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Apr 30,24 Rural Yacolt Washington United States Jul 1,24 ShortMedium Cats, Chickens ckandut
May 5,24 NW Washington District of Columbia United States Aug 3,24 Medium Cats Explore_World
May 10,24 CA Central Coast Aptos California United States Sep 14,24 ShortMedium Dogs MangoandSophia
May 14,24 Lancaster Pennsylvania United States Jun 24,24 ShortMedium Cats downtowner
Apr 20,24 Point Loma San Diego California United States May 22,24 Medium Cats CatSailor
Apr 2,24 Washington D.C. Germantown Maryland United States Jul 31,24 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Birds, Outdoor birds - birdfeeders GermantownHousesit
Apr 16,24 One hour north of Seattle Snohomish Washington United States Oct 15,24 Long Cats snobird
Apr 4,24 Cultural District Portland Oregon United States May 17,24 ShortMedium Cats LikesTraveling
Apr 2,24 San Francisco California United States May 28,24 ShortMedium Cats SFLoft
Mar 25,24 Front Range Foothills Nederland Colorado United States May 8,24 ShortMedium Cats jonnamf
Feb 18,24 Buckhead Ridge Okeechobee Florida United States Jun 23,24 ShortMedium Dogs dunright
Feb 3,24 Boulder Colorado United States May 5,24 ShortMedium Dogs Valley521
Feb 27,24 Key Peninsula/Wauna Gig Harbor Washington United States Jun 1,24 ShortMedium Henderson_Bay329
Sep 23,23 Nederland Colorado United States Apr 12,24 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats elliejo1
Feb 15,24 San Francisco bay area Cupertino California United States Jul 17,24 ShortMedium Cats PacificStarX
Mar 1,24 Eastern Shore Grasonville Maryland United States Jul 8,24 ShortMedium Cats, None Afgal70
Jan 27,24 South Montrose Colorado United States Feb 18,24 Medium Cats ColoTravelers
Jan 22,24 Sam Hughes Tucson Arizona United States Jun 15,24 Long Dogs UnderTheTucsonSun
Feb 6,24 Brooklyn New York United States Feb 15,24 ShortMedium Cats vaniochka
Jan 16,24 Just north of city limits Santa Fe New Mexico United States Mar 11,24 ShortMedium Dogs 1TedMom_9
Jan 25,24 Foothills Tucson Arizona United States May 1,24 Long DesertCat
Jan 3,24 Fort Collins Colorado United States Jun 1,24 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, 1 cat & 1 dog ScootsieBoots
Jan 9,24 Suburbs colorado springs Colorado United States May 23,24 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats AnimalsandHome
Jan 12,24 Santa fe city Santa fe New Mexico United States Feb 13,24 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Chickens loveisunion
Jan 12,24 Suburbs Sylvester Georgia United States Jan 27,24 Medium Cats debgen08
Jun 13,16 South Oregon Coast Coos Bay Oregon United States Sep 21,16 Long Cats, OK with cleaning cat litter and the occasional hairball! ORtravel24
Feb 16,12 Exton Pennsylvania United States Apr 6,12 ShortMedium Dogs hilla35
Dec 13,23 Nambe SANTA FE New Mexico United States Jan 7,24 Medium Dogs, Cats Dogchef
Nov 18,23 Hidden Meadows Escondido California United States Dec 19,23 ShortMedium Cats CaliforniaCatLover
Apr 6,23 Arvada Denver Colorado United States May 1,23 Long MINHouse
Nov 2,23 Southwest Hills Portland Oregon United States Dec 30,23 ShortMedium Dogs, 2 small friendly dogs artTraveler
Oct 22,23 Walnut Bend Houston Texas United States Jan 4,24 ShortMedium Cats, cats and some plants Marumochi
Mar 12,13 Near Foothills Rancho Cucamonga California United States Jul 16,13 ShortMedium Dogs, Turtles, Horses or Ponies RanchoHousesit
Oct 10,23 Ellsworth Lamoine Maine United States Jan 20,24 ShortMedium Dogs Acadia_758
Sep 19,23 Riverside neighborhood Wichita Kansas United States Jan 21,24 ShortMedium Cats Riversidepair
Feb 7,23 Village of Oak Creek Sedona Arizona United States Sep 6,23 ShortMedium Cats, Composting Worms janutski
Sep 30,23 Jacksonville North Atlantic Beach Florida United States Nov 19,23 ShortMedium Cats M3rcuria
Sep 27,23 NW Bradenton Bradenton Florida United States Dec 27,23 ShortMedium Dogs GreyhoundMom
Jan 8,15 n. portland portland Oregon United States Jan 11,15 Medium Dogs pdxtraveller
