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Homeowner: soaringraven
Sitter: lusianotl

A Well-Trusted House and Cat Sitter

Location Calgary Alberta Canada

Sit Dates Sep-5-22 - Oct-31-22

We had such a positive experience with Helen, taking care of our house and our 2 beautiful cats back in the fall of 2019 for 1 month, that we were thrilled to be able to get her back for 2 months in the fall of 2022.  Just like our previous experience with Helen, we arrived home to happy, healthy, well-brushed cats and a clean and tidy home. Helen kept us updated throughout our trip and sent us lots  of pictures of our kitties. We never worried about our pets while we were away, as we knew they were in good hands. We wouldn't hesitate to have her back!

Sitter: DebMar
Homeowner: Carofrog

A wonderful stay in the Loire Valley

Location Amboise Loire Valley France

Sit Dates Mar-18-24 - Apr-11-24

We were delighted to be invited to house sit in Amboise by Caroline and Brent, our warm and friendly hosts.

Their 'boy' Leon has an adorable personality. We shared a big walk each morning, and then we would dash out for a visit to a nearby chateau (there are so many wonderful places), or have lunch in a local  restaurant  or take a drive to a nearby village (with Leon) for a country walk.

We would always have a late afternoon walk around the local vineyards and then play ball in the backyard. Needless to say, Leon was happy to snore his way through the evening on the couch with us.

We almost considered dog napping Leon at the end of our assignment.

Caroline, Brent, Leon and Amboise will always represent happy memories for us.

We thank them for trusting us to care for Leon and their lovely home.

Sitter: quizms
Homeowner: BonnieXY

Wonderful housesit in Nanaimo!

Location Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Mar-27-24 - Apr-11-24

Staying at Darlene's house with her girl cat for two weeks was a total delight.  The house has an amazing view of Departure Bay which also means wonderful sunrises.  Kitty and I would listen to the birds and enjoy the view in the mornings.  She is not a lap sitter but is quite loving and really loves getting combed.  And quite a talker!  I miss our conversations.

Darlene and I hit it off as soon as I answered her ad. We both love adventures and each of us got a great vacation out of the exchange.  I only hope I left the house as immaculate as she had it when I arrived. Nanaimo is a wonderful place and jumping off spot for exploring Vancouver Island. 

Afternoons I visited local parks or worked on sewing projects at home.  The house is a modern spacious open plan with lots of plants and all the amenities including wifi, TV, laundry, etc.

I would gladly visit Darlene and stay with her kitty again and again!

Sitter: WinForYou
Homeowner: CrescentHousesit

Magical time with a menagerie of pets

Location Crescent City California United States

Sit Dates Mar-27-24 - Apr-2-24

Wonderful time at the lovely home of CrescentHousesit!  Highly recommend!

A menagerie of pets (older dog on medication; cat; horse; chickens; ducks; fish; frog) were all interesting and well-behaved.  I was provided with a well-organized and detailed list of care/feeding instructions; as well as being invited to arrive a day early to be introduced to the pets and experience their routine.  That was very thoughtful and accommodating of CrescentHousesit and her family.  CrescentHousesit and her family, and pets, were so nice they made me feel like a family member!   I am glad I played a part in letting them escape to Disneyland for a much needed break.

The Crescent City, California, area was awesome.  Breathtaking spacious uncrowded beaches to stroll on, and magnificent redwood trees to admire.  Magical location to house sit.  I look forward to another opportunity to housesit for CrescentHousesit.

Sitter: petaddict
Homeowner: elvaborsch

Two sweet dogs , lovely owner and beautiful home

Location Mesa Arizona United States

Sit Dates Mar-25-24 - Apr-5-24

   We had a fun time with Rudy and Abby, such great dogs , Abby will  show you  constantly how much younger and active she is than Rudy . Walking them on a regular basis was easy as they are well trained and neighbourhood makes for a very interesting outing.  

  Elvas daughter was available to take the dogs if we needed more time away which was a real bonus ,such a lovely girl. 

  We so much enjoyed the pool area with a variety of comfortable sitting areas to watch Abby try to rescue her ball from the pool after she bouncies it in , Rudy by our side enjoying our company.

