Sitter: kathleenmay123
Homeowner: Molarsix

Superior Housesit

Location Marinette Wisconsin United States

Sit Dates Nov-7-22 - Dec-12-22

Excellent house-sit - the two cats are sweethearts, truly great personalities (in different ways), well mannered and cuddly. The home is gorgeous, the town fun to explore. Mike and Caroline couldn't be more personable and accomodating. Hospitable, friendly, communicative and positive. They even left tickets for local concerts for me to enjoy.

I highly recommend. 


Homeowner: southsea
Sitter: Passion_for_pets

Fantastic Pet Sitters!

Location Lexington Massachusetts United States

Sit Dates Oct-6-22 - Oct-10-22

Michelle and Fred were absolutely wonderful housesitters! Our very energetic 3 year old dog got lots of fabulous walks in the woods with them, and our (8!) cats were all very content and happy when we got home - always a great sign! Our house was well taken care of and they kept in touch with us so we knew all our fur-babies were in great hands. We highly recommend them! And hope to have them back again to sit in the future! :) 

Sitter: IAtravelpair
Homeowner: VisitFrance

Lovely place to stay, great owners and friendly cats to meet

Location St Pierre de Frugie France

Sit Dates Oct-26-22 - Dec-4-22

Wendy and Geoff were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed getting to know them. If we lived nearby, I think we would be friends! They were very thorough in giving us helpful information in 'The Book'. They have a lovely home in the very quiet, relaxing countryside. The cats were easy to care for and enjoyable to be around. We enjoyed visiting the beautiful villages in the area and the interesting sights to be seen. We would recommend a stay here to anyone!

Sitter: 2goodsitters
Homeowner: Dahlia711

Excellent Hosts, Wonderful Pets!

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Nov-2-22 - Dec-4-22

Dru and Dave are excellent hosts!  They were warm and welcoming and thought of everything to make us feel comfortable, well above the basics.  Communication during the entire process was great and all the information we needed was provided in a very helpful “House Book.”  Their home is lovely and the neighborhood is great, located in a perfect place to explore the area.  The backyard patio is a beautiful space to relax amid the well-tended garden.  Best of all, their dog and cat are a joy to care for.  They are both very sweet, easy and fun, with wonderful personalities.  We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and can't say enough good things about it.

Homeowner: Suzzan996
Sitter: TheRamblingRetirees

We are very grateful to Diana and Steve for looking after all of our birds for us while we were on holiday

Location Kuranda/Cairns QLD Australia

Sit Dates Nov-1-22 - Dec-5-22

The birds appeared to be very happy and well fed when we arrived home.  We were delayed by a day and Diana and Steve kindly stayed a day longer even though it put them out to get home to a Doctor's appointment.

The house inside was clean and the house front immaculately tidy, but the wild bird droppings needed to be better controlled as they can damage varnish surfaces.

Diana was not well and the house sit for a month was possibly too much, but it was difficult to organise another lot of house sitters while overseas.  We are glad that they persevered with Fritz, our Cockatoo, who takes a little while to adapt to our being on holiday.

Homeowner: Dahlia711
Sitter: 2goodsitters

They Deserve the Pulitzer Prize for Sitters!

Location Tucson Arizona United States

Sit Dates Nov-2-22 - Dec-4-22

If you want petsitters who are conscientious, compassionate, considerate and caring, look no further than Lynne and Mike. They cared for our dog and cat so well that I think our pets believed they were at Club Med! Our dog actually cried when they left and pouted for days.

They treated our house with the same care, even handling with grace the smoke alarm in their bedroom going off on their first night. Our plants, too, were treated with the same devotion my husband lavishes on them.

We've been using HouseCarers for twelve years so we know good sitters when we see them — Lynne and Mike are among the very best. They have our highest recommendation.