Sep 17,23 carrollwood tampa Florida United States Dec 15,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats shimpateki_23
Jun 4,17 Wine Country Healdsburg California United States Aug 2,17 Medium hiker4ever
Sep 20,23 Benton Stephens Columbia Missouri United States Oct 13,23 ShortMedium Cats clarely
May 2,23 near School of Mines Golden Colorado United States Oct 14,23 ShortMedium Dogs Porteb
Aug 24,23 Blue Ridge Plateau Meadows of Dan Virginia United States Oct 23,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats BlueRidgePondHouse
Jul 25,23 Baja Piedmont Oakland California United States Sep 3,23 ShortMedium Cats CKBM23
Aug 24,11 8 miles from town Roswell New Mexico United States Sep 20,11 Medium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Other, 4 chickens also. Lindahat
Jul 7,23 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 1,23 ShortMedium chamisaman
May 12,14 greater Sacramento Davis California United States Jun 27,14 ShortMedium Cats sunflowerchilde
Aug 29,21 Summerfield Crossing Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Oct 1,21 ShortMedium Cats KHawkins
Sep 10,16 Northern suburb of Atlanta Roswell Georgia United States Oct 15,16 Long amullerworth
Jul 18,23 north side Appleton Wisconsin United States Jul 31,23 ShortMedium Wisconsinfans
Jul 3,23 mandalay shores oxnard California United States Sep 16,23 ShortMedium Dogs yclaronbeach
Sep 6,18 Lewisburg Corvallis Oregon United States Sep 26,18 ShortMedium samandjanetevening
Apr 23,23 Rural south of Chapel Hill Pittsboro North Carolina United States Sep 25,23 ShortMedium Cats, Refill outside bird feeders for wild birds Riverforest
Jun 19,23 inner city Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jan 15,24 Long nika103
May 22,23 Berkeley / Bay Area El Cerrito California United States Jul 12,23 ShortMedium Cats ThreeTabbies
May 5,23 Cedar Crest Albuquerque New Mexico United States Jun 8,23 ShortMedium Dogs mtnprosp36
May 15,23 Sandpiper Bay Port St. Lucie Florida United States Jul 21,23 Medium Dogs, Cats PortStLucieSit
Apr 12,23 Glendale Queens New York United States Jun 28,23 ShortMedium Cats, Fish QueensCritters
Apr 24,23 Lake Merritt Oakland California United States Jun 22,23 Medium Dogs, Cats VelvetG
Apr 19,23 Leffert Gardens Brooklyn New York United States May 22,23 ShortMedium Cats LeffertGardensSit
Apr 8,23 Riverfront Missoula Montana United States Nov 10,23 ShortMedium Dogs, None rpcvmontana
Jun 16,21 North Valley Albuquerque New Mexico United States Oct 2,21 ShortMedium Dogs Anetta
Apr 9,23 Midtown Tucson Arizona United States Jul 3,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats HHH1234
Dec 4,22 Temecula California United States Dec 26,22 Long Dogs TemeculaSit
Mar 29,23 Carrollwood Village Tampa Florida United States Jun 26,23 ShortMedium Cats sosiason
Feb 28,23 Dayton Yellow Springs Ohio United States Jun 11,23 ShortMedium Cats chud46
Feb 5,23 very central and in the woods Flagstaff Arizona United States May 18,23 ShortMedium Dogs nrsime04
Feb 6,23 Inner city close to green areas and downtown Eugene/Springfield Oregon United States Apr 9,23 ShortMedium Cats, 2 cats Felineshome
Feb 4,23 palm springs RANCHO MIRAGE California United States Aug 28,23 ShortMedium Dogs hillaryfisch
Dec 16,22 City New Orleans Louisiana United States Feb 15,23 ShortMedium Dogs PaulineD
Jan 25,23 Lewisville Texas United States May 30,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Pond fish Calabria2003
Jul 2,16 Taos New Mexico United States Aug 27,16 Medium Dogs TaosCountryHome
Feb 8,18 central Milwaukee Wisconsin United States Feb 22,18 ShortMedium NewRVer
Jul 17,22 Inner city Minneapolis Minnesota United States Jan 10,23 Medium pofelia
Nov 22,22 Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada United States Dec 6,22 ShortMedium Cats LasVegasSit
Nov 15,22 northbay vallejo California United States Jan 23,23 Long gchiao999
Nov 17,22 City Austin Texas United States Nov 30,22 Long Cats HaleOhana
Nov 7,22 Donelson Nashville Tennessee United States Feb 18,23 ShortMedium Cats aschwartau
Oct 13,22 Sunriver Bend Oregon United States Oct 26,22 Medium Cats, this is a maybe chrisunity