 Elva was very thorough showing us around, inside and  outside,  left us  well detailed notes on contact #'s and where to shop . She very generously left gift cards for the local market and her favorite restaurant,  plus the Boyce Arboretum,  which is a very interesting and relaxing outing. 

  We both highly recommend this house sit .

Sitter: Lovestotravel
Homeowner: Camelguy

A Hidden Santa Fe Gem

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Mar-16-24 - Mar-31-24

This was our first house/pet sit and it couldn't have gone any better. Mike, Kelly, and their son Luke were the most loving and welcoming family! We cared for their three horses, two dogs, and two cats on a beautiful and vast property outside of Santa Fe. We all bonded deeply with the animals (especially our little daughter). They provided clear and detailed instructions which in return made feeding and caring easy. Each pet was a joy to spend time with and we're missing them already. Having such a large property we could hike daily from their backyard up into the mountains with the dogs. Their house was well-equipped and beautiful! Mike and Kelly were always just a text away if we needed anything and promptly responded. They went above and beyond to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We thoroughly enjoyed having more time with them and getting to know them better. I felt we arrived as housesitters and left as new friends. We're hoping to return and housesit for them again this summer if the stars align. That said if you're lucky enough to get the chance to house/pet sit for this family - you're in for a real treat! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sitter: pkcarron
Homeowner: VisitWyatt

Great experience!

Location Grand Junction Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jan-29-24 - Mar-31-24

Grand Junction is a wonderful place to visit and Sandy is a wonderful homeowner to house/pet sit for! 

Dewy, a large black male cat was immediately friendly, though very independant, and easy to become friends with. Cecil, a female Tortose cat took a while to warm up to but eventually would even sit in my lap for short periods. Both have oppisite personalities and was fun to play with and just watch as they meandered around the house. Cecil requires a prescription of cream rubbed into her ears and sometimes hard to get it done morning and night but gets easier after she gets used to a sitter.

The house is warm and comfortable to live in and filled with beautiful paintings her husband painted. In a nice neighborhood and easy to run out to shopping. The town is easy to get around in and has anything you could need while there. Also, there are many places to explore in the area. Sking, 40 miles away at the Powderhorn resort, if you are a skier.

I recommend this house/pet sit in Grand Junction!

Homeowner: evanswas
Sitter: PrestigeSitter

Housesitter review from Arizona

Location Green Valley Arizona United States

Sit Dates Mar-17-24 - Mar-30-24

Allen and Cindy were great with our dogs and keep our house tidy and ready for our return. They arrived early enough so we could have dinner together and get to know each other. While we were traveling, we heard from them a few times with comments and questions which was what we hoped for to ensure things were going smooth. We would highly recommend them to housesit and hope to have them back again.

Sitter: TandK72
Homeowner: Lakewood

You would be lucky

Location Newport Oregon United States

Sit Dates Jan-23-24 - Feb-22-24

Marley was a great, energetic, smart dog to take care of, and his family was wonderful.  The home is a treasure to be able to enjoy.  You would be lucky to be asked to care for Marley. 

Thank you for letting us spend time with Marley and in your excellent home. 

Homeowner: Camelguy
Sitter: Lovestotravel

A+ family to house/pet sit

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Mar-16-24 - Mar-31-24

We have had many housesitters over the years, and Gwen and Ben are among the very best of them. They stayed at our place in New Mexico for two weeks, taking care of two dogs, two cats, and three horses. The animals were clearly well loved and cared for. The house was in great shape when we returned – and, since we got back late in the evening, Gwen had even prepared food for our arrival. They were excellent communicators both before and during the sit – they are totally honest and very kind people who were able to smoothly handle everything that our somewhat complicated house/pet sit required. Also, their young daughter, Eldyn, is a gem of a kid – very engaged with the animals, but also very gentle with them, and really just a true pleasure to be around. Since they stayed with us the night before and the night after the housesit, we got to know them better than if we’d just handed them the housekeys, and we can wholeheartedly recommend them as house and pet sitters. Really, there’s not a single complaint we can think of. We’re already hoping they’ll come back when we go away for 10 days during the summer.