Homeowner: metrowest
Sitter: aciraco

Grateful for Amy's Help

Location Portland Oregon United States

Sit Dates Nov-14-22 - Nov-23-22

Amy housesat at my house and took care of my two cats while I was away for a week in November.  A couple of days before Amy arrived, one of my cats was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection.  This is a youngish cat who is usually very healthy. Amy stepped up to the plate and administered oral antibiotics and ear drops, and cleaned his ears. I am very grateful for Amy's willingness to be flexible, and for her conscientious care of my home and cats.

Sitter: aciraco
Homeowner: metrowest

Wonderful catsitting experience in PDX

Location Portland Oregon United States

Sit Dates Nov-15-22 - Nov-27-22

This was a great house sit. Julia was a great communicator. The cats were very cute and easy to take care of. The neighborhood is fun with a lot to see and do. I enjoyed my time here. 

Sitter: YoungRetiredCouple
Homeowner: Grasslandshome

Sweet cats and gorgeous house

Location Sonoita Arizona United States

Sit Dates Dec-2-22 - Dec-10-22

We had such a wonderful time with Macy and Raja. It took 3 days for them to warm up to us but after that, it was a snuggle-fest. The house is gorgeous. The mountain views are lovely. The kitchen supplies are a cook's dream. Susan was very easy to communicate with and is very interesting. Wonderful stay! Thank you.

Homeowner: Grasslandshome
Sitter: YoungRetiredCouple

The Cat Whisperers

Location Sonoita Arizona United States

Sit Dates Dec-2-22 - Dec-10-22

I had Heather and Scott stay with my two cats.  I have other sitters who just didn't make the connection with the kitties.  But Scott and Heather immediately bonded with them.  I felt so good having that relationship with them while I was gone.  They were both very experienced housesitters, arriving the day I left and leaving the day I returned.  The correspondence via email while I was gone was great including kittie pictures. The house was immaculate when I returned and cats very happy.  I wouldn't hesitate to have them back again and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.    

Homeowner: Rustygal2050
Sitter: Astara123

Caring and thoughtful sitter, couldn't ask for a better person to care for my home and furkids

Location Bainbridge Island Washington United States

Sit Dates Nov-15-22 - Dec-3-22

Cherie is a delightful person. She takes her house/pet sitting role very professionally. Communication was perfect -- it was like she knew I was wondering how things were going and then my Message ring on my phone told me there was a note from Cherie.

Cherie took care of my home during a particulary nasty time of year, with winter-like storms complete with wind and lots of rain. She took it all in stride, even during a period of time that a leak appeared in the living room ceiling!!

My clue as to how the sitter interacted with my two cats is how they behave after I come home, and this time they both were looking for Cherie, even sleeping the first night in her guest room. Purring cats speak volumes to an owner. Cherie is also a top notch groomer, and for long haired cats, that is saying something! 

I would recommend Cherie to anyone that needs someone that they can trust while they are away. For any length of time. She adapts quickly to her environment and has a knowledge born out of experience of just what to do.

My furkids also give paws up!!!

Kay Walsh, Bainbridge Island

Sitter: SolidSoul
Homeowner: TaosKitty

Delightful Housesit and Pet Sitting near Taos

Location Taos New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Oct-12-22 - Oct-29-22

I spent over two weeks at Kitty and Joe's house in Arroyo Seco, near Taos, New Mexico,  walking/feeding Guido, their 12-14 year old Labrador Retriever twice daily, watering plants and minding the house.

Their house is lovely and spacious, in a beautiful location, and has a well-stocked kitchen, good internet (30+ MB/s upload speed on I was able to run two simultaneous computers videoconferencing on Zoom for a group presentation without problems) and good TV reception. The town of Taos is about 15-20 minutes away, as is Taos Ski Valley. They live on a dirt/gravel road about two miles from the center of Arroyo Seco, which has an attractive small town with organic cafe, market, and much more.The road has a few potholes but was easily navigable for my low-clearance Tesla.

