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Apr 16,24 One hour north of Seattle Snohomish Washington United States Oct 15,24 Long Cats snobird
Jan 22,24 Sam Hughes Tucson Arizona United States Jun 15,24 Long Dogs UnderTheTucsonSun
Jan 25,24 Foothills Tucson Arizona United States May 1,24 Long DesertCat
Jun 13,16 South Oregon Coast Coos Bay Oregon United States Sep 21,16 Long Cats, OK with cleaning cat litter and the occasional hairball! ORtravel24
Apr 6,23 Arvada Denver Colorado United States May 1,23 Long MINHouse
Sep 10,16 Northern suburb of Atlanta Roswell Georgia United States Oct 15,16 Long amullerworth
Jun 19,23 inner city Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jan 15,24 Long nika103
Dec 4,22 Temecula California United States Dec 26,22 Long Dogs TemeculaSit
Nov 15,22 northbay vallejo California United States Jan 23,23 Long gchiao999
Nov 17,22 City Austin Texas United States Nov 30,22 Long Cats HaleOhana
Sep 14,22 PRESCOTT Arizona United States Dec 6,22 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, chickens a7654321
Jul 21,22 Washington/Baltimore Greenbelt Maryland United States Sep 26,22 Long Cats HappyCamper1919
Jul 17,22 Neon District Norfolk Virginia United States Jul 31,22 Long AfricanArt
Jun 13,22 American Village Durham North Carolina United States Jul 3,22 Long truetrekker
Jun 8,22 Mid North Austin Texas United States Jun 13,22 Long stillchelle
Apr 18,22 midtown Tucson Arizona United States Jul 15,22 Long Cats jennysmom
Apr 9,22 Coastal Anacortes Washington United States Jun 1,22 Long Dogs, Fish Doggoners
Mar 29,22 Vibrant, historic suburb Morristown New Jersey United States May 25,22 Long Cats SailingDuo
Mar 24,22 Hendersonville Tennessee United States May 3,22 Long Cats, Fish Sage2020
Dec 26,21 Roseville area Mansfield Pennsylvania United States Dec 29,21 Long Cats TiogaHousesit
Oct 2,21 5 mi. out of college town Laramie Wyoming United States Dec 19,21 Long Dogs SpeedGoatWY
Sep 22,21 Southwest Oregon coast Bandon Oregon United States Jan 2,22 Long Cats Iquana
Aug 20,19 South Point Naalehu Hawaii United States Sep 16,19 Long Cats, Farm Animals, chickens, goats, farm cats Earthsong
Jul 15,21 Los Cerrillos Madrid New Mexico United States Aug 16,21 Long zialeaf
Jun 13,21 Harbor Pointe Titusville Florida United States Dec 17,21 Long Dogs Baytree
May 28,21 Seybertown Road East Brady Pennsylvania United States Jun 5,21 Long LauraCy
Apr 3,13 mainland Ormond Beach Florida United States May 18,13 Long Cats Denali07
Apr 17,21 Kooskia Idaho United States May 12,21 Long Dogs StagRiver
Jan 8,21 -- Minneapolis Minnesota United States Oct 1,21 Long efnc12
Sep 20,20 Northeast Tucson Tucson Arizona United States Feb 1,21 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies horsesandhounds
Oct 3,20 Concord/Lexington Bedford Massachusetts United States Nov 1,20 Long travel01730
Aug 19,20 CT Shoreline Branford Connecticut United States Sep 7,20 Long Cats Mixedupfamily
Jun 22,20 Ketchum Sun Valley Idaho United States Jul 1,20 Long Dogs, Cats Idahopets
Apr 19,20 Philadelphia Bristol Pennsylvania United States Jun 1,20 Long annmelville
Apr 24,20 SW Florida Punta Gorda Florida United States May 27,20 Long Dogs, No other pets gary1951
Apr 22,20 barefootbay sebastian Florida United States May 22,20 Long Dogs Lilyrose6
Feb 13,20 Ashley Heights Community North Charleston South Carolina United States Mar 2,20 Long gccharleston
Jan 8,20 Delaware County Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Feb 15,20 Long PhiladelphiaSit
Nov 18,17 Camden/Rockland Islesboro Maine United States Dec 14,17 Long Dogs Maineisland
Dec 8,19 Timber Ridge Pass Christian Mississippi United States Dec 31,19 Long Dogs ExploreGulfCoast
