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Sitter: Fitzrex
Homeowner: ExploretheBRP

Idyllic Mountain-side Setting

Location Linville North Carolina United States

Sit Dates May-30-23 - Jun-18-23

An absolutely astoundingly beautiful location caring for 2 good-natured, active pups was a highlight for me as a Housecarer and my husband, a golfer. 

Julie & Chuck are kind and gracious hosts, ensuring we had everything we needed before they set off on their adventure. We are appreciative of their trust and highly recommend them, their lovely home & sweet dogs to other Housecarer applicants. 

Homeowner: CityPark
Sitter: Astara123

Cherie took exceptional care of our house and garden

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates May-26-23 - Jul-11-23

We put our home in Cherie's hands for 6 weeks, and were so happy we did. She tended my courtyard garden wonderfully. It was in its prime when we returned. Our house was immaculate. We have no pets, but I would bet she is a splendid pet sitter as she is courteous, mature, good-humored and warm. We would highly recommend Cherie and hope we have occasion to work with her in the future.

Homeowner: rosiejim1
Sitter: Pet_Lady

Superb Housesitters

Location LANGONNET Morbihan France

Sit Dates Jun-30-23 - Jul-14-23

We are so pleased with the superb house sitting service that Roger & Michelle provided during their stay.

From the moment they contacted us they were professional and friendly and we had 100% confidence in leaving our dogs in their care.  They sent photos to us and gave regular updates of how our pets were.

Our dogs loved them and they are so happy, calm and content on our return home. This is an indication of how well looked after they have been. 
Our house was also impeccably looked after. 

We would highly recommend them and we would personally like to thank them for everything they have done 

Les & Julie KAYE


Sitter: WaznSue
Homeowner: connorme

Great Host, Lovely Sit.

Location SOUTH JORDAN Utah United States

Sit Dates Apr-26-23 - May-3-23

Mary Ellen was a welcoming host, very friendly and helpful to our needs. She provided us with detailed instructions for our stay and provided us with useful tips and advice for our travel plans after the sit.

Mary Ellen's house was comfortable and in a great location, with beautiful mountain views to both the east and west. Pepper was a lovely and well behaved dog and we really enjoyed our interactions with him.

We found Mary Ellen to be an ideal host and highly recommend this housesit.

Homeowner: connorme
Sitter: JKSquared

Treated my home and my pup as their own

Location SOUTH JORDAN Utah United States

Sit Dates Jun-21-23 - Jul-3-23

Jeff and Judy were superlative in every way. They loved my dog who had lost his "brother" in the past two months and needed some unusual services. They left my house looking like it was in a magazine for Good Housekeeping. They were communicative and sent me pics so I would not worry.

You will be very lucky to have them!

Sitter: JKSquared
Homeowner: connorme

Wonderful country like setting in the city of South Jordan, Utah.

Location SOUTH JORDAN Utah United States

Sit Dates Jun-20-23 - Jul-3-23

Mary Ellen was very organized and had all information concerning housesit and care of Pepper recorded for us.  Also, suggestions on restaurants, local TRAX rail transportation and tipped us off to an ArtFest in downtown Salt Lake City, which was great fun! And, now we have new art to remind us of our first housesit!

Great views of the Wasatch mountain range to the east and the Oquirrh range to the west.  We visited the horses: Pedro, Skip, Krash, Coyote and Bandit.  They loved the apples and carrots for treats!  

We fell in love with Pepper, a beautiful Australian Shepherd.  He was chill, very well behaved and loved hanging out with us.  Lots of tosses of toys and cuddles.

Sitter: cazziewest2912
Homeowner: zipper7

Albert & chiltern

Location Wodonga VIC Australia

Sit Dates Feb-3-23 - Feb-26-23

We enjoyed house sitting Micks house & Albert. The house is very close to this small town and we loved walking  Albert each day. Chiltern is handy to explore other towns also. 

Homeowner: TanzaniaBound
Sitter: DanceMama

Ruth was a caring, responsible and responsive housesitter.