Duties included watering the plants, taking out trash, picking up mail, pet care (meds, walks, feeding, play, dog poop)... Kitty and Joe are very kind and friendly, and have clear and detailed typed instructions with names and phone numbers of neighbors, repair and service people, and the maintenance items for the house.  They have a well stocked garage and tool shed, as well.

They communicated well, and we texted or spoke every 2-3 days while they were gone, answering questions of mine or asking me to check something for them.

When it snows significantly (a foot or so), another duty is to shovel snow from the flat part of the roof. I climbed up twice on the roof to do minor repairs (weather station and check stove pipe) - the roof is very flat and has a raised area around the perimeter. It did not snow enough for me to need to do any shoveling this first time, though I expect to do so when I am there during the winter months.

Guido is aging and still playful - likes to fetch toys and sticks, and enjoys his walks. He is well-behaved and walks without needing a leash (though I would always bring one with in case vehicles or other dogs showed up on the road that we would walk along)

They invited me to come a day early and to stay with them the day before they left, which made it much easier to orient to the house, the routine, and very much eased the transition for all of us.

I found the entire experience quite enjoyable, and am planning to housesit for two more periods this winter for them.

Homeowner: TierraVista
Sitter: Roxy8294

Roxanne Will Take Good Care of Your Home and Pets

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Oct-28-22 - Nov-8-22

Roxanne was terrific - she took care of our cat Murphy. sent updates throughout her stay and gave us peace of mind that our home and Sr. Murphy were well taken care of. We would recommend her and hope she will be available again to stay at our home. 

Sitter: Roxy8294
Homeowner: TierraVista

Mr Murphy

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Oct-28-22 - Nov-8-22

I absolutely loved this house sit!  Murphy the cat was a real gentleman and such a treat to be around.  The house was very comfortable and I got so much exercise out of walking around the beautiful gated community.

The home owners are lovely couple and were generous to me.  I am very honored to have been chosen to look after their lovely home and fur baby.  They have asked me to house sit again and again I would enjoy this opportunity to return.  

Santa Fe is such an amazing city.  So unique and full of history and amazing scenery.

Sitter: Roxy8294
Homeowner: Crazycatlady1

Dogs and cats oh my

Location Port Charlotte Florida United States

Sit Dates Aug-7-22 - Aug-21-22

I thoroughly enjoyed this House Sit with her three wonderful dogs and her 11 cats she is a beautiful woman. Her neighbours were amazing and she was so accommodating and generous to me. We have become good friends and definitely will be going back to visit my friend.

Homeowner: Coopers_mom
Sitter: Aikmanfan58501

Cindy is the BEST!

Location Boiling Springs North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Oct-20-22 - Nov-15-22

I don't think that anyone could've taken better care of Cooper than Cindy.  She said they would become besties and she was true to her word.  She spent a lot of time with him and they went on many walking/hiking adventures together.  I also really appreciated all the updates and photos that she sent to me.  I now consider Cindy a friend and she is certainly my top choice to watch Cooper when I have to travel.

Sitter: DownToEarthDuo
Homeowner: tnicky

Fantastic First Sit

Location vancouver British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Nov-21-22 - Nov-30-22

We had so much fun looking after Wolfie and Magic for Toni! They have great personalities and the responsibilities were totally manageable. Toni's apartment is awesome - it is so colourful and pleasant with everything you'd need. 

The highlight was definitely all cuddling on the bed at night. Recommended! The stay is in a good location. It's a cozy abode even in the rainy months - it felt like a boutique hotel. Transit, groceries, and restaurants are steps away. It's close to the highway too. Plenty of parking.

Thanks Toni for a wonderful first experience here. Much appreciated!

Sitter: kysitter
Homeowner: the1tabby

Loving pets, generous host, art-filled house

Location Beaufort North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Oct-25-22 - Nov-4-22

I so enjoyed my stay!  Potter, the labradoodle, is a fun, loving spirit.  Adorable, tiny Miss Kitty Raku definitely wants her due attention, as well.  But don't get me wrong, both are well-behaved.  