Dec 3,19 Susitna Valley Talkeetna Alaska United States Jan 4,20 Long TLMoose1
Nov 26,19 Long Island Melville New York United States Jan 6,20 Long Dogs wfabrizio19
Nov 6,19 Detroit White Lake Michigan United States Jan 27,20 Long Cats, Birds gmmemi
Sep 24,19 Madeline Island La Pointe Wisconsin United States Dec 15,19 Long Horses or Ponies hippophile
Oct 26,19 South Eastern Pennsylvania Boyertown Pennsylvania United States Dec 5,19 Long Cats Windsong
Nov 14,19 rural Corinth Vermont United States Dec 26,19 Long rouxgroux
Nov 9,19 Nanawale Pahoa Hawaii United States Nov 15,19 Long Rschaa1970
Nov 23,15 Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville Cashiers North Carolina United States May 22,16 Long , Chickens chickfarmer
Oct 2,19 Southside La Crosse Wisconsin United States Dec 14,19 Long tilly2019
Nov 16,17 Mt. View/Volcano Hilo Hawaii United States Jan 12,18 Long Dogs, Cats hi96771
Aug 27,19 Williamsburg Northampton Massachusetts United States Nov 12,19 Long lmponds
Sep 9,19 Newport Toledo Oregon United States Sep 14,19 Long Cats RangerRoy
Sep 6,19 Blueberry Hill Lexington Kentucky United States Sep 30,19 Long JubileeRainbow
Aug 14,19 Beckton Sheridan Wyoming United States Oct 17,19 Long Cats, Birds, (birds = five chickens) lucky57
Aug 13,19 W St Paul Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota United States Nov 1,19 Long Runaways
Aug 7,19 Awbrey Butte Bend Oregon United States Dec 18,19 Long Cats toosies_mom2019
Jul 29,19 Inner city Minneapolis Minnesota United States Nov 24,19 Long LPLWBG
Jun 23,19 Greenville Landrum South Carolina United States Jul 31,19 Long Dogs, Cats Greenville
Jun 11,19 Friendship Heights Washington District of Columbia United States Jul 1,19 Long Cats Istanbulbound
Jun 15,19 Rural Aztec New Mexico United States Aug 12,19 Long Cats AztecHousesit
Mar 31,19 Eastern suburb countryside Conyers Georgia United States Jun 15,19 Long Cats Smokerise
May 9,19 outside the college town of Denton, TX Crossroads Texas United States Jun 10,19 Long Dogs, Birds mrmcdona
May 2,19 Central WI Fremont Wisconsin United States Jun 20,19 Long Dogs djake888
Apr 18,19 Grass Valley California United States Jan 15,20 Long Dogs, Cats, We have chickens--3 pets. Chicken experience a plus! WinteringGround
Apr 3,19 Willamette Valley Eugene Oregon United States Aug 11,19 Long Cats bubbaboosmom
Apr 10,19 suburb Moorestown New Jersey United States Jul 26,19 Long Cats seagirl
Apr 5,15 Central / University Tucson Arizona United States Jun 1,15 Long Cats MarSummer
Feb 9,19 Reno Nevada United States Jun 1,19 Long Dogs, Fish MistyMorning
Feb 5,19 Campo Conejos Santa Fe New Mexico United States Mar 19,19 Long Sagieboy
Dec 11,18 Landstown Meadows Virginia Beach Virginia United States Aug 1,19 Long tardisblue10
Oct 7,18 Divide Colorado United States Oct 30,18 Long Cats coloradomountain
Sep 20,18 Catawba Virginia United States Oct 6,18 Long Cats rzh895
Sep 13,18 Lexington Kentucky United States Jan 6,19 Long Cats amws555
Aug 23,18 Larkspur Proper Larkspur Colorado United States Dec 9,18 Long Cats maddhatter_mary1
Aug 19,18 City chicago Illinois United States Nov 1,18 Long LAURELG
Aug 16,18 Rural Saint Charles Kentucky United States Oct 3,18 Long bsonnenf
Aug 9,18 Old Louisville Louisville Kentucky United States Oct 1,18 Long Dogs travelingmcmahans
Mar 15,18 towards Danielsville royston Georgia United States Aug 19,18 Long ruralgeorgia
May 6,18 Laveen Phoenix Arizona United States Jul 2,18 Long Cats, Chickens and a Very Spoiled Goose DesertDwellers2
Apr 20,18 West side of city near golf course Lawrence Kansas United States May 8,18 Long Cats Lynboo
