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Nov 22,22 Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada United States Dec 6,22 ShortMedium Cats LasVegasSit
Nov 17,22 Mission Bay San Francisco California United States Dec 17,22 Short Cats Celblusky1
Nov 15,22 northbay vallejo California United States Jan 23,23 Long gchiao999
Nov 7,22 Donelson Nashville Tennessee United States Feb 18,23 ShortMedium Cats aschwartau
Oct 26,22 Western Area Los Alamos New Mexico United States Dec 21,22 Short Dogs, Chickens LosAlamosNM
Sep 21,22 Northern Windsor Colorado United States Dec 9,22 Short Dogs flutopia
Nov 5,14 One hour north of Seattle Snohomish Washington United States Jan 4,15 MediumLong Cats snobird
Apr 6,19 San Antonio Texas United States Jul 5,19 ShortMedium Cats MWaddell
Oct 7,22 Boulder Colorado United States Oct 25,22 Micro Dogs Fleure57
Oct 13,22 Sunriver Bend Oregon United States Oct 26,22 Medium Cats, this is a maybe chrisunity
Oct 6,22 Big Island Pepeekeo Hawaii United States Nov 9,22 ShortMedium kfmitz
Oct 10,22 South Worcester New York United States Nov 24,22 Micro Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals TerriMerz
Oct 9,22 center city Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jan 5,23 MediumLong Cats fillyfran
Sep 26,22 North Portland Portland Oregon United States Nov 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs op1966
Oct 3,22 Village of Oak Creek Sedona Arizona United States Jan 13,23 ShortMedium Cats, Composting Worms janutski
Sep 26,22 Walking distance to Plaza and Railyard Santa Fe New Mexico United States Feb 8,23 Short Dogs Simbashouse
Sep 29,22 Silverado Ranch Las Vegas Nevada United States Nov 1,22 Short Cats PetLoVerLV1011
Oct 1,22 Bonita San Diego California United States Jan 14,23 Short Dogs, Cats, Six chickens Bonitagolfer
Sep 10,22 47 miles southwest of Chicago Joliet Illinois United States Oct 29,22 Medium Cats Isha10_buddha
Sep 17,22 UNC University Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Dec 18,22 Short Dogs, Cats ModernFurMama
Sep 1,22 Triangle Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Oct 14,22 Short Dogs, Rabbits Carol_Bren
Sep 25,22 Miami Coral Gables Florida United States Nov 3,22 Micro Cats, Birds, Fish villaviscaya
Sep 14,22 PRESCOTT Arizona United States Dec 6,22 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, chickens a7654321
Feb 23,22 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Mar 10,22 Dogs, Cats katygirl
Aug 31,22 Fremont Seattle Washington United States Oct 12,22 Short Dogs rbduffy1
Aug 21,22 Western NC Hendersonville North Carolina United States Sep 21,22 Short Cats inthenavy
Jul 24,22 Boston Amesbury Massachusetts United States Sep 8,22 Short Dogs frenchiedog11
Aug 15,22 Western Slope Cedaredge Colorado United States Sep 12,22 Medium Cats, Fish Tomatolady
Sep 1,22 East Side Santa Cruz California United States Nov 4,22 ShortMedium Dogs SeaMar
Sep 14,12 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States Sep 27,12 Short Cats SalishSeas
Jul 21,22 Near Seattle Lynnwood Washington United States Nov 23,22 Short Dogs NorthSeattleCavapoo
Jul 3,22 rural Arcata California United States Nov 22,22 Short Cats, 2 adorable cats Ukelele
Jul 31,22 Fort Collins Colorado United States Nov 21,22 Micro Dogs, Cats, 1 cat & 1 dog ScootsieBoots
Jun 29,22 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 23,22 Short LouCyn8_8
Aug 19,22 olympicpeninsula Sequim Washington United States Nov 21,22 Long Horses or Ponies Gardenlover2
Jun 30,22 30 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Aug 28,22 ShortMedium Dogs DashChase
Jul 20,22 Neighborhood Seattle Washington United States Sep 6,22 ShortMedium Cats SeaPNW
Jan 17,20 Williams Arizona United States Apr 3,20 Short Dogs, Cats crazytma
Jul 25,22 Table Mesa Boulder Colorado United States Sep 13,22 MediumLong Birds, Birds: outdoor Bird Feeders and Birdbath kdl1630
