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Homeowner: Riverforest
Sitter: AdventureLovers123

Absolutely wonderful house sitters!

Location Pittsboro North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Feb-21-23 - Mar-17-23

We definitely won the “lottery” in having the lovely couple, “AdventureLovers123”, house- and pet sit for us for 3 weeks while we traveled to SE Asia. Initially hesitant, because we have an elderly, only cat, and AdventureLovers123 being available only as a package deal of three (the couple and their little, well-behaved, certified therapy dog), we were concerned that our shy, elderly diva cat would not be amused to share a home with a dog, of all things. BUT, after some messaging back and forth and a lovely video chat, where we met the couple and their little dog, we were totally swept off our feet by this kind, calm, sweet little fellow and were convinced that our kitty would be fine with the little dog…and she WAS! This couple even mailed us one of the dog’s blankies in advance to get our kitty used to the doggie scent! Brilliant!

AdventureLovers123 were great at communicating plans and updates and sticking to the agreed upon schedule, arriving on time for us to orient them to the house and kitty before we left for our trip. When they arrived, they brought a goody box of typical items from their state! They even agreed to look after our next-door neighbor’s kitty, while the neighbor had a family emergency and needed to be away for a week. Such kind folks!

The house sitters kept our house tidy and our plants taken care of and lovingly cared for our kitty, providing frequent photo updates via WhatsApp. We could travel with peace of mind. And to top it all off, they cooked us a welcome home dinner, inviting the neighbor and a friend, whom we had connected with them as a backup in case of a kitty emergency.

Truly, THESE are the house sitters/pet sitters you’ll want to care for your home while you travel! They are such kind, caring, and delightful folks…and their little doggie is the sweetest. I miss him already! We can’t recommend them enough…and if you have hesitated because you’re not sure about a dog in your space, I can only reassure you, that this little fellow is so calm, sweet, and well-behaved, you will not regret it.

Sitter: AdventureLovers123
Homeowner: Riverforest

Bar has been set very high by these homeowners!

Location Pittsboro North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Feb-22-23 - Mar-15-23

What with birthday flowers and singing happy birthday in German, no one could've made our first sit better than Ralph & Ellen! With their warm, welcoming personalities, detailed info on their sweet cat, Mira, their home, and things to do in the area, as well as important contact information, we were set up for success.

We appreciated their quick communication, whether for questions or sharing of pics and info. We especially appreciated their accommodating my nut allergies by removing them prior to our arrival.

Their large, very clean home is set on 5 beautiful, wooded acres, with an in-ground pool, grand fireplace and lovely kitchen. Our room was private & quiet. (Loved the quilt.) Everything needed was provided and well organized.

One thing that sets Ralph & Ellen apart is their willingness to think outside the box. Originally, they expected only human housesitters to apply. But after video chatting with us and meeting our gentle therapy dog, they opened both their hearts and home to all three of us!

Ralph and Ellen are genuine, caring, down to earth, great people. We would encourage everyone who is able to apply for a sit of their home and precious Mira. That is, unless of course, we beat you to it!

Homeowner: Amp2022
Sitter: Sapphire

Great Choice!

Location Toronto Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Dec-15-22 - Mar-15-23

We were away for three months this winter and Aline couldn’t have been a better choice as housesitter for our home and for our cat Chloe.  She had even expressed enthusiasm for snow shoveling!  She was loving with Chloe, she was responsible and she communicated well on a regular basis.  We never had to wonder if the house was being looked after, and when we returned, we found everything in perfect condition. Aline was delightful and we would not hesitate to have her back.

Sitter: Aikmanfan58501
Homeowner: EasternTN778

Great hosts

Location Cosby Tennessee United States

Sit Dates Mar-4-23 - Mar-10-23

Very welcoming hosts with a very beautiful and comfortable home. Animals were easy to care for, and instructions were clear and simple to follow. Hosts were very laid back and very accommodating. I would return in a heartbeat.

Homeowner: darkhorses
Sitter: MagpieTravellers

Kerri and Chad( Magpie Travellers)

Location Cobble Hill British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jan-9-23 - Mar-19-23

     Our housitters did a wonderful job taking care of things,while we were away in Asia. They were very good with our overgrown lapdog Julio,thank goodness they had a sense of humour. Kerri and Chad were very easy to communicate with,always leaving me feeling secure that everything was well taken care of,in our absence.The dog and horses were content while we were away,I would not hesitate to refer them to any home owners looking for reliable house and animal carers.