Apr 23,18 LONG BEACH California United States May 28,18 Long Dogs lovemypet
Mar 20,18 Oak Forest Houston Texas United States Apr 20,18 Long Turkeytrackbar
Jan 13,18 Grayslake Illinois United States Feb 4,18 Long Cats grayslakewanderer
Dec 2,17 River Road Junction City Oregon United States Dec 28,17 Long theboffas
Nov 7,17 NYC suburb Port Chester New York United States Dec 18,17 Long pcsnowbird
Nov 27,17 Rural Guysville Ohio United States Dec 10,17 Long Dogs, Cats MoonRidge
Oct 5,17 Bitterroot Valley Hamilton Montana United States Dec 1,17 Long Dogs Kathek
Sep 24,17 near Town Lake Jackson Texas United States Dec 5,17 Long Cats Zgirl2017
Sep 17,17 Venice Neighborhood Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States Nov 2,17 Long Dogs vince3141
Jun 16,15 San Fernando Valley Sherman Oaks California United States Aug 22,15 Long Dogs DeeNep
Sep 19,17 Hudson Valley Hudson New York United States Jan 13,18 Long Cats SavvyCare
Jul 8,17 South Eugene Eugene Oregon United States Nov 1,17 Long BuddyMunch
Jul 5,17 Ford, just inside nice Spokane Indian reservation Springdale/Ford Washington United States Aug 31,17 Long Archergirl
Jun 22,17 Issaquah Washington United States Aug 1,17 Long Cats CicaHC
Oct 21,15 Rural Mountains Twin Lakes Colorado United States Dec 5,15 Long Cats buenolavida
May 25,17 East of Cincinnati Lynchburg/ Martinsville area Ohio United States Jun 30,17 Long Dogs dogmama
Feb 28,17 suburbs youngstown Ohio United States Jun 1,17 Long slicidea
Feb 6,17 between Blairsville and Blueridge, Lake Nottely Blairsville Georgia United States Mar 5,17 Long Dogs Guyra2365
Jan 15,17 SODO Seattle Washington United States Jan 22,17 Long quicksilver55
Feb 6,12 Spruce Hills Mims Florida United States Feb 15,12 Long TheBestCareEver
Dec 29,16 older part of town fairhope Alabama United States Mar 26,17 Long riversX
Jun 21,16 National forest Clam Lake Wisconsin United States Jan 3,17 Long Cats katyrn2659
Nov 12,16 no area Boulder Colorado United States Dec 12,16 Long Dogs hobgoblin
Oct 31,16 Media Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jan 1,17 Long Birds, Parrots (2) suny21
Oct 4,16 NW metro Detroit Novi Michigan United States Jan 1,17 Long Veniceitaly
Sep 25,16 Irondequoit Rochester New York United States Dec 30,16 Long Cats annmicky
Sep 2,16 Eliot Maine United States Sep 7,16 Long Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Turtles mollydog122
Sep 3,16 olympic peninsula, Wa. Sequim California United States Nov 1,16 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies Goldy123
Aug 30,16 Rural Putney Vermont United States Oct 1,16 Long Dogs, Cats VermontView
Aug 17,16 El Dorado Hills California United States Nov 30,16 Long Dogs kirribilly
Mar 27,16 Central NYS Sharon Springs New York United States Dec 29,16 Long Cats BonitaKai
Aug 3,16 Brookland Washington District of Columbia United States Aug 13,16 Long Cats traveler35
Jul 26,16 Manhattan New york United States Aug 1,16 Long Dogs charlesH
Jun 27,16 Tyee Sutherlin Oregon United States Sep 1,16 Long toothfairy
Feb 24,12 Cascade Atlanta Georgia United States Jul 15,13 Long Dogs, she must be the only dog/pet in the home Etoile
Jun 11,16 Virginia Beach Virginia United States Sep 2,16 Long Dogs, Cats NavyFam
May 18,16 Southside Slopes Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States Jul 15,16 Long Tigerstripe63
May 23,16 Clearwater Indian Rocks Beach Florida United States Jun 22,16 Long BellevueGirl
May 21,16 15 miles south of town Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 25,16 Long GoddessGarden
Apr 2,16 fruit and nut neighborhood fairhope Alabama United States Apr 28,16 Long musntgrumble
Apr 6,16 central mountain moretown Vermont United States Nov 1,16 Long Cats ladychat