Aug 5,22 about 5 miles south Stevensville Montana United States Sep 1,22 Cats Sunset78
Aug 2,22 Hillsdale Portland Oregon United States Sep 24,22 Short Cats Westwood646
Jul 26,22 Nambe SANTA FE New Mexico United States Nov 7,22 MediumLong Dogs, Cats Dogchef
Jul 28,22 Shelter Bay La Conner Washington United States Sep 21,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Texas Terrier and affectionate cat Skittlesoph
Jul 4,22 30-45 minute drive to Philly Media Pennsylvania United States Aug 21,22 Short Dogs adelaide2
Jul 21,22 Washington/Baltimore Greenbelt Maryland United States Sep 26,22 Long Cats HappyCamper1919
Jul 30,22 Candler Asheville North Carolina United States Aug 18,22 Short Cats redhedzrule
Jul 29,22 St. Johns Portland Oregon United States Aug 1,22 ShortMedium Farm Animals, Chickens Emazon
Jul 20,22 Olympic Hills Seattle Washington United States Aug 31,22 ShortMedium bear21751
Jul 26,22 Southern Cuyahoga County, SE North Royalton North Royalton Ohio United States Sep 8,23 Cats, Fish, Farm Animals, Flock of 60 day free-ranging chickens lgtravels
Apr 7,14 west Santa Fe Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 7,14 Short Dogs Sinsonte
Jul 15,22 Lower Turtle Creek Kerrville Texas United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium LlamaRescue
Jul 20,22 South Coast Gold Beach Oregon United States Aug 15,22 ShortMedium Cats SouthernCoast
Jul 15,22 In city Seattle Washington United States Aug 3,22 ShortMedium Cats MidnightWhiskers
Jun 20,22 11mi south of town, very rural Florence Colorado United States Jul 26,22 Short Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Horses or Ponies Caprauna
Jul 18,22 Northern Arizona Flagstaff Arizona United States Sep 17,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Farm Animals, goats Doglovinggoatpacker
Jul 17,22 Neon District Norfolk Virginia United States Jul 31,22 Long AfricanArt
Jul 17,22 Rockville Maryland United States Aug 15,22 Short Dogs yorkieluver
Jun 24,22 San Mateo San Fransisco California United States Dec 21,22 Short Cats thebeans
Jul 10,22 downtown Napa California United States Sep 14,22 Short Dogs macklish
Jul 9,22 south Mississippi beaches gulfport Mississippi United States Jul 31,22 Short Cats joesbarandgrill
Jul 12,22 Baja Piedmont Oakland California United States Sep 12,22 ShortMedium Cats CKBM23
May 20,22 Bayside beaches Cape May New Jersey United States Dec 16,22 Short Dogs CapeMay
Jul 7,22 SUBURBAN ISLAND Bainbridge Island Washington United States Aug 8,22 MediumLong Cats HouseonK
Jun 24,22 Northern Los Alamos New Mexico United States Oct 1,22 Short Dogs lovethedoggies
Jul 10,22 Eckington Washington, D.C. District of Columbia United States Jul 21,22 Short Cats rashaelass
Jun 29,22 5 miles south of town bellingham Washington United States Dec 26,22 MediumLong SadiePie
Jul 2,22 Boulder County Erie Colorado United States Jul 18,22 Short Dogs ErieHousesit
Jun 18,18 East of Sacramento Pollock Pines California United States Jul 26,18 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats littlepond1971
May 5,18 Small town Teasdale Utah United States Jul 30,18 ShortMedium Cats SummerShadeRetreat
Jul 6,22 Scotts Valley Santa Cruz California United States Aug 9,22 Medium Cats YourPerfectHomestay
Jun 27,22 University Reno Nevada United States Sep 14,22 Cats, Fish, Two cats, one aquarium aengusOg
Apr 17,07 Boulder Niwot Colorado United States Jun 18,07 don8440
Jun 27,22 near Jacksonport Egg Harbor Wisconsin United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals, Care provided by by neighbors 20lsdemaster13
May 16,22 Seminole Isle Seminole Florida United States Jul 7,22 ShortMedium Dogs larra48
Jun 24,22 Suburbs Redmond Oregon United States Jun 27,22 ShortMedium Cats mitchkay
Jun 21,22 San Francisco - East Bay Berkeley California United States Aug 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs berkeleyrosegarden