          Andrea and Ken

              Vancouver Island

Homeowner: EasternTN778
Sitter: Aikmanfan58501

Wonderful Match!

Location Cosby Tennessee United States

Sit Dates Mar-3-23 - Mar-10-23

Communication was easy with Cindy.  She stayed in touch and was prompt in arriving.  She clearly loves pets and was a pleasure to have at our home.  We couldn't have asked for more from our house sitter.  Will ask her back for sure.  Highly recommend!

David & Randi 

Sitter: MagpieTravellers
Homeowner: darkhorses

Lovely home with beautiful surroundings

Location Cobble Hill British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Jan-9-23 - Mar-14-23

Ken and Andrea's place was a wonderful first time housesit experience. The home was beautiful and cozy with everything you would/could need. Communication with everyone involved was great. The horses were very well mannered and easy to feed.  And most importantly, Julio, their Rottweiler, was a gorgeous, gentle giant who loves affection. The surrounding area is simply gorgeous and we totally enjoyed checking it out. It was an absolute pleasure to do this housesit and take care of Julio.  

Sitter: SunnyDays17
Homeowner: sparkysdad

Lovely Housesit - Sparky (Cat)

Location Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Mar-6-23 - Mar-14-23

The housesit was lovely. Sparky had a great personality - purred a lot and rubbed up against my leg. He loved going outside as well (on a leash) and came when you called him with a few treats. The location was super close to stores, parks, and groceries in a quiet area. I was able to take beautiful walks in a mature neighborhood. As the owners were delayed in coming back home, I made sure that they had a fresh bed made for them - as I know when you arrive home late the last thing you want to do is do laundry or make your bed. The owners were a delight. :)

Homeowner: islandliving155
Sitter: VanAmera


Location Nanoose Bay British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Feb-10-23 - Mar-12-23

I was happy to come home to a happy dog who is now missing his sitter!!

Thanks VanAmera for taking good care of my Dog and home!!

I appreciate the effort and interest taken in my sometimes challenging 4 legged fur baby!!


Sitter: Lilredmule
Homeowner: kingcasa

Great house and pet sit in Garon and Liz's cozy home

Location Arlington Virginia United States

Sit Dates Oct-7-18 - Oct-17-18

We had a great time in beautiful Arlington Virginia, caring for their home and sweet pets. 

Comfortable in their spacious basement apartment, we enjoyed privacy, convenience, and peace of mind as their house sitters. All of the amenities added to the experience: washer and dryer, private bath in the downstairs apartment, well-appointed galley kitchen, enclosed patio with a grill, excellent internet and tv, safe neighborhood close to shopping, dining, bus to excellent Metro System to get to sites, such as the Smithsonian, in around 30 minutes. 

Garon and Liz's pets were easy to care for. They are conscientious and loving pet owners. We would gladly return to their home again!

Homeowner: UrbanAustin
Sitter: SanAntonioRose

Great care of the house and the cats. The house was spotless when we returned.

Location Austin Texas United States

Sit Dates Feb-14-23 - Feb-22-23

Becky and Paul were wonderful caretakers of our pets and our home. We immediately felt comfortable upon meeting them and even so they surprised us with the high level of care they provided. When we returned the house might have been cleaner than when we left, even though we had our maid come the day before we left. Truly exceptional care.

Sitter: SanAntonioRose
Homeowner: UrbanAustin

Friendly, helpful homeowners. Lovely home.

Location Austin Texas United States

Sit Dates Feb-14-23 - Feb-22-23

We had a great experience in Austin. The owners were easy to work with and gave clear instructions. The cats were very easy to care for. One was quite shy, while the other was more friendly. They were no trouble at all. The home is lovely, in an excellent location with a stunning view of downtown Austin. Many restaurants, music venues and stores within easy walking distance. There is off street covered parking. Very minimal maintenance was required, we just needed to water a few potted plants once or twice. A very easy and enjoyable pet sit. 

Homeowner: Rio_Grande_2_Mesa
Sitter: SolidSoul

Thank You, Bruce!

Location Arroyo Hondo New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Feb-20-23 - Mar-1-23

Yama the dog liked Bruce upon first meeting and so did I. During our initial talk and meeting, Bruce asked questions about Yama and the house. It’s a solar-powered home and he wanted to understand its workings.