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates Jun-6-23 - Jun-27-23

I would highly recommend Ruth as a housesitter for your pets -- I would have no hesitation having her stay with my pets again. She was caring, giving my 3 cats the extra attention they needed when one, Skittles, suddenly experienced serious decline right before the housesit started and she curtailed her planned outside activities to spend much more time giving Skittles her direct companionship. She kept in constant contact with me (made more difficult with me being 10 time zones away), sending photos and updates, and also left my house clean and actually in better shape than when I left (the lock on my patio door totally stopped working and the door couldn't be left open during a hot spell -- and Ruth ended up replacing it for me). A week after the housesit ended she even followed up to see how my cats were all doing with me back (all doing pretty well as of today, in case anyone is interested :).

Homeowner: geomountain
Sitter: bobandjan

Bob and Jan take house caring to a whole new level!

Location Drake Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jun-19-23 - Jul-3-23

I wish I could reserve Bob and Jan for every future trip I take.  They left my home absolutely spotless and my Bernese Mountain Dog disappointed to see them depart.  Several neighbors commented on seeing them routinely walking Murren around our mountain neighborhood, stopping to have a friendly conversation in the process.  Bob kept in communication with me prior to and during my trip abroad, always verifying my agenda and any pertinent airline changes.  The couple was extremely flexible in my desire to have them arrive a day before my departure, in time for the imparting of information required in very rural mountain living and the unique needs of my canine companion.  Bob and Jan are mature, dependable, and very resourceful pet/house sitters, whose vast life experience was evident in every aspect of their stay.  One could not imagine a better representation of Housecarers at its best than with this great couple.

Georgia W. in Colorado

Sitter: Cadillac
Homeowner: homewithcat

Wonderful Time in Dublin

Location Dublin Ireland

Sit Dates Jun-13-23 - Jun-27-23

Our hosts (Aoife & Carl) welcomed us to their house as if we were family and even picked us up at the airport. Their house is a typical Dublin mid-20th century architectural design, modern inside, with lots of light, beautifully manicured front yard and a very cozy back yard.

Aoife & Carl prepared the house for us with all needed instructions, so it made it very easy to take care of their property and cats. They also gave us excellent suggestions for areas of interest, as well as details on Dublin transportation. Kitties (Cara & Tilly) were very easy to take care of and each had their own unique characters (Tilly was especially so playful)! The house location is excellent – it is about 20 minutes (by bus) from the center of Dublin – so the neighborhood is pretty quiet (and their neighbors were also very welcoming), yet you can quickly get to the main areas of the city. Transportation in Dublin is excellent (inclusive of local trains – DART - out of the city). Lot’s of places are also easily walkable – and of course the Pubs! Communication with our hosts was also very good before and during our stay.

Great time, wonderful people – Thank You for everything!

Homeowner: OdinPerson
Sitter: tapbel

We loved Patricia!

Location Pittsboro North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Jun-5-23 - Jun-28-23

Patricia stayed at our house while we were on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks this June. She took care of our cats, chickens, pool and most importantly our 1 1/2 year old dog, Odin. It was the first time we'd left Odin and we were worried that he would miss us terribly and also that his rambunctious puppy energy might get to be too much for Patricia (Odin's a very sweet guy but he weighs 75 pounds and still has boughts of crazy puppy energy). Patricia bonded with Odin immediately. She sent us updates and photos about how he and the cats were doing. She took great care of our place and was very easy to communicate with before, during and after our trip. She's an experienced person and has had an adventurous life. We recommend her very highly.

Homeowner: CappadociaCatLover
Sitter: celtie

Highly Recommend This Human Gem!

Location Ortahisar Turkey

Sit Dates Jun-21-23 - Jun-30-23

Everything was absolutely perfect! Lorraine is a true sparkling being who enhanced everything that shares her vicinity. My cat and the feral outside cats benefitted greatly. She sets the bar very high. Thank you to both the organization and especially to Lorrain.

Homeowner: AlreadyPacked
Sitter: BetsyAndTim

True Professionals

Location Baltimore Maryland United States

Sit Dates Jun-16-23 - Jul-2-23

Tim and Betsy are the best!  You will leave knowing your pets and house are in the best of care.  

They were always quick in responding to all communication prior to our departure date (even when I missed an important text they sent to me)  and Tim kept us well-apprised of how things were going during the 2 weeks we were gone.

The house was left immaculate - we could not have been more pleased!  They are 5-star house sitters!  

Sitter: Here4you62
Homeowner: LemonPie

Laura's house was very comfortable and the instructions were so complete.