Sitter: farkleforever1
Homeowner: Weedeater

John and Leah were lovely hosts.

Location DeLand Florida United States

Sit Dates Mar-9-24 - Mar-27-24

John and Leah were very kind and welcomed me into their cozy home a few days early for this sit. They cooked several delicious meals, making sure there were lots of leftovers! The two kitties, Akira and Ashima were well behaved and sweet, and although shy, they slowly started to warm up and even kept me company while curling up on the couch, allowing me to occasionally pet them. 

I enjoyed the peace and quiet of their neighbourhood and spent many hours relaxing in their large screened in porch, reading and being entertained by the antics of the kitties. Communication was easy and I appreciated knowing that they could be counted on to respond to any questions I had during my stay. I especially appreciated the lift to the airport. Thanks again for your hospitality John and Leah!

Sitter: ckurjata
Homeowner: NanaimoHousesit

Amazing! Gracious, communicative hosts, sweet pups, beautiful home/area!

Location Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Mar-15-24 - Mar-30-24

Mark and Andrea were totally amazing to house/dog sit for. They made me feel welcome, trusted and comfortable. Communication was great. Their cute little well-behaved dogs were awesome company at the house and out on all our walks and hikes. Their home and area is beyond beautiful. I loved getting to explore Nanaimo and am grateful to have had this opportunity.

Homeowner: LikesTraveling
Sitter: vkjjumps

Valerie is a wonderful sitter!

Location Portland Oregon United States

Sit Dates Mar-14-24 - Mar-27-24

Valerie cared for my pet and my home for two weeks. Valerie is a wonderful sitter; she gave excellent, attentive and careful care to my older feline companion. Valerie and I communicated several times prior to her arrival. I was immediately impressed with her warmth, intelligence and communication skills. During out conversations she asked pertinent questions that assured me that she would be a superb sitter. Valerie arrived a couple days early in order to become acquainted with my kitty and her routines, as well as to learn about the workings of my condo. I was most appreciative of her willingness to do this. I have detailed instructions related to all things concerning my pet and my home. Valerie carefully went over the instructions, asking for clarification where necessary.
Valerie regularly sent me updates and photos, which reassured me that all was well. I felt completely at ease with Valerie being with my pet and in my home. Valerie took excellent care of my condo and my kitty. Valerie is kind, bright, completely trustworthy, an animal lover and conscientious. I am happy that I was able to meet and interact with her. I highly recommend Valerie as a pet/house sitter. I will be very happy if she is able to care for my pet and home again.

Homeowner: NanaimoHousesit
Sitter: ckurjata

Top Notch

Location Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Mar-16-24 - Mar-30-24

Carmen was excellent.  The house was left in excellent condition.  Great communication.  Dogs looked super happy (thanks for the photos).

100% recommend.  If you can book Carmen, you can totally relax.


Homeowner: ChulaVistaSit
Sitter: Jezzie01

Great House sitters

Location Chula Vista California United States

Sit Dates Sep-29-23 - Dec-22-23

John and Bard did an excellent job house sitting for me for 2 months.  The plants and yard were well watered an maintained.  Had a total peace of mind will on vacation.  Knew from the very start that the house and hard would be taken care of.  Would not hesitate in the least to have them sit for me again.

Ross White

Sitter: vkjjumps
Homeowner: LikesTraveling

Great stay, sweet cat

Location Portland Oregon United States

Sit Dates Mar-13-24 - Mar-25-24

LikesTraveling has a sweet condo in a nice complex just 1/2 block from Portland State University. Lots of cultural and outdoor oppostunities within a short walk - museum, library, farmer's market, rose garden, river walk, etc. Issie is a very sweet, low maintenance cat. The condo was super clean and comfortable. A great stay!

Homeowner: MuskokieX
Sitter: SnowBirdHouseSitter

Craig was a homeowners dream housesitter.

Location Bracebridge Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Dec-1-23 - Mar-18-24

Craig surpassed our expectations  and was always very professional. He communicated regularly with us. He met with us beforehand to discuss our needs for snow removal and mail handling. We returned to a house that was spic and span clean.