He kept in touch while I was away. I felt confident my beloved dog and home were in good hands. And they were. I came home to a clean house and a happy dog.

Bruce is welcome back anytime — I would even schedule my vacation around his timing!

Sitter: SolidSoul
Homeowner: Rio_Grande_2_Mesa

Peaceful stay off-grid in Arroyo Hondo

Location Arroyo Hondo New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Feb-20-23 - Mar-1-23

I spent a little over a week at Kelly's adobe house, watching her dog Yama. Her house is down a dirt road, with a beautiful view of the mountains. The house is solar with a backup generator. I enjoyed my experience of off-grid living and being in very peaceful surroundings at her house.

Yama ate well and was easy to walk.  She also likes spending time sunning herself outside. The house has thick adobe walls, decent internet (I had multiple Zoom video conference calls without any difficulty), good kitchen, comfortable furniture.

Kelly was very thorough in preparing information about the solar system, preparing Yama's food, and other details about the house. We corresponded by text or phone during the time that she was away, which worked well for both of us.

Sitter: SolidSoul
Homeowner: TaosKitty

Delightful Housesit and Pet Sitting near Taos

Location Taos New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Oct-12-22 - Oct-29-22

I spent over two weeks at Kitty and Joe's house in Arroyo Seco, near Taos, New Mexico,  walking/feeding Guido, their 12-14 year old Labrador Retriever twice daily, watering plants and minding the house in October.

Also was housesitting for them 2 additional weeks from November 28-Dec 14th 2022, and a third time for 6+ weeks from Dec 30th through Feb 13th 2023.

Their house is lovely and spacious, in a beautiful location, and has a well-stocked kitchen, good internet (30+ MB/s upload speed on I was able to run two simultaneous computers videoconferencing on Zoom for a group presentation without problems) and good TV reception. The town of Taos is about 15-20 minutes away, as is Taos Ski Valley. They live on a dirt/gravel road about two miles from the center of Arroyo Seco, which has an attractive small town with organic cafe, market, and much more.The road has a few potholes but was easily navigable for my low-clearance Tesla.

Duties included watering the plants, taking out trash, picking up mail, pet care (meds, walks, feeding, play, dog poop)... Kitty and Joe are very kind and friendly, and have clear and detailed typed instructions with names and phone numbers of neighbors, repair and service people, and the maintenance items for the house.  They have a well stocked garage and tool shed, as well.

They communicated well, and we texted or spoke every 2-3 days while they were gone, answering questions of mine or asking me to check something for them.

When it snows significantly (a foot or so), another duty is to shovel snow from the flat part of the roof. I climbed up twice on the roof to do minor repairs (weather station and check stove pipe) - the roof is very flat and has a raised area around the perimeter. It did not snow enough for me to need to do any shoveling this first time, though I expect to do so when I am there during the winter months.

Guido is aging and still playful - likes to fetch toys and sticks, and enjoys his walks. He is well-behaved and walks without needing a leash (though I would always bring one with in case vehicles or other dogs showed up on the road that we would walk along)

They invited me to come a day early and to stay with them the day before they left, which made it much easier to orient to the house, the routine, and very much eased the transition for all of us.

I found the entire experience quite enjoyable.

Sitter: SunnyDays17
Homeowner: chromosomeartist

Lovely Neighbourhood Sit

Location Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Sit Dates Feb-10-23 - Mar-5-23

Melanie and Keith were great hosts, easy to communicate with, and very welcoming.

Location: Great neighborhood, a few blocks walking to shops, banks, stores, and groceries. Large park nearby, tree-lined streets, and close to the ocean. The area had a buzz about it. I also was able to utilize their electric car, which was very convenient for errands. Thank you!


Dusty, their cat, was a loveable furry addition to the family that had a personality all her own. She was easily amused during the day and came and sat on my lap when she wanted attention. She even cleaned the floor after she did her business. Totally made me laugh!

Sadie, their 5-6 month-old puppy, was adorable and had tons of energy to boot. She loved going on walks. I ended up teaching her how to sit at the sidewalk curbs (people walking by commented how lovely it was to see), walked more easily beside me, and ended up playing catch with her pineapple toy by the time I left. She also totally napped out when we came home. I also took her to the vet to get vaccinated. Thank you Sasha for the help! (a student who is staying at their house during my stay).

 Lovely stay, with beautiful animals, a convenient location, and great hosts.