Pam and I hit it off immediately - she is quite a talented artist!  Just name it, she has tried it (with success).  Every corner of her house piqued my interest with her own creations and those she brought back from her travels.  She generously offered her stores of food, her own comfortable bed, and the opportunity for me to have guests visit.  During the day I relaxed on the back deck watching the birds or in the screened in porch, and in the evenings I settled into the cozy glassed-in addition.  Colder days it would be nice to cozy up to the fireplace or around the outdoor firepit.  The house is located near the water (water view) in a quiet neighborhood, but close to all conveniences.   I highly recommend this house/pet sit!

Homeowner: tlajgridley
Sitter: cinben99

5 Stars*****

Location Yuma Arizona United States

Sit Dates Nov-17-22 - Nov-26-22

Ben and Cindy stayed at our house in Yuma, AZ for a week.  I have had many housesitters over the years, all were good experiences, but Ben and Cindy are my favorites.  They were everything I could ask for in a housesitter- reliable, honest, loving caregivers to my 10 year old dog and cat, and extremely clean and conscientious caretakers of our home.  I wish I could have them every time I needed a housesitter! 

Sitter: cinben99
Homeowner: tlajgridley

Beautiful home and landscaping, easy lovely pets. 10/10

Location Yuma Arizona United States

Sit Dates Nov-17-22 - Nov-26-22

Tim and Linda were great hosts. they welcomed us early, made us feel very comfortable, and gathered some of the neighbours for us to meet over dinner, the day before their departure. Their dog Lacie was adorable, and Lola the cat warmed up to us in no time. We found ourselves enjoying the property and location more than we expected, making short outings and back to cuddle with the pets. All amenities were within a 5-10 minute drive of their house. we had a private room and bathroom which were lovely. The view of the mountains from the back yard was great.  10/10.

Sitter: Acoupleoftravelers
Homeowner: lifeisgood100093

Great experience with Grace and Brian

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Nov-21-22 - Nov-28-22

It was such a relaxing and pleasant stay in Sante Fe. The pets are just wonderful and so affectionate and easy. The home is beautiful and the hosts were so generous and gracious. We do not have one complaint or suggestions. However, we really do miss their dog and 2 cats. 


Debra and Paul

Homeowner: lifeisgood100093
Sitter: Acoupleoftravelers

Debra and Paul are Wonderful Housecarers

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Nov-21-22 - Nov-28-22

Debra and Paul cared for our home and pets while we visited our family in Northern Virginia for Thanksgiving.  They are a gracious couple and we enjoyed getting to know them and feel that we have new found life long friends.  In addition, they took fantastic care of Spencer, our 8 year old poodle and 2 cats.  Spencer enjoyed 4 mile walks and Pandora and Percy were cared for in a living manner.

Debra and Paul laundered their bedding, towels and repaired a couple of items that needed attention in our home.


Grace, MD

Homeowner: Corax01
Sitter: KseniaRus

Really great housesitter

Location Portalegre Alto Alentejo Portugal

Sit Dates Sep-19-22 - Oct-4-22

We were very fortunate to have found Ksenya to look after our four cats and our house during our 2 weeks holiday. During our stay she always kept in touch and gave us updates. When we got back our house was immaculate and - more importantly - the cats were all well, relaxed and happy. We would not hesitate to ask Ksenya to watch our cats/house again and can absolutely recommend her anyone needing a house/petsitter.

Anna & Ralf, October 2022

Sitter: Ken_Christine
Homeowner: gwf512

This was a delightful houesesit

Location Tolga QLD Australia

Sit Dates Sep-11-20 - Nov-11-20

This was a delightful housesit, perhaps our best ever. Glyn was a marvellous host and we have kept in touch since. We've even played numerous games of golf. My sadness now is that Glyn has moved from the district and taken Chilli the miniature dachshund with him. Quite sad but we have both vowed to continue catching up at his new location.