Jun 7,18 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States Jun 30,18 Short Cats Bijou21
May 5,22 Quail Creek Green Valley Arizona United States Jul 6,22 ShortMedium Dogs evanswas
Mar 26,21 Swinomish Reservation La Conner Washington United States Jul 16,21 Short Cats lilnova
Jun 13,22 American Village Durham North Carolina United States Jul 3,22 Long truetrekker
Jun 5,22 Wellington Welllington Florida United States Jul 4,22 ShortMedium Cats alanachia
May 3,22 Brookside Kansas City metro Missouri United States Jun 12,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats AZOasis
Mar 19,19 Fernandina Beach Yulee Florida United States Jun 15,19 Medium Cats COLO1112
Oct 19,19 South Land Park Sacramento California United States Dec 8,19 ShortMedium Cats MyYonc2020
Jun 6,22 Howland Rock Beaufort North Carolina United States Jun 14,22 Micro Dogs, Cats islandposs
Jun 7,22 Upper Valley Quechee Vermont United States Jun 18,22 Short breezytree5
May 25,22 Sugarloaf Big Bear Lake California United States Jul 31,22 ShortMedium Cats BigBearLes
Jun 3,22 Dunnellon Ocala Florida United States Aug 31,22 Short Dogs yowinetree
Jun 26,16 Southeast Portland Oregon United States Jun 29,16 Micro Livestock, Livestock, chickens slotraveler2
May 21,22 Southwest Portland (Hayhurst neighborhood) Portland Oregon United States Jul 10,22 ShortMedium Cats songerk
Jun 2,22 Valley Palmer Alaska United States Jun 28,22 Short Dogs TheBestLastFrontier
Sep 14,17 SW Cape Coral Florida United States Oct 7,17 ShortMedium Dogs sanibel16
May 28,22 Pleasant View Monroe Virginia United States Jul 17,22 ShortMedium Cats, Farm Animals, Livestock, Livestock, Gardens ilovesourwoodtrees
May 27,22 Southeastern WA state Walla Walla Washington United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium Cats Ronrafty
May 20,22 NE Portland Oregon United States Jun 25,22 MediumLong Cats Cats4life
Jun 23,16 7 Lakes Stanwood Washington United States Jul 5,16 Micro swedefinn2
Jun 8,22 Mid North Austin Texas United States Jun 13,22 Long stillchelle
May 8,22 rogers park chicago Illinois United States Jun 22,22 Short Cats Sienasmom19
Apr 17,22 El Cerrito California United States Jun 21,22 ShortMedium Cats palgb1
May 18,22 Benton Stephens Columbia Missouri United States May 22,22 ShortMedium Cats clarely
Apr 29,12 lakeville Minnesota United States Jun 11,12 Short Dogs, Fish ukmuminusa
May 10,22 Carriage Hills El Sobrante California United States Jun 26,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats biamac
May 12,15 Seattle bellevue Washington United States Jun 17,15 Short Dogs lala810
Apr 24,22 rural Canaan New Hampshire United States Dec 21,23 Long , cat Ocean21
Mar 16,22 southern edge of city Denver Colorado United States Jun 11,22 Short Dogs luckydenver2021
Apr 14,21 Scottsdale Arizona United States May 28,21 Short Cats Desert_Cats
Apr 23,22 Glendale Queens New York United States Jul 3,22 ShortMedium Cats, Fish QueensCritters
Aug 11,19 South of Boston Hull Massachusetts United States Oct 2,19 ShortMedium Cats travlnjt
Apr 11,22 Bainbridge Island Washington United States Apr 18,22 ShortMedium Cats, none redknight
Apr 18,22 midtown Tucson Arizona United States Jul 15,22 Long Cats jennysmom
Jan 9,20 Chuckanut Bellingham Washington United States Apr 1,20 Short Dogs dogbriar
Apr 9,22 City Richmond Virginia United States Jul 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats lobasister
Mar 25,22 Santa Fe, NM New Mexico United States Apr 25,22 Short Dogs Olddoddds
Apr 10,22 TAKOMA PARK Maryland United States Nov 22,22 Micro Dogs Monkeypoint
Apr 9,22 Coastal Anacortes Washington United States Jun 1,22 Long Dogs, Fish Doggoners
Apr 4,22 Bed-Stuy Brooklyn New York United States Apr 30,22 Short Cats AnniEli
Mar 15,22 North Provo Utah United States May 26,22 MediumLong Dogs Franklinmel
Mar 29,22 Vibrant, historic suburb Morristown New Jersey United States May 25,22 Long Cats SailingDuo