Thank you for having me!

Sitter: martin_maggie
Homeowner: albertagypsy

Great hosts and lovely kitty

Location Calgary Alberta Canada

Sit Dates Jul-15-22 - Jul-30-22

We house sat for Susan and Yigal a couple of times and enjoyed our stay very much. They are both easy going and helpful, providng us lots of local information in order for us to have a wonderful stay. Shante has a great personality. She was a bit aloof at the beginning, but quickly turned around to be relaxed and vocal. We especially enjoyed her loud moew announcing to us she was back home after hangingout in the backyard and now needing some attention and food. We loved our little 'conversation' with Shante!

We hope to see them all again!

Homeowner: comefth1954
Sitter: memmereof3

Janice is great

Location Asheville North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Mar-1-23 - Mar-6-23

This was the first time we used a house sitter with our cat Gracie. Janice is conscientious, personable, and a good communicator, who took great care of our cat and home. Highly recommend them and would use her again.

Homeowner: zipper7
Sitter: cazziewest2912

Wonderful sitters!

Location Wodonga VIC Australia

Sit Dates Feb-6-23 - Feb-27-23

Carol and David are a great couple, they looked after my house and my Lakie Albert very well indeed, soldiering on after the hot water system blew up after a few days. House was left in a very clean state, garden was looked after and David repaired the electrics in my trailer. Highly recommended!

Homeowner: greyeyedgirl
Sitter: pet_hug

Very please Anat answered our post for a cat sitter

Location London South East England

Sit Dates Feb-9-23 - Feb-27-23

Great pet sitter! Anat was really understandable about our needs relating to the house and the cats. One of them is 18 years old and takes medicine twice a day therefore, we were especially concerned about leaving him for two weeks.

Anat arrived two days before our trip which gave us enough time to go through the details on the house and on each cat's needs.

She was always available to talk to and gave us many updates on the cats' daily activities. She contacted us to clear doubts and it helped us to relax and enjoy our time away.

Anat is caring and attentive which makes her a perfect pet sitter.

Homeowner: theoasis
Sitter: CareGirl2018

Peggy was wonderful

Location Green Valley Arizona United States

Sit Dates Feb-24-23 - Feb-28-23

Peggy was a great house and cat sitter. Our Stella girl was in good hands for sure. We enjoyed meeting Peggy and highly recommend her if you are looking for a house or pet sitter!

Sitter: pet_hug
Homeowner: greyeyedgirl

Great hosts and house in London

Location London South East England

Sit Dates Feb-9-23 - Feb-27-23

The catsitting in Mary and Gilda's house was very pleasant. They welcomed me warmly and they are very easy going persons. They have 4 cats who were at first afraid but at the end they agreed to be cuddled. The house is a cosy house about 50 minutes by public transfer from the center of London, so it's very convenient. There are lots of convenient stores around. There is a fire place in the living room and in the bedroom. I highly recommend if you want to spend time in London and have wonderful host experience. 

Homeowner: ainsle
Sitter: marlene1

Outstanding Housesitters

Location Anacortes Washington United States

Sit Dates Jan-18-23 - Jan-28-23

Marlene and Daryl watched over our dogs and our house for 10 days in January.  They were very pleasant to get to know during our 24 hours that we overlapped with them before we departed. We communicated during our vacation overseas and got some updates.  When we returned, we found our house spotless and our dogs even better mannered than before we left :  )  We would gladly have them come and stay in our home again.  It was a great experience.  Thank you Daryl and Marlene!

Homeowner: Princethepony
Sitter: sharna1946

Happy Animals Clean House

Location Kurri Kurri NSW Australia

Sit Dates Feb-10-23 - Feb-19-23

Sheila and Eric were wonderful housesitters. 
2 ponies 1 cockatoo and 4 chickens relaxed and happy on return. 
plants and house looked great as well.

Our neighbors gave them the thumbs up as well. 

Sitter: obodoyoga
Homeowner: Buddy25

Loved this experience!

Location Cedar Crest New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Feb-12-23 - Feb-19-23

Staying with Sweet Pea and Gracie was such a pleasure.  They are the most loving dogs, and perfectly behaved.  They love and appreciate any attention and give back equally.  The same goes for their delightful owners, who have created an enchanting home life in the East Mountains of Albuquerque.  For a visitor, it's the best of all worlds--hidden nature splendor along with groceries, restaurants and activities within 10-15 minutes, Santa Fe in less than an hour and downtown Albuquerque is just 20 minutes.  The vibe of both the home and the area is brilliant.  I hope to visit again.