We appreciated his regular updates about the snow conditions and his photos made us glad that he was at home to snowblow the driveway and shovel snow from the deck and stairs. Our connection via WhatsApp made it easy to keep track of mail.

The most important thing that he did was not even on the list of household chores that we left. He fixed things! Via video he showed us what was needed and what he could do to solve problems that arose. This was very reassuring.

We feel fortunate to have had such a capable and responsible person care for our home.

Homeowner: darkhorses
Sitter: tiger123

Tiger 123(Torge)

Location Cobble Hill British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jan-3-24 - Mar-20-24

We were away for 78 days,so Torge had lots of time to settle in. When I was looking for a sitter,I knew it would have to be someone that could keep up with my young Rottweiler. He was very good at making arrangements to be here when we were leaving. I was a little nervous as he is young,but I trusted my feelings and he did great. 
        He did send updates and pictures so I knew my pup was happy! I found him to be honest and trustworthy. I would think that Torge will only improve as he gains more life experience .

   Andrea and Ken

        Vancouver Island

Sitter: kayjay
Homeowner: Monterey2023

Jacob is a very good boy

Location Pacific Grove California United States

Sit Dates Dec-28-23 - Jan-6-24

I had a wonderful time in Monterey spending time with Jacob.  He is such a good boy, easy to walk, sweet personality and likes to chase a ball in the beautiful backyard garden.  Downtown Monterey is just a short walk away and has many ammenities. I loved the guest house that I stayed in.  It was so cute and had everything I needed.  The owners are delightful and their communication was more than one can expect.  I missed Jacob when I left Monterey and felt fortunate to have had this house/dog care experience.

Sitter: SnowBirdHouseSitter
Homeowner: MuskokieX

MuskokieX - Muskoka House Sit

Location Bracebridge Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Dec-1-23 - Mar-18-24

Grace and Bill were fantastic hosts. I was greeted by Grace with a very informable itinerary that made everything easy and Bill provided excellent tips on any maintenance procedures, re the remote possibility they might arise. Communications were smooth and prompt throughout the sit duration and I very much enjoyed the beautiful winding road boarded by tall pines going from town to your home eight miles North east of Bracebridge. Thank you so much Grace and Bill for your hospitality and trusting me with your beautiful country home. Hope to see you next season.                         Cheers, Craig.

Sitter: Here4you62
Homeowner: ErieHousesit

Very enjoyable housesit

Location Erie Colorado United States

Sit Dates Mar-13-24 - Mar-23-24

This was a relaxing 10-day housesit. Molly is a super great dog. She's so well behaved at home, in the dog park and on walks, very friendly, and she made us feel at home. The house had everything we needed, and the information binder was clear and thorough. If we had a question, we found the answer in the binder, nine times out of ten. The homeowners were available on the one occasion where we needed further instructions. If you are looking for a house sit in a stunning location, where you can simply enjoy life, this is the place to be. We'd return anytime.

Sitter: Footloose16
Homeowner: Mesquite

Perfect winter sit in Mesquite!

Location Mesquite Nevada United States

Sit Dates Feb-15-24 - Feb-29-24

I had the pleasure of sitting for Deb and John on the above dates, caring for senior dog, Hunter and senior cat Munchkin. The townhome is compact but quite comfortable and the animals were a delight to care for and play with!  Hunter and I took daily walks in the desert right across the street.  Munchkin enjoyed snoozing on my lap.  I had Deb's Mustang to use to explore Mesquite during my stay.  Deb and I stayed in contact with daily updates.  It was a very pleasant stay with ideal weather and wonderful pets!

Homeowner: comefth1954
Sitter: Anastasis

Anastasis Bonded with our cat Gracie

Location Asheville North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Feb-9-24 - Feb-28-24

Anastasis stayed for two weeks with our cat and stayed a few extra days to get ready for leaving for Mexico. She got along well with Gracie, and communicated with us whenever she had a concern. Was very honest offering to pay for something she thought she broke which was not her doing.

