose important to him.

My house was spotless when I came home. My indoor plants and garden all thriving.

I can't say enough good things about Scott.

Homeowner: KittyMomma
Sitter: LuggageOnly

Just right

Location Beaufort North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Feb-25-22 - Mar-5-22

Linda was just right. She was calm and collected around Oscar so he felt comfortable. She was energetic enough to get out and visit some of the sights around us. She enjoyed using the kitchen to cook, and she soaked up the quiet sights and sounds of nature to rest from her very busy working life.

Linda was also a great communicator and did everything according to plan. She was also verified in every way! Since this was my first experience with Housecarers, that was all extremely important. The house was immaculate when we returned, and Oscar seemed to be his sweet old self.

So all in all, Linda was just right, and we would still like to get her to drag her away from her very busy schedule to come back! She's great!

Sitter: sujoval
Homeowner: KittyMomma

One of our favs!

Location Beaufort North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Jul-8-22 - Jul-15-22

Where to begin...we arrived to a homemade lunch and fresh flowers from their garden! The views will make you just want to stay. I officially have kitchen envy! Flo and Joe are lively, active and have a wonderful place on the ICW . I felt inspired constantly! 

About 15 miles to the waterfront area in Downtown Beaufort and Morehead City. Harkers island is close where you can catch the ferry to more outer banks. Fort Macon has a lovely beach and is beautiful.  

Oscar the cat warms up quickly, is sweet and easy to care for.

Watching boats and birds all day is entertainment enough if you're at the house. And then sun sets in front of you every night!  We would sit for them again!

Communication was easy and responsive.

Susan and Bill

Homeowner: embee60
Sitter: caribeso

June 2022, Victoria BC, Canada

Location Victoria British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jun-2-22 - Jun-21-22

Tomas was wonderful and did a wonderful job looking after our dog and birds. He took great care of our place and when we came home the house was neat and tidy, the lawn mowed.                                                                            And all of our (according to him insane amount) of houseplants lived!!!                                                                  The best part was that he kept in touch while we were gone and we never had any doubts that all was well.               marie and stephen

Homeowner: KittyMomma
Sitter: sujoval

The Puuuurrrr-fect Housesitters!

Location Beaufort North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Jul-8-22 - Jul-15-22

Bill and Susan did a wonderful job taking care of our home and our scaredy cat Oscar. Susan was an excellent communicator from the time of our agreement in April all the way thru to our post sit followup. She was especially great with reassuring photos and videos of Oscar while we were gone. That was really important to me.

Bill- "the question man"- made sure he knew all the details and put them on the computer just in case. I really liked that, too.

I think they had a good time in spite of the rain, and I know Oscar was very comfortable. My house was sparkling clean when we got home, and Susan even left a drawing and a painting she had done that was inspired by our special spot. Fantastic!

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a caring and fun couple to love on their animals and take good care of their home. I sure hope to have them back, too!

Homeowner: limonadam
Sitter: FlyingChris

Lovely, kind, & caring

Location London England

Sit Dates Jun-21-22 - Jul-6-22

Chris stayed for two weeks to look after our cat, Mouse. From the get-go, she was communicative, clear, friendly, and had a great sense of humour.

Throughout the sit, she impeccably looked after our flat and sent us regular updates and photos of how things were going. Mouse got on with her quite well. Within minutes of us leaving for the airport, we got a selfie with her sitting on Chris' lap, purring away. That helped us start off our trip with calm peace of mind. That just continued for the two weeks we were away.

We'd definitely have Chris back. She was responsible and kind. Please don't hesitate to book her if she's available to stay at your place and look after your pets.

Sitter: FlyingChris
Homeowner: limonadam

The purrfect housesit

Location London England

Sit Dates Jun-21-22 - Jul-6-22

I so enjoyed caring for Adam and Rupert's cat, Mouse, this summer.

Communication was crystal clear before, during and following my stay. Owners couldn't have been sweeter or more supportive and the same applies to Mouse.

The location was perfect for exploring London - close, well-connected by bus and tube, safe and surrounded by lovely parks, gardens and, of course, Portobello and Golborne Road markets plus local stores and supermarkets.

The only complaint I have is that I miss being there (and Mouse). Simply can't recommend this "sit" too highly!

Homeowner: Jakupcak
Sitter: cz2day

Excellent couple

Location Missoula Montana United States

Sit Dates Jul-1-22 - Jul-6-22

Rick and Linda are marvelous people. They provided wonderful care for our Mastiff and kept our home with care and attention to detail. They even provided us with a 'welcome home' supper upon our return. They serenaded our Lily with a duet and gave her great attention and love. Lily typically fawns over me after an absence. This time she welcomed me but kept her eye on Rick and Linda hoping they would stay on as well.

They are kind and generous and if you are lucky enough to have them come to your home, you will be amazed at what they provide.

Sitter: caribeso
Homeowner: embee60

Wonderful house in wonderful town

Location Victoria British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jun-3-22 - Jun-23-22

Marie and Steve are the greatest people, and we are still friends and communicate regularly. Their quaint home is in a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful parks close by. The location is in a good place for public transport, or using the bikes they offer for use. Trixie is getting old, but still is fun to take walks with, and the birds are very low maintenance. If you have never gotten to know Victoria well, I highly recommend doing a sit for them. It is a beautiful and fragrant city.