Homeowner: Innaminka
Sitter: PlantForward

Randall was the BEST housesitter ever...

Location Ho Chi Minh City district 4 Vietnam

Sit Dates Jan-15-23 - Feb-11-23

Randall is a very very committed and dedicated housesitter. It was quite complicated to get the online visa to come to Vietnam. But the paperwork even 2 days before the departure date did not frighten him. His word to come over was gold. We are most grateful for Randall's mindful and caring for the pets. We had daily pix... another hidden skill is that his picturesof our cats  are of  professional quality!  He only left his footprints here and his energy with the pets who obviously love him. They did not bit us when we were back (they nornally do when we are going away!).
He even fed our sourdough starter. I rarely ask anyone to do that.

And he is vegan like us... so the energy in the house was not disturbed. A rare housesitter who ticks all the boxes. 

Needless to say how impressed we were.  I really trust Randall will come back again and look after the cats and the plants. The plants thrived.. We had flowers even! Thank you and best wishes till we meet again.

Sitter: PlantForward
Homeowner: Innaminka

Wow, this is the place!

Location Ho Chi Minh City district 4 Vietnam

Sit Dates Jan-17-23 - Feb-11-23

Thanks for an unforgettable month. If you’re considering a pet sit, forget everything else and commit to this one. I have cared for pets and managed households around the globe for many years. I have to say that this stay in HCMC was right at the top of the list for pure enjoyment, lovable cates, ease of working with hosts, and a great city experience. 

The cats were affectionate and chill, the flat clean and organized, and the fish hid all day. While watering the plants was real work, they seemed to respond to the attention. My and Anthony were so gracious and communicative. It’s like I’ve known them for years. They had tremendous recommendations for the the Tet holiday, city sights, restaurants, and life in the neighborhood. The rooftop patios and infinitity pool offered great, relaxing views of the city and the clouds. And a bicycle trip along the river is not to be missed. So cozy in that Distrcit 4 neighborhood. I already miss the literal and figurative warmth of HCMC.

It felt as if they were taking care of me instead of the other way around. Can’t wait to visit again, whether house sitting of sipping coffee together again. Thank you!


Homeowner: Buddy25
Sitter: obodoyoga

Owen was great

Location Cedar Crest New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Feb-11-23 - Feb-19-23

Owen was a perfect house sitter.  He went way beyond the call of duty.  The house was cleaner than we left it, there was more food in the fridge, everything was back in its place, and everything still works.  He even left us a bottle of wine and some chocolates. And best of all, our two dogs are happy.

Owen came a day early so we could show him the various house quirks.  During that time he listened carefully.  We felt we got to know him a bit.  He's a very impressive man with multiple talents and skills, and fun to talk with.  You'll be very happy if Owen becomes your house sitter.

Sitter: omandgarden
Homeowner: Kabuki12

Cozy house, kind homeowner, and sweet dog Baki

Location Salida Colorado United States

Sit Dates Jan-19-23 - Jan-24-23

Judy's house in Salida is a very warm, beautiful, cozy experience. Buki is a lab mix, full of energy and spunk, but also very chill and relaxed in down time with the cutest disposition. Judy allowed me to take Buki on many off leash adventures and hikes in safe places so that he can run and play freely. There's an off-leash dog park only 10 minutes walk away- and open space near the house where Buki can fetch a ball incessantly- he's a very fun playful dog! Also lots of trails nearby and great places for off leash play and walks. He does need ample exercise morning and eve.
Salida is a great little mountain town w a river and cute shops and restaurants- and many awesome nearby hotsprings! 
Judy is accommodating and kind- and thoughtful w housesitters. She left her home immaculate for me and took me to dinner and was very sweet overall. Her home is beautiful and bright and full of interesting books and art. 

I would definelty recommend this housesit.

Homeowner: FremontHousesit
Sitter: MustLoveDogs2

Caring, Attentive, Responsible

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates Oct-18-22 - Nov-1-22

Brenda was an absolute joy to have stay in our home. She took perfect care of our two pups as well as our home. She communicated when she had a question and sent pics of our doodles to allay any concerns while we were away. Without hesitation, we HIGHLY recommend!!

Ruth and Jake (Seattle)