Location Austin Texas United States

Sit Dates Jun-19-23 - Jul-2-23

This was our first housesitting experience, and Laura made it easy to enjoy it! Her house was very comfortable, and she left detailed instructions that helped so much. The instructions covered everything from the washer/dryer to cat and garden care to food truck recommendations. She also made two short videos to show tree and garden care. It was nice to have specific information.

The watering was the biggest task of the house sitting, but the trees were only watered one day a week, so just once in our two week stay. We felt very much at home, and enjoyed having the cats to keep us company. 

We appreciated the trust she had in us, in allowing us to take care of her home, and treat it as our own. 

Sitter: BetsyAndTim
Homeowner: AlreadyPacked

Great Sit - 100% Recommended!

Location Baltimore Maryland United States

Sit Dates Jun-16-23 - Jul-2-23

Lily the cat is a real sweetheart and very easy to look after. Our hosts were exceptionally hospitable and their home is immaculate and in a beautiful location.  We were fortunate to have been chosen for this petsit!  

Homeowner: LemonPie
Sitter: Here4you62

Beth and James are so conscientious and capable! They looked after my cats and gardens and baby trees perfectly.

Location Austin Texas United States

Sit Dates Jun-19-23 - Jul-2-23

Beth and James did a wonderful job looking after everything and left me with no worries at all while I was traveling.  They loved up on my cats so much that it's clear the kitties are missing Beth and James now that we're back and they're gone!  B and J texted pics and cute updates of the cats every few days and I really appreciated that.

The actual bulk of the house sitting work in this case, though, was caring for my gardens and baby trees in the Texas summer heat.  I left a LOT of instructions for how to water the 20 young trees on the property (which itself takes most of a day) and how to water the many vegetable and perennial gardens I've planted.  B and J did all of it with no problems and the plants and trees looked great upon my return! 

B and J also expertly handled a sudden hazard at the beginning of their stay.  I had covered a large pop-up tent frame with a tarp to provide shade above the back patio door.  A violent Texas storm blew in and started lifting the whole frame up and tossing it across the yard, bending the legs in the process.  B and J managed to grab it before it hit the vegetable garden and remove the tarp while in the midst of the storm!  They even bent the legs back into alignment as much as possible afterwards.  When they updated me on what had happened, I actually felt good, because it was clear my home was in the hands of a couple of quick thinkers and problem solvers! 

B and J also left the house so clean and tidy it was hard to tell they had been here at all.  They washed sheets and remade beds and washed all their towels, which I SO much appreciate.  AND they left us some pizza and ice cream !  :)  Having Beth and James at our home was a fabulous experience all around and I very highly recommend them!  

Sitter: rexasis
Homeowner: john4erik

Two great lads, two great pups!

Location San Diego California United States

Sit Dates Feb-6-22 - Feb-22-22

Wonderful folks with wonderful pups in a lovely, comfortable home with a great backyard!  
The owners generously allowed us the use of their car and we have become fast friends which makes us love Housecarers all the more.  Great opportunity to explore San Diego, and graciously invited us back for a repeat sit in 2023, and 2024!

We are blessed.

Homeowner: ScootsieBoots
Sitter: slsamps

Amazing pet/house sitters!

Location Fort Collins Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jun-20-23 - Jun-30-23

Sue and Jim were great house sitters - they loved our pets and made them both happy! Our dog enjoyed many walks and frisbee playing sessions with them. Even with a tricky feeding situation for our cat, Sue and Jim took initiative to make sure Papaya was well-fed and cared for. Sue and Jim were friendly and nice to chat with, too. Also, the yard and house were spotless when we returned - it was the perfect way to end our vacation! I'd highly recommend Sue and Jim for anyone looking for pet or house sitters.

Sitter: DanceMama
Homeowner: TanzaniaBound

3 lovely kitties in beautiful NE Seattle

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates Jun-6-23 - Jun-27-23

I sat for Ken for three weeks in NE Seattle. The sit was a bit more challenging than most, because two of the three kitties were ill. On the upside, both were extremely cuddly and affectionate. Pumpkin would barely let me out of her sight, wanting to be constantly held. I was happy to oblige. Skittles simply wanted to be pet. She would sit along side me and expect and equal amount of attention. Jacques was more independent. She would run across my lap and watch me closely.