Sitter: Cadillac
Homeowner: chuckylore

Fantastic stay in San Diego area

Location Carlsbad California United States

Sit Dates Nov-4-22 - Nov-21-22

Jerry & Lore are two wonderful people who hosted us in their beautiful home and gave us an opportunity to care for their loving cat Jasper. They treated us (and I am sure as they do all their other house sitters) as part of their family starting from picking us up at the airport, to making sure we had breakfast and taking us out for dinner – you can’t ask for anything better than this! Their house is located in a charming Carlsbad Village, about half an hour from San Diego, with a local train, beautiful beach and fantastic restaurants & shops. There are also plenty of State Parks and many unique hiking trails and opportunities to explore. Overall, a pure bliss experience and we would love to come back for another house and Jasper sit!

Homeowner: chuckylore
Sitter: Cadillac

Wonderful Sitters for our House and Cat

Location Carlsbad California United States

Sit Dates Nov-6-22 - Nov-20-22

Vlad and Inna are really delightful and caring.  They sat for us at our house in Carlsbad, CA recently.  The are a very charming couple who took great care with our house and cat Jasper.  They sent us photos and videos to show how our cat was doing and he was always doing well. Vlad made Jasper his buddy and lapcat.   The house was in great shape when we returned.

We couldn't have asked for more, but Vlad did much more.  He fixed a broken door in our garage and made several little tables more stable.  He replaced batteries in my car's key fobs and didn't let me pay for them.  He picked us up from the airport at midnight and even bought us turnovers for breakfast.

If you get a chance, do let Inna and Vlad sit for you.  They will do an excellent job for sure.


Jerry & Lore 

Homeowner: bebeblu
Sitter: TwoShinyHappyPeople

Michelle and Terry were wonderful sitters

Location HILTON HEAD ISLAND South Carolina United States

Sit Dates Oct-19-22 - Nov-12-22

We have 2 (needy) dogs and 2 (picky) cats. Michelle and Terry took care of all four of them as if they were their own.  They sent us videos and kept us up-to-date as much as possible while we were out of the country.

They came a day or two early so we could show them the daily routines and enjoy a day exploring on their own.

Everyone was in tip-top condition when we returned home. The house was clean and the laundry was done. 

We hope they will come and stay sometime in the future. We (and the pets) would love to have them back! 

Homeowner: khaupt001
Sitter: Paws_n_Claws

Simply amazing!!!!

Location Drake Colorado United States

Sit Dates Oct-31-22 - Nov-15-22

Wow!!! We used Paws and Claws for a 2 week stay and she was truly amazing! She took our Chesapeake Bay retriever on many walks which she loves. She went above and beyond in every aspect. Our communication was fantastic, she took great care of our dog and cat, and our plants and our house was so clean when we arrived home. She even made us a special soup for our return home. She is so friendly and warm and an absolute delight. We will absolutely have her return!

Sitter: Acountrygirl
Homeowner: Toby1963

Good ole boys

Location Sydenham Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Nov-3-22 - Nov-6-22

Toby and Monty were great dogs to take care of.  Very easy going and lovable.

Barb was a great host.  Private bedroom and bathroom accomodations.  Walking distance to a small town in a beautiful semi rural setting.


Sitter: Paws_n_Claws
Homeowner: khaupt001

Five stars for this sit!

Location Drake Colorado United States

Sit Dates Oct-31-22 - Nov-15-22

If you love extreme peace, quiet and solitude then you should sit for Kenya and Mark, or rather for the fur babies, Bella and Gritz... Bella is the friendlest, sweetest and most eager pup ever and will gladly go with you on any hike or walk you care to take her on. Gritz, the cat, is happy to just be fed, watered and brushed (all day, if possible). K&M are lovely, generous people, communication with them was great, and their instructions were spot-on... And the "cabin", is a well equipped, warm, cosy home, with the best views, lovely sunrises, wildlife that practically come up to the door... what more could you ask for? I do hope to sit for K&M/B&G again!