Oct 9,22 Cleveland Heights Ohio United States Feb 1,23 ShortMedium Cats SeraRose
Sep 10,22 47 miles southwest of Chicago Joliet Illinois United States Oct 29,22 Medium Cats Isha10_buddha
Sep 14,22 PRESCOTT Arizona United States Dec 6,22 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, chickens a7654321
Jun 30,22 30 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Aug 28,22 ShortMedium Dogs DashChase
Jul 20,22 Neighborhood Seattle Washington United States Sep 6,22 ShortMedium Cats SeaPNW
Jul 28,22 Shelter Bay La Conner Washington United States Sep 21,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Texas Terrier and affectionate cat Skittlesoph
Jul 21,22 Washington/Baltimore Greenbelt Maryland United States Sep 26,22 Long Cats HappyCamper1919
Jul 29,22 St. Johns Portland Oregon United States Aug 1,22 ShortMedium Farm Animals, Chickens Emazon
Jul 15,22 Lower Turtle Creek Kerrville Texas United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium LlamaRescue
Jul 15,22 In city Seattle Washington United States Aug 3,22 ShortMedium Cats MidnightWhiskers
Jul 17,22 Neon District Norfolk Virginia United States Jul 31,22 Long AfricanArt
Jun 18,18 East of Sacramento Pollock Pines California United States Jul 26,18 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats littlepond1971
May 5,18 Small town Teasdale Utah United States Jul 30,18 ShortMedium Cats SummerShadeRetreat
Jun 27,22 near Jacksonport Egg Harbor Wisconsin United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals, Care provided by by neighbors 20lsdemaster13
May 16,22 Seminole Isle Seminole Florida United States Jul 7,22 ShortMedium Dogs larra48
Jun 24,22 Suburbs Redmond Oregon United States Jun 27,22 ShortMedium Cats mitchkay
Jun 13,22 American Village Durham North Carolina United States Jul 3,22 Long truetrekker
Mar 19,19 Fernandina Beach Yulee Florida United States Jun 15,19 Medium Cats COLO1112
Oct 19,19 South Land Park Sacramento California United States Dec 8,19 ShortMedium Cats MyYonc2020
May 25,22 Sugarloaf Big Bear Lake California United States Jul 31,22 ShortMedium Cats BigBearLes
Sep 14,17 SW Cape Coral Florida United States Oct 7,17 ShortMedium Dogs sanibel16
May 27,22 Southeastern WA state Walla Walla Washington United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium Cats Ronrafty
Jun 8,22 Mid North Austin Texas United States Jun 13,22 Long stillchelle
Aug 11,19 South of Boston Hull Massachusetts United States Oct 2,19 ShortMedium Cats travlnjt
Apr 11,22 Bainbridge Island Washington United States Apr 18,22 ShortMedium Cats, none redknight
Apr 18,22 midtown Tucson Arizona United States Jul 15,22 Long Cats jennysmom
Apr 9,22 City Richmond Virginia United States Jul 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats lobasister
Apr 10,22 TAKOMA PARK Maryland United States Nov 22,22 Micro Dogs Monkeypoint
Apr 9,22 Coastal Anacortes Washington United States Jun 1,22 Long Dogs, Fish Doggoners
Mar 29,22 Vibrant, historic suburb Morristown New Jersey United States May 25,22 Long Cats SailingDuo
Mar 20,22 Multnomah Village/SW PDX Portland Oregon United States Jun 14,22 ShortMedium Cats ScienceNerds
Dec 12,17 Charleston South Carolina United States May 5,18 Medium Cats CoastalCommuter
Mar 24,22 Hendersonville Tennessee United States May 3,22 Long Cats, Fish Sage2020
Mar 19,22 Near the historic district Savannah Georgia United States May 16,22 ShortMedium Cats SavannahSummer
Apr 18,12 East Dallas Dallas Texas United States Jun 1,12 ShortMedium Cats elifair
Dec 26,21 Roseville area Mansfield Pennsylvania United States Dec 29,21 Long Cats TiogaHousesit
Jan 22,22 Mission Bay San Francisco California United States Jul 2,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds, Two Parakeets SanFranciscoBeauty
Dec 31,19 Rural countryside Elkhorn Wisconsin United States Feb 5,20 ShortMedium Cats Longwalker
Oct 10,21 Santa Fe City Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 9,21 ShortMedium Cats SeeSantaFe41
Nov 1,11 Healdsburg California United States Jan 4,12 ShortMedium Dogs katiespad