Mar 16,16 Aiken Wagener South Carolina United States Mar 16,16 Long Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Chickens Avalocats
Mar 9,16 Lake Lure Asheville North Carolina United States Jun 1,16 Long Dogs, 2 dogs asharyal
Feb 9,16 Keolu Hills Kailua Hawaii United States Sep 7,16 Long Cats himoos
Feb 5,16 Cape Cod Eastham Massachusetts United States Jun 15,16 Long Beachbum1000
Jan 17,16 Vero Lake Estates Vero Beach Florida United States May 10,16 Long Cats cruzhappy
Nov 7,15 northwest side Chicago Illinois United States Jan 1,16 Long Dogs, Fish, Turtles shaggydog
Sep 27,15 NE Arts district Minneapolis Minnesota United States Apr 1,16 Long Dogs TwoDogsInALoft
Jun 24,14 north of santa fe abiquiu New Mexico United States Sep 1,14 Long Housecarers22
Dec 7,15 Reading Hamburg Pennsylvania United States Feb 13,16 Long aapolini13
Nov 29,15 Los Feliz Los Angeles California United States Dec 22,15 Long Dogs, Cats, Birds, Other, Chinchillas, Lemurs shelchoi2015
Nov 12,15 South Loop Chicago Illinois United States Dec 14,15 Long Cats magari25
Oct 26,15 Kenny Neighborhood Minneapolis Minnesota United States Nov 7,15 Long Cats SemiCoastal
Oct 17,15 between downtown and Independence Kansas City Missouri United States Dec 1,15 Long janetrose
Oct 7,15 Alaska Bush Port Alsworth Alaska United States Oct 15,15 Long stonewoodlodge
Oct 12,15 Country Coupland Texas United States Oct 17,15 Long Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies Midnight30
Sep 26,15 beach oceanside California United States Oct 13,15 Long Dogs CrushTank
Sep 25,15 SEATTLE Indianola Washington United States Oct 16,15 Long LINDA7977
Sep 10,15 Uinta Mountains Park City Utah United States Jan 1,16 Long Dogs, Cats, Birds Bajabecks
Aug 25,15 South of Tumwater Olympia Washington United States Dec 1,15 Long Cats Olyloghome
Jul 19,15 Fort Myers Lehigh Acres Florida United States Aug 20,15 Long Dogs, Birds airborneranger
Jul 19,15 brooklyn avenu 2103 brooklyn New York United States Aug 21,15 Long Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals mino1o
Jul 17,15 Rural Lake Area- 2 hrs Branson Warsaw -1 & 1/2 hr to Kansas City Missouri United States Jan 1,16 Long Dogs heartofamerica
Jul 16,15 Suburbs Mobile Alabama United States Aug 1,15 Long ManOfPurpose
Jul 7,15 western part Champaign Illinois United States Oct 1,15 Long timor2015
Jul 7,15 Groveland Twp Holly Michigan United States Jan 10,16 Long gone2az
Jun 22,15 Lakeside West Fairlee Vermont United States Nov 28,15 Long Cats, Birds Mistywaters
Jun 14,15 Central Oregon beached Coast Lincoln City Oregon United States Dec 29,15 Long Cats catqueen5
Jun 13,15 4 miles Off I-5 exit 113 Myrtle Creek & Roseburg Oregon United States Jun 28,15 Long Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish Corky1
May 27,15 Country Fayetteville Arkansas United States Dec 28,15 Long Cats vanhorn312
May 26,15 amberly Cary North Carolina United States Aug 6,15 Long Dogs abc_123
May 24,15 Suburbs Corvallis Oregon United States May 30,15 Long Cats PurpleUnicorn25
May 23,15 NW Alphabet District Portland Oregon United States Jun 1,15 Long Dogs pdxoregon
May 20,15 Suburbs Snohomish Washington United States Jun 8,15 Long Dogs Roadblock
May 18,15 West end Toledo Metro Area Toledo Ohio United States Aug 17,15 Long meriwether
May 5,15 tucker atlanta Georgia United States Jun 13,15 Long Cats norbertandfergus
Apr 29,15 Hawaii Kai HONOLULU Hawaii United States Aug 15,15 Long Dogs maukadoc
Apr 29,15 12 miles to town Blue Ridge Georgia United States Jun 1,15 Long Dogs Nest12
Apr 5,15 Between Town and bay Fairhope Alabama United States May 14,15 Long Cats Fairhope
