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Dec 8,21 Sam Hughes neighborhood Tucson Arizona United States Jul 1,22 ShortMedium 31 Days Dogs bert_jake2
Dec 6,21 Flanders Southampton Town New York United States Jan 13,22 Short 14 Days Cats Colredbird
Dec 6,21 Greenwood/Ballard Seattle Washington United States Jun 26,22 Medium 46 Days Dogs, Anatolian shepherd/Great Pyrenees Aneta23
Dec 6,21 Eagle Rock Los Angeles California United States Dec 22,21 Micro 5 Days Cats gkartsonis
Dec 6,21 Reunion -- Buckley Ranch Commerce City Colorado United States Dec 24,21 Short 8 Days Dogs, Cats Warren21
Dec 6,21 northeast pa. Equinunk Pennsylvania United States Dec 17,21 Short 13 Days fernwoods
Dec 5,21 Prospect Lefferts Brooklyn New York United States Dec 19,21 ShortMedium 36 Days Cats brooklynangelcats
Dec 4,21 Martin Acres Boulder Colorado United States Dec 15,21 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs joanmm888
Dec 4,21 Loganville Atlanta Georgia United States Dec 19,21 Short 16 Days Cats GeorgiaCouple
Nov 29,21 Blue RidgeMountains Meadows of Dan Virginia United States Jan 18,22 Medium 49 Days Dogs, Cats, Chickens. fluffernutter
Dec 2,21 Austin Smithville Texas United States Dec 25,21 Short 7 Days Cats FunLife
Dec 1,21 Close to Seal Beach, CA Long Beach California United States Jan 25,22 Short 13 Days Dogs JPRTLR
Nov 30,21 township fayetteville Ohio United States Jan 20,22 ShortMedium 40 Days petrusprimus
Nov 30,21 Table Mesa Boulder Colorado United States Jan 14,22 MediumLong 76 Days Cats, Birds, Birds: just Outdoor Bird Feeders and Birdbath kdl1630
Nov 29,21 Reston Town Center Reston Virginia United States Dec 21,21 Short 12 Days Dogs Diogenes
Nov 29,21 Walk to old mill Bend Oregon United States Dec 23,21 Micro 6 Days Dogs bendadventure
Nov 29,21 Southeast Portland Oregon United States Dec 22,21 Short 7 Days Cats rainingcatsinPDX
Nov 29,21 Noe Valley San Francisco California United States Dec 30,21 Micro 5 Days Dogs trackermaloney
Nov 29,21 Suburbs Fargo North Dakota United States Apr 30,22 ShortMedium 22 Days Cats pettrimmer
Nov 27,21 Scotts Valley California United States Dec 17,21 Short 18 Days Cats beherenow
Nov 29,21 The Best Small Town in America! Beaufort North Carolina United States Jan 30,22 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Cats, We feed the birds! the1tabby
Nov 28,21 Alamo Heights San Antonio Texas United States May 20,22 Short 20 Days Cats Txcatpeople
Nov 27,21 Ravenswood Chicago Illinois United States Dec 19,21 Short 12 Days Dogs Oberon78555
Nov 21,21 Oakland California United States Dec 16,21 ShortMedium 24 Days Dogs Oaklandhousesit
Nov 27,21 Old Town Longmont Longmont Colorado United States Dec 22,21 Short 10 Days Cats scoutattack
Nov 22,21 Vancouver Portland Washington United States Dec 14,21 Short 17 Days Dogs PDX_With_A_Dog
Nov 22,21 Doylestown Buckingham Pennsylvania United States Feb 14,22 Short 10 Days Dogs, Cats BuckinghamSit
Nov 21,21 Claverack Hudson New York United States Jan 27,22 Short 16 Days Dogs LennyLizzy
Oct 20,21 Eastern suburb of Denver Aurora Colorado United States Dec 12,21 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats PetandHome
Oct 28,21 Suburbs White Plains Maryland United States Dec 17,21 ShortMedium 23 Days Dogs, Cats ett_1200
Nov 14,21 Durham County Durham North Carolina United States Dec 20,21 Short 9 Days Cats baileyandbruno
Nov 12,21 Mandarin Jacksonville Florida United States Jul 5,22 Short 16 Days Dogs, a couple who loves dogs and will put food out for the birds, ducks and feral cat loveouranimals
Nov 7,21 North side of town Bellingham Washington United States Dec 15,21 Short 16 Days Cats, None kinwashington
Nov 6,21 Carroll Gardens Brooklyn New York United States Jan 14,22 Medium 50 Days bscharf
Nov 2,21 Washington Heights New York United States Jan 7,22 Short 8 Days Cats NYCNow
Nov 1,21 Southwest Bend Oregon United States Dec 9,21 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats ballerin
Oct 25,21 Echo Park Los Angeles California United States Jan 1,22 Short 9 Days Dogs LAHousesitting
Oct 21,21 close to town Kaunakakai Hawaii United States Apr 1,22 Long 91 Days Molokai1
Oct 19,21 near Ashland Phoenix Oregon United States Jul 17,22 Long 92 Days Cats RetiredPhoenicians
Oct 13,21 Eastern Tennessee Cosby Tennessee United States Apr 10,22 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Cats EasternTN778
Oct 12,21 North Durham Durham North Carolina United States Dec 22,21 Short 15 Days , Cats mmm150
Oct 6,21 Mid City/Harvard Heights Los Angeles California United States Jul 6,22 ShortMedium 26 Days Rabbits, Cats Dodgergirl22
Oct 1,21 Midwest Muscatine Iowa United States Dec 24,21 ShortMedium 22 Days Dogs, Cats BKO_9840
Sep 24,21 washington dc mclean Virginia United States Jan 3,22 MediumLong 60 Days Cats LoisLef
Sep 18,21 Poncey-Highlands Atlanta Georgia United States Dec 22,21 Micro 6 Days Dogs, Cats AshanRudes
Aug 30,21 Indian springs Alexandria Virginia United States Dec 19,21 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats lizzybee
Aug 27,21 Old Grassy Point Port Charlotte Florida United States Feb 1,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs, Cats Crazycatlady1
Jun 23,21 East Asheville neighborhood Asheville North Carolina United States Dec 18,21 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats bingading
Near downtown Boise Idaho United States Feb 1,22 ShortMedium 29 Days Dogs tulijean