Nov 6,21 Carroll Gardens Brooklyn New York United States Jan 14,22 Medium BrooklynHousesit
Dec 8,21 Sam Hughes neighborhood Tucson Arizona United States Jul 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs bert_jake2
Dec 5,21 Prospect Lefferts Brooklyn New York United States Dec 19,21 ShortMedium Cats brooklynangelcats
Oct 27,21 Atwood Madison Wisconsin United States Jan 29,22 ShortMedium Cats msmerwan
Nov 29,21 Tarpon Bay Villas Port saint lucie Florida United States Dec 12,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Dog Srathbone
Nov 30,21 township fayetteville Ohio United States Jan 20,22 ShortMedium petrusprimus
Nov 13,21 inner sunset san francisco California United States Dec 18,21 ShortMedium vavril
Nov 5,21 Historic Downtown Menominee Michigan United States Dec 15,21 Medium Rabbits OLSOA3869
Nov 11,21 Glencarlyn Arlington Virginia United States Dec 20,21 Medium Cats ZoeCat1
Jan 3,16 Hawaii suburbs Hilo Hawaii United States May 23,16 Medium Dogs Pananu
Jul 22,19 City Oakland California United States Aug 15,19 Medium Cats jolieju
Nov 8,21 Cambria California United States Feb 24,22 ShortMedium Dogs 3kids2kauai
Nov 5,21 Pleasant Ridge CINCINNATI Ohio United States Nov 27,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds brownDogs2
Oct 13,21 Newark Delaware United States Dec 20,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats JosiesMom
Jun 24,19 farthest out Northwest neighborhood Roanoke Virginia United States Sep 11,19 ShortMedium Cats, wild birds and their buddies AnnaBanana
Oct 2,21 5 mi. out of college town Laramie Wyoming United States Dec 19,21 Long Dogs SpeedGoatWY
Sep 22,21 Southwest Oregon coast Bandon Oregon United States Jan 2,22 Long Cats Iquana
Dec 27,12 St. Cloud Clear Lake Minnesota United States Jan 8,13 Medium Dogs by1get1
Mar 21,17 Montavilla/Mt Tabor Portland Oregon United States Apr 28,17 ShortMedium Cats samdave42
Aug 20,19 South Point Naalehu Hawaii United States Sep 16,19 Long Cats, Farm Animals, chickens, goats, farm cats Earthsong
Aug 18,21 Anahola Hawaii United States Sep 1,21 ShortMedium Cats, None swimming_soon
Aug 1,21 North County Atascadero California United States Aug 14,21 ShortMedium Cats BixbyPilot
Aug 6,21 Barrington Rhode Island United States Oct 6,21 ShortMedium Dogs, None mariaportugali
Jun 26,21 Omaha Nebraska United States Oct 14,21 ShortMedium Dogs AKmazne
Apr 24,21 Northern part of cirty Clarksville Tennessee United States Aug 23,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats GramsC
Jul 18,21 Milwaukie Portland Oregon United States Aug 5,21 ShortMedium Dogs PainterLee33
Jul 15,21 Los Cerrillos Madrid New Mexico United States Aug 16,21 Long zialeaf
Jan 9,17 five college Amherst Massachusetts United States Feb 12,17 ShortMedium Dogs Marysay
Jul 10,21 SMALL TOWN Atascadero California United States Aug 2,21 Medium fred05
Apr 12,21 Bryn Mawr Wayne Pennsylvania United States Jun 26,21 Medium WayneHousesit
Apr 24,11 Bend Oregon United States Jun 13,11 Medium Dogs poneill
May 29,21 Atascadero United States Jul 14,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Turtles, Farm Animals, Alpaca, goat, chickens brdbrn
Jun 13,21 Harbor Pointe Titusville Florida United States Dec 17,21 Long Dogs Baytree
Apr 30,21 Pass Christian Mississippi United States Jun 29,21 ShortMedium Cats NannaRoo12
May 28,21 Seybertown Road East Brady Pennsylvania United States Jun 5,21 Long LauraCy
Jul 5,13 Santa Fe / Albuquerquey Placitas New Mexico United States Aug 1,13 ShortMedium Dogs, Chickens binomonkey
Dec 4,12 Wadmalaw Island Charleston South Carolina United States Jul 8,13 Medium Dogs, Cats SeaIsland
May 15,21 Southwood Venice Florida United States Jun 10,21 Medium Dogs Allsusan
Apr 15,21 Houston Texas United States Jun 1,21 Medium Fish HoustonSit
May 11,21 northern virginia Leesburg Virginia United States May 16,21 Medium Toots99
Apr 3,13 mainland Ormond Beach Florida United States May 18,13 Long Cats Denali07
Apr 14,21 central tucson Arizona United States May 31,21 ShortMedium Cats TuscanHousesit