Homeowner: Henryb65
Sitter: Coletter11

A really lovely, friendly couple. 10/10

Location Uzer Occitanie France

Sit Dates May-25-22 - Jun-27-22

One of the best couples we've had as house sitters. Kept us up to date on everything. But above all a really lovely, friendly couple and very responsible too. Zoe our Golden Retriever fell in love with Collette as did our cat Titty. The love was reciprocated.

Will have them back any time, even if we aren't going away!!

Henry and Anne-Marie

Homeowner: UpstateArts
Sitter: globetrotter67

Pierre was a wonderful dog/house sitter!

Location Syracuse New York United States

Sit Dates Jun-4-22 - Jun-26-22

Pierre was a wonderful dog/house sitter! He spent three weeks at my home in Upstate NY while I was away on a business trip. He took my high energy dog to the park everyday (sometimes 2x a day) and often sent me photos to keep me updated on how he was doing. He treated my home like his own and took great care of the house and garden. Watering and mowing the lawn as needed, he also took care of the mail, recycling, and garbage and even helped me to resolve a small issue that came up with the alarm. He is a thoughtful and trustworthy sitter who you can rest easy having in your home. When I returned home everything was clean and in good working order. I highly recommend him!  

Sitter: docrbud
Homeowner: ErieHousesit

Dream Pet Sit

Location Erie Colorado United States

Sit Dates May-3-22 - Jun-9-22

Robert and Rachel were so kind and generous.  The sit felt more like staying at a good friends home.  And their home was beautiful, huge, very clean and had great views of the mountains.  The best part was Molly, their little dog.  She was so sweet and cute.  We loved her so much that we really wanted to sleep with her but she preferred her own crate.  Communication was excellent before and during the sit.  I wish all our sits were this great.

Sitter: 2iscompany2
Homeowner: Reba_Tug_Gus

What a lovely sit, the location and house is wonderful, great pets, and Doug and Janet were so welcoming!

Location Heriot Bay British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jun-13-22 - Jun-20-22

Doug and Janet gave us such a warm welcome, we felt we had known them for years instead of a few hours. Our stay in their lovely home with expansive views of the Inside Passage was a real treat, especially as we watched the very-active marine traffic, including the cruise ships gliding silently by on their way to and from Alaska. 
Their elderly dogs, Reba and Tug were a real pleasure to look after. They are loving and so easy to care for. Gus, the cat, is a bit more elusive but did come from time to time for some love.

All in all, this was a great house/pet sit and we would not hesitate to accept if Doug and Janet ever feel the need for another vacation! 

Homeowner: ErieHousesit
Sitter: docrbud

You Won't Be Disappointed!

Location Erie Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jun-4-22 - Jun-9-22

Jeff and Elaine are amazing house sitters! Our dog, Molly, was so happy and our home was so loved and taken care of while we were gone. They felt like family when they arrived and they love what they do...traveling and caring for others through house sits. You will not be disappointed by having them as house sitters, in fact, you will find out they quickly become friends. 

Homeowner: mcgrufus
Sitter: docrbud

Wonderful Pet Sitters

Location Arlington Texas United States

Sit Dates Apr-7-22 - May-10-22

We were very pleased with Elaine and Jeff's month-long pet sit for our dog and cat.  Communication was excellent before and during the sit.  They sent periodic updates and photos of our fur babies.  They regularly played with our dog and even fed our fussy cat by hand to encourage him to eat.  They also gave the cat, who is elderly, his daily medication.  Both pets were happy and unstressed when we returned home, which was a huge relief to us. 

In addition, we have an in-ground swimming pool that requires regular cleaning and chemical adjustments, due to an abundance of surrounding trees, but it was sparkling up our return.  Part of the pool cleaner broke and they had it repaired at their own expense.  We also have a number of potted plants and new grass that needed frequent watering and tender care.  They were thriving upon our return.

The house was in good order and clean when we got home and they even left us homemade Thai food so we didn't have to cook upon arrival.  Our utility bills were surprisingly low for the month we were gone.

In summary, we could not have had a better experience than we had with Elaine and Jeff.  We highly recommend them to care for your pets and your home.

Sitter: Coletter11
Homeowner: Henryb65

The perfect sit

Location Uzer Occitanie France

Sit Dates May-18-22 - Jun-15-22

It doesn't get any better than this.  Zoe is a personable and friendly companion who knows all the best walks in the area and really enjoys going past to say hello to her mates.  Titty is a joy in the morning when she can't wait for you to sit down with a cuppa so she can get on your lap and get some cuddles.  The horses are both friendly and easy to manage.  The vegetable garden is bountiful and the courtyard garden cool and inviting.  Henry and Anne-Marie are the perfect hosts, friendly and welcoming while also providing great information to make the sit as comfortable and easy as possible.  It's a great location to explore the Pyrenees and a wonderful house to simply sit and enjoy with lovely companions.

Homeowner: Txcatpeople
Sitter: bfgood2willsit4u

Bobbie & Fred were great sitters

Location San Antonio Texas United States

Sit Dates May-19-22 - Jun-9-22

Our 2 cats received lots of love & attention & probably more play time than we give them.  We received photos & updates on their antics.  Even our skittish Bailey let his guard down for them.  We came home to a clean apartment & no laundry needing to be done.  They are a delightful couple who have led interesting lives.  We highly recommend them to take care of your pets & home & we now consider them our friends.