House Sitters Near me Local Search. (Introduced February 20 2023)

Normal Search

Housecarer's primary focus is to facilitate travel internationally and across countries. Homeowners search for House Sitters who are available for their location.

Why Local Search?

  • Sometimes Homeowners want a sitter nearby or at least in their own country.
  • This could be due to short notice housesits or a sitter may have cancelled.
  • The Homeowner may want to meet the sitter personally.
  • The Homeowner may prefer a local sitter.


  • We will present a map with sitter pins within the location filters of the Housesit.
  • Homeowners can zoom their search in or out using Google Maps
  • Housesitters Edit their Current Location to appear in the Sitters Near Me Search
  • We will Geotag sitters members with the google geocode algorithm
  • For Privacy reasons, we tag Sitters with an approximate Location. (We do not ask for Street Addresses).

Why and When to update your current location?

International and Interstate house sitters can update their location to prepare for their next Housesit. E.g., A Housesitter may be housesitting in Paris, France and update this location to be ready for another housesit in France.

Our members housesit for many different reasons. Some House sitters want to housesit to experience a new location before committing to purchase; they also may want to save on rent at their current location. This is more relevant for long-term housesits.

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