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May 17,22 Hunters Hill Sydney NSW Australia Jun 12,22 ShortMedium 24 Days Cats Coolinda
May 16,22 none Prineville Oregon United States Jun 16,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Cats, Horses or Ponies, flock of laying hens- 12 gtahaka
May 16,22 North Rothbury NSW Australia Jun 3,22 ShortMedium 39 Days Basiil
May 16,22 Aquia Harbour Stafford Virginia United States Sep 6,22 ShortMedium 36 Days Cats MikeysMom
May 16,22 Seminole Isle Seminole Florida United States Jul 7,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs larra48
May 11,22 Southern Border Basel Switzerland Jul 2,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Cats vacationagain
May 14,22 FAENZA Italy Jul 6,22 ShortMedium 26 Days Cats fedetam
May 12,22 Bay Area, North Bay, Wine Country Vallejo California United States Jun 22,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs VintageVallejo
May 12,22 Coatesville Auckland North Island New Zealand Jun 24,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Dogs, Cats runyhuny
May 10,22 Carriage Hills El Sobrante California United States Jun 26,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Dogs, Cats biamac
May 11,22 Killarney Vale near The Entrance NSW Australia Aug 23,22 ShortMedium 37 Days Dogs, None Sallyandme
May 10,22 Suburbs Lincoln University Pennsylvania United States Jun 9,22 ShortMedium 26 Days Dogs RoseMary19
May 10,22 Bear Valley Tehachapi California United States Jun 28,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs, Cats Merart1
May 10,22 Alto Ruidoso New Mexico United States Jun 24,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Cats AMOMEUSMENINOS
May 9,22 Northern Cayes Caye Caulker Belize Sep 5,22 ShortMedium 33 Days Dogs Pemmela
May 3,22 Brookside Kansas City metro Missouri United States Jun 12,22 ShortMedium 25 Days Dogs, Cats AZOasis
May 6,22 northam york WA Australia Aug 26,22 ShortMedium 40 Days Cats, Fish, chooks mishar
May 5,22 Quail Creek Green Valley Arizona United States Jul 6,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Dogs evanswas
May 5,22 20 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Jun 28,22 ShortMedium 27 Days Dogs DashChase
May 4,22 Leckhampton Cheltenham South West England Jul 10,22 ShortMedium 38 Days Dogs, Cats RileyDog1966
May 1,22 City Victoria British Columbia Canada Jun 3,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs, Two lovebirds embee60
May 3,22 Fair oaks ranch San Antonio Texas Texas United States Nov 1,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Dogs, Birds, African gray parrot ( caged) lps222
May 3,22 Near New Orleans, LA and Mississippi Gulf Coast Pearlington Mississippi United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs, 1 dog AbstractArtist
May 2,22 Near Holbox Island Solferino Yucatan Mexico Sep 1,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Dogs, Cats, Opossum giuliartemisia
Apr 30,22 Southwest Bend Oregon United States Aug 19,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs ballerin
Apr 29,22 on the Ottawa River Ottawa/Montreal/Hawkesbury Ontario Canada Dec 15,22 ShortMedium 37 Days Cats, One cat Love_Canada
Apr 26,22 castle carrock carlisle lake district England Aug 22,22 ShortMedium 30 Days Cats pantalaimon
Apr 22,22 Capitol Hill Washington District of Columbia United States Jul 8,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs, Rabbits DC_pets_2022
Apr 22,22 South Ostuni countryside Ostuni Italy Italy Nov 29,22 ShortMedium 39 Days Exploreitaly67
Apr 17,22 El Cerrito California United States Jun 21,22 ShortMedium 32 Days Cats palgb1
Apr 16,22 1 hour SE of Dallas Mabank Texas United States Nov 17,22 ShortMedium 27 Days Cats texasgs
Apr 14,22 Balgowlah Sydney NSW Australia Jul 12,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs, Cats TheOBs
Apr 10,22 Takoma Park Maryland United States Jun 15,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs, Fish Falafel52
Apr 7,22 Wimauma Florida United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium 38 Days Dogs tulipkidd
Apr 1,22 Residential Colima Pacific West Coast Mexico May 18,22 ShortMedium 37 Days Dogs, Cats, Turtles, Dog, cat mexico_1985
Mar 29,22 Benton Stephens Columbia Missouri United States May 24,22 ShortMedium 28 Days Cats clarely
Mar 14,22 Rural mountain Laytonville California United States May 24,22 ShortMedium 28 Days Cats Off_Grid_Home
Feb 17,22 Sierra Nevada foothills Grass Valley California United States Jul 19,22 ShortMedium 21 Days Dogs, Cats Verica2019