The house is lovely, with a large deck overlooking Lake Washington. The area is very nice and quite walkable. The shower is huge and feels like a spa.  I definitely got my exercise in the house, with the 3 stories of stairs.  Most things are on the main floor, but the bedroom and bath are upstairs (where there is an additional deck). The cats don't go upstairs.  The cat boxes are generally down in the basement. However, due to the condition the cats were in, they were put in the main bath. 

Aside from when Ken was in a remote location, he was readily available to answer questions I had.  I visited with him twice before the sit began, so things were pretty straight forward by the time the sit began.

Homeowner: homewithcat
Sitter: Cadillac

Dublin June 2023 - happy cats, cared for home.

Location Dublin Ireland

Sit Dates Jun-13-23 - Jun-27-23

We are happy to recommend Vald and Inna as housesitters.  They took great care of our two cats while we were away for 2 weeks.  Both our cats are relatively recent adoptions, one had only moved in 2 months before the sitting period.  We came home to find them both happy and healthy and could even see an improvement in their relationship with each other.  Asides from the cats Vlad and Inna took good care of our home too, watering plants, tending the garden and general upkeep and cleaning.  They met and talked with several of our neighbours too which was great to hear.  They would be welcome back any time in the future.

Homeowner: soaringraven
Sitter: Sonnenblume

A Competent, Clean and Caring Pet-Sitter

Location Calgary Alberta Canada

Sit Dates Apr-5-23 - May-31-23

Rita was such a great pet-sitter to our 2 cats and our home was immaculate on our return. She sent us regular pictures while we were away. Rita is very resourceful  and competent. She managed well when there was a fire close to our home, giving us regular updates. One of our cats has a sensitive stomach but this didn't phase Rita. We are so happy we found her and wouldn't hesitate to have her back. We highly recommend her!

Sitter: slsamps
Homeowner: ScootsieBoots

Pepper & Papaya what a delight!

Location Fort Collins Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jun-20-23 - Jun-30-23

It was a lot of fun to watch Pepper and Papaya.  Pepper is well trained and we loved playing catch with him and going on his daily walks.  Papaya was always up for some love and scratch's.  Our host's Ayelet & Greg were very pleasant and friendly.  Super neighbors which we had a chance to meet.  Loved our time in Ft. Collins! 

Sitter: Outdoors2Travel
Homeowner: Beebalm

Lovely home with views of downtown Vancouver. Portia is a snuggly dog with plenty of energy and snuggles.

Location North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jun-1-23 - Jun-23-23

This new home is in pristine condition, open floor plan, and easy to maintain. The gardens are lovely, and mostly on an irrigation system with some watering required for potted plants. The lawn was easy to cut. The primary bedroom has a balcony with a firepit and comfortable furniture that we enjoyed. We used the guest bedroom also. The kitchen is a very workable, open space for meal prep.

I met Wendy on arrival, but only met Ron via a zoom conversation. They are both easy going, generous, and detailed in their requests with plenty of notes. Wendy took me around on arrival to show me  areas for touring and walking Portia, groceries and more.

Portia is a snuggly Wheaton Terrier. She was happy to walk for an hour, or all day around town with us. We had fun taking her to restaurants, breweries, and all over for sight seeing. She has quite the personality, and will charm you. The area has plenty of great walking parks and trails in addition to city walks. We walked the Moody Trail and Grand Blvd frequently. 

Transportation was easy. I used the Seabus often to go to downtown Vancouver, and used the bus and train system at other times. All is easy to navigate.

I enjoyed this housesit, and hope to return.

Sitter: billandshelli
Homeowner: taysomgirl

Lovely couple and kitties! Highly recommended.

Location Gretna Louisiana United States

Sit Dates May-18-23 - May-24-23

Taysom and George are sweet as sweet can be!

Their home and humans are warm and welcoming. The house is super charming with lots of local art all about giving it a true NOLA vibe. They gave us full access, plus fridge and pantry permisions. But, as former NOLA residents, we had a long list of eateries to get back to. Even so, we made time to try a few new ones near the house. Bottom line, we never ate at home. 

Lovely location for an evening stroll with a nice walkway along the river levee. One of the things we particularly enjoyed was the sense of community. We could hear lawn service providers chatting with their clients and neighbors greeting one another on evening walks.

Downtown and French Quarter are both easy to get to. On this trip we discovered an HOV lane which made navigating the bridge a breeze even during rush hour. (Wish we had known *that* before!) We also took advantage of the Algiers ferry to get to and from The Quarter. 