Homeowner: jamjax
Sitter: nashlegr

Austin Sweathearts

Location Bons en Chablais Geneva Switzerland

Sit Dates Dec-12-23 - Jan-2-24

Chris and Gary are the perfect caring petsitters. They came all the way to Geneva, Switzerland from Austin, Texas and couldn't have been nicer or better for our two 30 kilo dogs. They sent lots of photos and updates from their numerous daily walks. The house looked better than when we left on our return. They were very clear and frequent in their communications before the sit, during and after. They were very independent and respectful of our house and habits. They are genuinely lovely people and we loved our overlapping time with them and hope to see them again. Anyone would be lucky to have them as pet sitters.

Sitter: Felixthecat
Homeowner: 4mattieNAY

Wonderful time in Mexico

Location Nuevo Nayarit Nayarit Mexico

Sit Dates Feb-6-24 - Feb-9-24

Liz and Rhoda's condo was wonderful the view was spectacular! Mattie their

furbaby was delightful she was so easy to care for and so well mannered.

I took my daughter who is 15 years old and she absolutely loved it like me we wished for a few more days. The beach and pools were within a short walking distance and we took Mattie to the beach she liked laying on her beach towel under the hut in the shade. My daughter and I took turns boogie boarding so much fun and we took a walk down the beach and ate at a beach restaurant with Mattie she is such a good girl just laying by my chair shes a real sweet heart. The condo was very comfortable and it had what we needed along with food places close by and even got food delivered to us with Uber eats.  We used Uber to get around the area and it wasnt expensive at all it is definetlely the way to travel around.

ALL in all we absolutely loved our stay in Mexico and would definetely love to  house and pet sit again! Mattie will be missed :( and Liz and Rhoda were so nice and helpful to us during our stay:)

Best Wishes,

Dawn and Jelly

Sitter: nashlegr
Homeowner: jamjax

Most Amazing Experience of a Lifetime

Location Bons en Chablais Geneva Switzerland

Sit Dates Feb-5-24 - Feb-20-24

My husband and I traveled from Fort Worth, Texas to Bons En Chablais, France to housesit for James and Jacqueline from 2/5/2024 through 2/20/24. It was the most amazing experience.  We fell in love with the dogs, Leila and Gracie, and the homeowners were so kind to us that we felt right at home the whole two weeks we were there. Being so close to Annecy, Yvoire, and Chamonix, we were able to take day trips while the dogs napped during the day. When they returned from their trip we spent the last three days of our trip in Paris. Whatsapp was used to interview and stay in touch throughout the trip. We hope to cross paths again with this beautiful family. 

Sitter: Bogerph
Homeowner: adriaan_rotterdam

Rotterdam Central Locatio

Location Rotterdam Zuid Holland Netherlands

Sit Dates Feb-28-24 - Mar-7-24

Adriaan and Karla were excellent communicators and left me great instructions on care of Maxie, the dog and the plants. The location of the apartment was perfect for walking and visiting all the attractions in Rotterdam.  Maxie was easy to care for and just loved getting outside three or four times a day!  The 3 flights of steps kept me in shape. 

Homeowner: Artyhouse
Sitter: Reliablemountie

Awesome House Sitter! Highly Recommended!

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Feb-23-24 - Mar-4-24

Stephanie cared for our dogs while we were away for 10 days - and she was a delight.  She arrived on time, communicated well, learned the routine and went out of her way to get comfortable with the dogs the afternoon that she arrived.  While we were gone, there were regular updates and she checked in with questions.  We highly recommend Stephanie and hope that we can host her again!

Robert and Bridgett

Sitter: Reliablemountie
Homeowner: Artyhouse

Spacious home, beautiful surroundings, easy-going dogs to care for !

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Feb-24-24 - Mar-4-24

I spent 10 days in Robert and Bridgett's quiet, rural home (just on the outskirts of Tucson), looking after their dogs and it was an enjoyable experience! We had good communication from the start, and the dogs were easy to care for. They know their routine and are all healthy and happy.  Each day after breakfast, I generally went out to explore the local area (lots of hiking, Pickleball) and I returned late afternoon to feed everyone their prepackaged raw chicken meal. I would then supervise and interact with all the dogs (in sets of 2 - not all at once).  They were a delight to be around ! I didn't use the swimming pool (February) but the hottub at night was a treat !