Mar 20,22 Suburbs colorado springs Colorado United States Jun 1,22 MediumLong Dogs, Cats AnimalsandHome
Mar 20,22 Multnomah Village/SW PDX Portland Oregon United States Jun 14,22 ShortMedium Cats ScienceNerds
Jan 5,12 Sioux City Moville Iowa United States Jul 1,12 Short Dogs, Cats Heathcote
Mar 20,22 of North Dallas Richardson Texas United States Jun 10,22 Medium Cats Finland92
Dec 12,17 Charleston South Carolina United States May 5,18 Medium Cats CoastalCommuter
Mar 21,22 Pacheco Valle Novato California United States May 4,22 Short Cats PattyU
Mar 25,22 Large custom home Prescott Arizona United States May 16,22 Short Cats, Birds, Red bellied parrot pineyldy
Feb 13,13 San Diego Carlsbad California United States Mar 3,13 Short Dogs drinkmorewine
Mar 24,22 Hendersonville Tennessee United States May 3,22 Long Cats, Fish Sage2020
Jan 14,22 Desert Deming New Mexico United States Apr 18,22 Short Dogs, Cats plomo3x777
Mar 18,22 Bridlewood Subdivision Flower Mound Texas United States Jun 5,22 Short Dogs, Cats dollylamont
Mar 22,22 SunRiver St George Utah United States Jun 22,22 Short Dogs, None DebinUtah
Mar 13,22 Mount Vernon Alexandria Virginia United States Apr 10,22 Short Dogs sledgejoyce
Mar 19,22 Near the historic district Savannah Georgia United States May 16,22 ShortMedium Cats SavannahSummer
Mar 19,22 Incline Village Nevada United States May 26,22 Micro Cats jaykduenas
Mar 18,22 Kensington San Diego California United States Apr 19,22 Dogs, 1 small dog - A rescue from Mexico. tennis4all
Mar 10,22 Kau, big island Ocean view Hawaii United States Jun 10,22 Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs, Farm Animals, Farm animals are chickens Jana9767
Mar 6,22 inner city Springfield Missouri United States Apr 8,22 Dogs, Cats, Quinn (48 lbs) is plott hound, boxer, pit mix MoBerry
Mar 7,22 In town on the river Marinette Wisconsin United States Nov 8,22 Cats Molarsix
Mar 10,22 Jenkintown Rydal Pennsylvania United States May 25,22 Dogs, Cats, Fish, Fish in pond (need daily feeding) Thomsonjm
Oct 28,19 Greenwood Seattle Washington United States Dec 20,19 Short Dogs, Cats kbessw
Mar 3,22 Arden area suburb Sacramento California United States Jun 8,22 Dogs sacarden
Mar 10,22 Malibu California United States Mar 23,22 ShortMedium Cats, Feed the fish in pond NordicEagle
Mar 8,22 Foothills Tucson Arizona United States May 1,22 Cats DesertCat
Jan 31,22 Suburban Mobile Alabama United States Feb 4,22 Micro Cats Medical_cat
Mar 5,22 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Apr 5,22 Longwalker66
Mar 4,22 Swampscott Massachusetts United States Mar 27,22 Cats kitkatlady
Mar 4,22 Lake Gaston Henrico North Carolina United States Apr 18,22 Dogs Redtiger
Mar 1,22 Wolf Bay Watershed Foley Alabama United States May 12,22 Dogs, Cats Aladawg
Feb 23,22 Denver Colorado United States Apr 18,22 Dogs Anglesea
Apr 18,12 East Dallas Dallas Texas United States Jun 1,12 ShortMedium Cats elifair
Feb 21,22 mountains Rollinsville/Nederland Colorado United States Mar 5,22 Cats davidso3
Feb 19,22 Eastern Quad, near suburb and park Rochester New York United States Mar 30,22 Cats, Have two ball pythons, plan to relocate unless sitter is snake friendly Kaboodlebox
Feb 28,22 Downtown Gainesville Florida United States Jun 11,22 Cats duckpondgirl
Feb 23,22 mid coast Wiscasset Maine United States May 26,22 Dogs, 2 dogs Helibel
Feb 8,19 rural town Winnsboro South Carolina United States Jun 1,19 Long Dogs akleine
Feb 11,22 Suburbs Fargo North Dakota United States Apr 30,22 Cats pettrimmer
Aug 16,19 Mill Valley California United States Sep 5,19 Micro Dogs, Cats DHniner
Feb 25,22 Los Angeles California United States Mar 5,22 mathew1313
Feb 20,22 honea/2854 Montgomery Texas United States Mar 10,22 Cats, Fish stefaoki
Jan 18,22 rural countryside Vashon Island Washington United States Apr 23,22 Short Dogs, Farm Animals VashonFarm