Apr 1,21 South West, Rockie Mountains, rural Nucla Colorado United States Aug 30,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Livestock, Livestock, We have 11 ducks thegoodlife
Apr 14,21 cherry creek Denver Colorado United States May 9,21 ShortMedium Cats MontanaInDenver
Apr 17,21 Kooskia Idaho United States May 12,21 Long Dogs StagRiver
Apr 9,21 New Orleans Louisiana United States May 15,21 Medium Nolatraveler
Feb 23,16 Highlands Renton Washington United States Sep 1,16 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats GottaAdventure
Apr 14,19 western ma Heath Massachusetts United States Jun 21,19 Medium Dogs, Cats underway
Mar 6,21 los angeles California United States Mar 8,21 Medium LAHousesit
Mar 10,21 Suburb, countryside Gilbert Arizona United States Jun 22,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats GilbertHouse
Jul 21,17 JBLM DuPont Washington United States Sep 28,17 Medium Dogs SherylRod
Sep 1,16 Eastsound is on Orcas island Eastsound Washington United States Sep 18,16 ShortMedium Rabbits, Just 1 indoor rabbit. OrcasLeigh
Feb 11,21 City San Luis Obisipo California United States Apr 24,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, small mixed breed Lillycat
Feb 5,21 University Park Las cruces New Mexico United States Feb 5,21 ShortMedium ryder76
Jan 8,21 -- Minneapolis Minnesota United States Oct 1,21 Long efnc12
Jan 16,21 Suburbs Fishers Indiana United States Jun 7,21 ShortMedium Dogs O_04_09_16
Jan 10,21 Oregon Coast Manzanita Oregon United States Jan 20,21 ShortMedium Dogs Portland2017
Jan 8,21 1.5 Hours N of Seattle Anacortes Washington United States Feb 25,21 Medium Cats, None bevjohnson525
Jan 2,21 Urban Minneapolis Minnesota United States Feb 14,21 Medium Cats cjanzer100
Nov 25,20 Beverly Hills/Beverly Grove Los Angeles California United States Nov 27,20 Medium Cats LAOwner
Nov 18,20 Pico Union Los Angeles California United States Dec 15,20 ShortMedium Cats mas2161
Nov 16,20 rural buffer Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Nov 25,20 Medium Dogs, Cats MandL2020
Nov 11,20 Inner City suburbs Arvada Colorado United States Dec 6,20 ShortMedium Dogs Lucca80004
Oct 30,20 Morro Bay Los Osos California United States Nov 9,20 ShortMedium Cats slotowngal
Dec 9,13 North shore from New Orleans Mandeville Louisiana United States Dec 17,13 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats wildon
Sep 20,20 Northeast Tucson Tucson Arizona United States Feb 1,21 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies horsesandhounds
Oct 5,20 Coral Ridge Ft lauderdale Florida United States Oct 26,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats hello590
Aug 24,18 Southeastern Michigan Whitmore Lake Michigan United States Aug 24,18 ShortMedium Cats TenkodogoBF
Oct 3,20 Concord/Lexington Bedford Massachusetts United States Nov 1,20 Long travel01730
Sep 11,20 suburbs Centreville Virginia United States Dec 7,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Chickens, Guinea Fowl, ducks, and geese carrots987
Aug 19,20 CT Shoreline Branford Connecticut United States Sep 7,20 Long Cats Mixedupfamily
Feb 6,17 Foothills of Santa Fe Santa Fe New Mexico United States Apr 15,17 ShortMedium Dogs charlesflynn
Jul 14,20 Hudson Valley Carmel New York United States Aug 1,20 ShortMedium Cats Christine123
Jul 11,20 Chaffee Park Denver Colorado United States Jul 17,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, 5 backyard chickens theshrew
Jun 22,20 Ketchum Sun Valley Idaho United States Jul 1,20 Long Dogs, Cats Idahopets
Jun 17,20 Northern edge Gulfport Mississippi United States Jul 30,20 ShortMedium Dogs Gideon01
Apr 19,20 Philadelphia Bristol Pennsylvania United States Jun 1,20 Long annmelville
May 16,20 SEDONA AZ United States Aug 3,20 ShortMedium Cats nancybbc
Feb 5,20 Seattle Woodinville Washington United States Jul 16,20 ShortMedium Dogs world_wandering
Mar 10,20 near Blacksburg & Roanoke near the Town of Floyd Virginia United States Jun 13,20 Medium Dogs, Birds, Birds, A falcon. No handling required, just thawing food and feeding as directed. jack548