Mar 21,15 Boston framingham Massachusetts United States Aug 23,15 Long Dogs, Cats LHOOQ69
Mar 11,15 Greenville SC Landrum SC South Carolina United States Mar 31,15 Long Dogs Landrun
Mar 1,15 South of Roseburg Roseburg Oregon United States Mar 12,15 Long Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds OregonWoods15
Feb 8,15 Washington, DC Arlington Virginia United States May 1,15 Long Cats Balto1
Jan 27,15 East Coast Florida Oak Hill Florida United States May 1,15 Long Dogs, Chickens Moondancerette
Jan 19,15 country essex Connecticut United States Feb 1,15 Long Dogs Winnieinct
Jan 19,15 Hamakua Coast Hilo Hawaii United States Apr 15,15 Long Dogs HamakuaCoast
Nov 14,14 SE Hills Eugene Oregon United States Dec 29,14 Long Dogs grasse
Oct 13,14 South of Jacksonville Keystone Heights Florida United States Oct 24,14 Long Dogs Shadowjag01
Oct 6,14 Clarkson Brockport New York United States Jan 5,15 Long IvyJM3
Sep 26,14 BIG ISLAND NAALEHU Hawaii United States Apr 1,15 Long Cats, Other, outdoor only Kuulei42
Sep 24,14 Rural Blanco Texas United States Nov 1,14 Long thunderly
Sep 8,14 South Mountain Phoenix Arizona United States Sep 8,14 Long Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Other, Dogs only when owner has occasional overnight business trip southmountain
Aug 16,14 Greater Tacoma Fircrest Washington United States Oct 24,14 Long Cats crusepro
Jul 24,14 Timancuan lake mary Florida United States Aug 24,14 Long FLORIDAGOLF
Jul 23,14 Baldy Ridge area Sandpoint Idaho United States Dec 20,14 Long Cats chalass
Jul 21,14 Inner Southeast Portland Oregon United States Nov 4,14 Long Cats pinkiesmom
Jul 13,14 Boston Acton Massachusetts United States Oct 16,14 Long Cats, Fish Hatewinter
Jul 6,14 Pahoa Hawaii United States Oct 1,14 Long Dogs, Cats CastleInHawaii
Jun 30,14 Gerrardstown Martinsburg West Virginia United States Sep 1,14 Long Cats RVQueen
Jun 24,14 Tucson Arizona United States Jul 7,14 Long Birds swranchette
Jun 22,14 Longview, TX Ore City Texas United States Jul 1,14 Long 4gracer
Jun 9,14 Near town Kailua Kona Hawaii United States Jun 19,14 Long Cats Partlyretired
Jun 6,14 Washington DC Reston Virginia United States Aug 1,14 Long RestonHousesit
Jun 5,14 South Kailua Kona Hawaii United States Jul 31,14 Long Lucas4231
May 18,14 Cedar Park Austin Texas United States May 18,14 Long Cats luisgomes
May 12,14 15 min. NE of downtown Indy Indianapolis Indiana United States May 30,14 Long contrib
May 7,14 Country Adel Georgia United States Jun 2,14 Long malmqulj
May 1,14 Austin area Elgin Texas United States May 10,14 Long Cats, Farm Animals hhong3138
May 1,14 denver Colorado United States Jun 1,14 Long lovetoski
Apr 21,14 Rural Bethesda Ohio United States Sep 1,14 Long Dogs, Cats Msmithgas
Apr 5,14 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States Apr 7,14 Long Other, Outdoor cats Oro_Lor
Mar 4,14 WestSide Albuquerque New Mexico United States Oct 17,14 Long Dogs chilloutroger
Feb 18,14 Ft Lowell area Tucson Arizona United States Mar 15,14 Long Cats Tucsonbicycling
Jan 17,14 In the country on Lampasas River Killeen Texas United States May 30,14 Long dkittredge
Jan 13,14 Everett Washington United States Feb 5,14 Long Dogs scseattle
Jan 11,14 rural, near town Taos New Mexico United States Jan 17,14 Long Cats NashvilleRambler
Dec 11,13 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States Jan 8,14 Long Dogs, Cats, Birds SuzanSnod
Nov 6,13 Northeastern Pennsylvania Canadensis Pennsylvania United States Dec 18,13 Long Cats Susan77
Nov 5,13 Wynnewood Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Dec 16,13 Long Homedweller
Oct 14,13 city area Longview Washington United States Oct 21,13 Long bigriverland