Dec 26,21 Roseville area Mansfield Pennsylvania United States Dec 29,21 Long Cats TiogaHousesit
Jul 3,14 Clairemont San Diego California United States Jul 17,14 Short Dogs, Cats Mosaicgirl
Feb 11,22 downtown Albany Oregon United States Apr 29,22 Cats Naddies_Family
Feb 16,22 mountains Mountain Home Arkansas United States Mar 1,22 Susannes
Nov 6,18 Mandarin Jacksonville Florida United States Nov 21,18 Micro Dogs fncykxf
Oct 19,21 near Ashland Phoenix Oregon United States Jul 17,22 Long Cats RetiredPhoenicians
Feb 8,22 Las Sendas Mesa Arizona United States Mar 3,22 elvaborsch
Jan 17,22 near Cook Park Tigard Oregon United States Mar 19,22 Short Cats aweekoraweekend
Jan 20,22 Kenwood Minneapolis Minnesota United States Feb 2,22 Short Dogs Hazuki
Jan 22,22 Mission Bay San Francisco California United States Jul 2,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds, Two Parakeets SanFranciscoBeauty
Jan 25,22 in town Telluride Colorado United States Mar 14,22 Short Dogs, Cats Colorado_814
Jan 24,22 North Asheville North Carolina United States Feb 24,22 Short Cats comefth1954
Jan 22,22 Haw Creek Asheville North Carolina United States Mar 15,22 Short Cats Beeswing53
Jan 18,22 Close to Seal Beach, CA Long Beach California United States May 24,22 Short Dogs JPRTLR
Dec 31,19 Rural countryside Elkhorn Wisconsin United States Feb 5,20 ShortMedium Cats Longwalker
Dec 29,21 Western suburbs Colorado Springs Colorado United States Jun 6,22 Medium Cats GardenoftheGods
Feb 9,20 North of Durham Rougemont North Carolina United States May 12,20 Short Dogs BerryBee
Oct 10,21 Santa Fe City Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 9,21 ShortMedium Cats SeeSantaFe41
Apr 6,17 Central Texas La Grange Texas United States Aug 15,17 Short Cats PeachesPet
Nov 1,11 Healdsburg California United States Jan 4,12 ShortMedium Dogs katiespad
Nov 6,21 Carroll Gardens Brooklyn New York United States Jan 14,22 Medium BrooklynHousesit
Dec 28,21 Suburb Petaluma California United States Jan 14,22 Micro Dogs petalumahome
Dec 18,21 Capitol Hill Seattle Washington United States Jun 30,22 Short Cats sastimac
Dec 19,21 Aspen Hill Silver Spring Maryland United States Dec 26,21 Short Dogs, Cats Kittylove
Dec 19,21 Washington DC metro area Falls Church Virginia District of Columbia United States Dec 23,21 ShortMedium Traveltales
Oct 6,21 Mid City/Harvard Heights Los Angeles California United States Jul 6,22 ShortMedium Rabbits, Cats Dodgergirl22
Dec 8,21 Sam Hughes neighborhood Tucson Arizona United States Jul 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs bert_jake2
Nov 22,21 Doylestown Buckingham Pennsylvania United States Feb 14,22 Short Dogs, Cats BuckinghamSit
Jan 15,07 Bend Oregon United States Feb 20,07 BendHouse
Dec 6,21 Eagle Rock Los Angeles California United States Dec 22,21 Micro Cats gkartsonis
Dec 5,21 Prospect Lefferts Brooklyn New York United States Dec 19,21 ShortMedium Cats brooklynangelcats
Oct 27,21 Atwood Madison Wisconsin United States Jan 29,22 ShortMedium Cats msmerwan
Nov 29,21 Tarpon Bay Villas Port saint lucie Florida United States Dec 12,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Dog Srathbone
Nov 11,21 DENVER Colorado United States Dec 29,21 Short Dogs jwh529133
Nov 30,21 township fayetteville Ohio United States Jan 20,22 ShortMedium petrusprimus
Nov 16,21 Pacific Northwest Walla Walla Washington United States Dec 8,21 Short Dogs, Cats Onthetrail
Sep 12,17 Portland Metro Beaverton Oregon United States Oct 16,17 Short Cats Sophie17
Nov 13,21 inner sunset san francisco California United States Dec 18,21 ShortMedium vavril
Nov 16,21 Point Loma San Diego California United States Dec 11,21 Short Cats CatSailor
Nov 5,21 Historic Downtown Menominee Michigan United States Dec 15,21 Medium Rabbits OLSOA3869
Nov 11,21 Glencarlyn Arlington Virginia United States Dec 20,21 Medium Cats ZoeCat1