If you get an opportunity to do this sit, definitely take it!

~Bill and Shelli

Homeowner: MissyandSissy
Sitter: BLiving

A wonderful housesitter

Location Sacramento California United States

Sit Dates May-18-23 - Jun-20-23

Becky was a wonderful house/petsitter!  She is warm and friendly and is well aware of whatwais needed to keep both my cat and my home while I was traveling.  Her comunication was great and my neighbors all enjoyed meeting her.  

Sitter: Laur8l5
Homeowner: Adam1990

Lovely Cats and Fantastic Homeowners in a Lovely Location

Location West Lorne Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Jun-11-23 - Jun-18-23

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in West Lorne with DiAnne, Shaun and all the cats.

DiAnne and Shaun did everything they could to make us feel extremely welcome and comfortable in their home and neighbourhood.  They went above and beyond, introducing us to their friends and neighbours to make sure we felt at home, and we certainly did.  We feel we've made some very good friends on the other side of the pond.

We were very kindly lent bikes so we could ride to the lake and it was well worth seeing.

The cats took no time at all to show us affection and we soon got into our 'cuddle routine' and were no trouble at all.

We'd like to thank DiAnne, Shaun and all the crew for a wonderful time in West Lorne.

Sitter: Vic2022
Homeowner: Miskita

Comfy beach house 5km from Corralejo

Location La Oliva CANARIAS Spain

Sit Dates May-30-23 - Jun-21-23

You need to be a dog lover and cat lover and to give lots of love and attention.

4 dogs to walk unleashed twice a day. Dalmatians type. Easy dogs. One cat. They all need lots of cuddles. 

Watering the plants. 

Marta is a lovely lady. Her house is a little paradise. A few minutes walk from the beach. You can use the car or take the bus. 

2 TV with all the channels + Disney and Prime video.  Unlimited fast wifi. Pretty house. Very clean. 

Homeowner: fillyfran
Sitter: SanAntonioRose

Becky and Paul were excellent caregivers

Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States

Sit Dates May-27-23 - Jun-16-23

i had the pleasure of meeting and using this lovely couple who could not have been more accomodating. They agreed to get a hotel room the night prior to my early flight so that i could meet them, which was so appreciated. Fortunately i decided to leave that night so they ended up staying at my place instead.

They took such good care of my kitty, Little One, and they seemed to enjoy his company. I appreciated the pictures they sent, not too many, just the right amount! And when I arrived home after over 20 hours of travel, my bed was remade with fresh sheets, everything looked as I had left it, and a flower bouquet was on my counter aside a colorful painting of my kitty, compliments of Paul, an artist.

I would not hesitate to use them again.

Homeowner: Woodtown
Sitter: suitcasesue2

Sue filled all the boxes

Location Duncan British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Apr-18-23 - May-13-23

Sue is a very competent house and dog sitter with many additional talents. Our dog took to her completely, tried her out once but she was ready for it! She looked after the seedlings in the greenhouse and had even pricked out some for me! She takes all challenges in her stride and has a very accepting outlook on life which translates to less stress in the daily running of a home. She kept us well informed of how things were going in our absence and we returned to a clean and cared for house and, most importantly, a happy dog. She is thoroughly trustworthy and reliable. A definite A+.

Sitter: SanAntonioRose
Homeowner: fillyfran

Lovely homeowner and sweet kitty in a very desirable location

Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States

Sit Dates May-27-23 - Jun-16-23

We spent three weeks in this comfortable condo with an affectionate, easy care kitty. Little One is friendly and loving. He can be left alone while you are out sightseeing and will welcome you home with purrs and cuddles when you return.

Francine was a wonderful host. She gave thorough instructions and had good communication. Her home is very comfortable and has everything needed for a short or long stay: well appointed kitchen, washer and dryer, comfortable bed, cable TV, etc. There is a terrace with a beautiful view where we enjoyed relaxing every night after spending our days exploring Philadelphia.

The location is unbeatable. A short walk to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the American Revolution museum and many other historic sites and museums. It is also very close to several bus lines which were easy to use to go to further sites such as the amazing Museum of Art and Franklin Institute. There is a small grocery store and a CVS just a block away.

This is a very desirable sit with a lovely host and comfortable home, in a historic city. Highly recommended.